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All Breeds of Cat, Which Is Your Favorite?

From the beloved Domestic Housecat to the new Ragamuffin, all breeds of cat are special and unique. They make a house into a home. There are so many different breeds to choose from. What breed is your cat? Tell us on this page what makes him special!

Is there a best cat breed? I don't think so, but there is a best cat breed for each individual, or family. It is so interesting to learn about their differences. Every cat breed brings something special to the world!

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

We asked, you answered!

A while ago we asked you to share your favorite cat breed, or type. Here are your answeres!

Maine Coons Rule!
(But Ragdolls are pretty cool too...)
By: LP in Calgary, AB, CA

The story of Eli and his Ragdoll brother, Tiki has it's own page! Get to know these two boys by visiting their page, aptly called Maine Coons Rule! (But Ragdolls are pretty cool too...)

Max(imum) Kat *aka damage machine* The Tuxedo Wonder

By: rkayne in Seattle, WA

This guy is something else, he sits on command and well as 'sit pretty'. He loves to be on the leash but can Houdini out of it if you don't pay attention!

Smart as anything but sometimes I think that causes him to overthink and do stupid things (like walk around in circles giving a trilly whine right before he destroys something).

He makes up his own games, one of his favourite toys are the silicone bands people wear as bracelets but due to his abnormally long claws we were forced to get him a pack of 50 off an auction site so he has a steady supply.

We have to keep a small hand broom close to the food bowls since he refuses to just eat out of the bowl but has to pick it up with his paw instead so crumbs get all over and our prissy standard breed girl kitty doesn't like to walk through it. Funny thing is, the girl cat is definitely a 'regular' cat but tuxedo as well and a rescue so she has gotten BIG.

Maybe she figured that is what she had to do, he taught her to play and wash her face so maybe she thinks they really are siblings?

His motto is 'Hi, I'm Max and I am here to love on you, play with you and destroy!'.

A cool fact, at one year old he broke his hip (he does not go outside anymore but on a leash). The vet figured he fell a great distance as it did not show any other signs (there were obvious scrapes that made sense to me on that explanation).

He has no hip ball or joint as that is the easiest way to fix that problem...but you cannot tell since he can jump 6 feet up from a sitting position. Talk about flexibility!

Domestic Short Hair - Dennis

By: Nikki Gillette in South Boardman, MI USA
Dennis On The Prowl

Our cat Dennis is a domestic shorthair by name only. Beyond that, we are not sure really what she is.

My daughter has taught the cat to climb up and down ladders, so maybe she is a monkey? She has also taught her to play fetch - so maybe a dog.

When kids are playing with a babydoll in a stroller, Dennis will pull the doll out of the stroller so she can hitch a ride. Maybe she is a doll? I have seen her wearing a dress. As I think, she may be a lion.

The neighbor's cat will come visiting and Dennis and Butch will work as a team, stalking and cornering mice and voles, chasing them toward each other until the prey is finally caught. Then again, maybe she is a mongoose? She is the best snake wrangler in the north.

On final thought, she is a guardian and companion, sitting on my daughter's bed until she is asleep for the night then coming to curl up on my lap and enjoy an evening stroking after a long day's work.

Maybe that s/b Denise?
by: Jessy

I mean, Dennis is a curious name for a she-cat. Lovely color.

Cute Kitty In Box

Cute Kitty In Box

By: Shawn Robert in Ohio

Trogdor is my beautiful baby cat. He is just like a dog; he comes when I call him and he sleeps with me.

He is so friendly and I love him. His breed I'm not sure of, but tuxedo cat sound like it could be it

I have a Maine Coon

By: Martina in Oakdale, MN, USA

I love my Maine Coon because he has so much personality. He's super smart too. He knows his own name, and he has me trained to turn the bathtub faucet on when he's thirsty.

He's also a very social cat. He comes to the door when people come over to greet them, and he's always climbing into my friends' laps to get a pet. All in all, I'd have to say he's the best pet I've every had.

He's A Hansome Boy
by: Yvonne

I wonder why coonies all like to lie like that? Your boy is very handsome. He clearly looks like he owns the place.

Sweet Baby Blue Oriental

By: Brooke

My male Blue Oriental Shorthair is the sweetest cat I have ever owned or known. I'm having a tough time now because I've been unable to find a job.

I just have to see his smiling face as he's cuddled as close to me as he can possible get, and I feel better.

He cries when I'm in a room he can't access, he waits patiently on the bath rug while I bathe, and he purrs the moment I pick him up.

I've also very rarely seen him eat! I put the cat food in the bowl, and he just follows me right back up the stairs.

Though he's very timid around other humans, he has a very warm heart. We adopted his "sister" Luci and he took her right in. My younger sister recently got a puppy, and my shy boy is the cat who loves to chase her around (and be chased by her)!

Bach The Cat

By: J.M. in Spfld., MA USA
Bach Sunbathing

Bach is a domestic shorthair who is double-pawed on all four feet. I found him when he was just a tiny kitten, and he has been with me through thick and thin for ten years now.

He likes to come into the house through the window, and only drinks his water out of the running faucet, not out of a bowl. He's a great cat!

Tabby Cats!

By: Alida in Issaquah, WA
Tabby Cat
Why'd you wake me up??

I cant love tabby cats enough. I have owned 4 tabby cats throughout my life and while they look like little tigers, they also have the best little personalities ever.

Sure, they aren't always lovey-dovey, but when they are, it makes it that much more adorable.

My current tabby cats are 2 years old and 10 years old. Tabby cats are fun, independant, and loving and I just adore them!

The 2 year old loves to play with the older, more deliberate one who just swats at him but secretly likes the attention. No matter how crazy they get during the day, they both turn into sweet little cuddlers at night, curling up at the foot of my bed for the full 8 hours.

Tuxedo Cat
She Commands You!

My Maine Coon Tuxedo Cat

She is a talker and a mouser and a bit naughty but how can you not love her?

Her fur is so soft and she loves everyone but hogs the bed.

A Tabby to Love

By: Michelle in Arizona

After having owned many cats in my lifetime, an orange tabby came to me and soon became my most favorite breed of cat.

In 2000 my mother was a new home builder when she discovered a kitten in an ash tray outside the office. A teeny tiny orange tabby left all alone.

Poor thing didn't even have his eyes open yet and was near death. My mother brought him home to me where I nursed him with a tiny dropper. I was sure he would be a runt his whole life, if he even made it to adulthood, as small as he was.

He surprised me though and grew into a big healthy cat. I named my new baby, Tiger. At first because he resembled one, but later became more fitting because he was as big as one. No one would ever have guessed he was that tiny thing left in an ash tray.

He was soon following me and my kids around everywhere we went. While never under foot he was always close to us. He watched everything we did and knew our routines better than we did. Tiger was so good with my children, never once did one receive a scratch. Tiger would crawl up in bed with the little ones and let them cuddle him like he was a teddy bear.

Tiger befriended our golden lab, a dog that before could not be bothered by the cats we owned. Now she not only would be found sleeping with Tiger, but grooming him as well. The two played together, batting around balls and other toys.

Tiger was my first short haired cat. I thought he wouldn't be as soft as my Maine Coon, but he was softer in a different way. Not an airy softness, more of a squishy softness. Tiger also loved to talk to us and had the most perfect meow, as if he was singing.

While Tiger is no longer with us he forever changed my thinking about cats. If ever I adopt another cat, I want a tabby. They are so resilient and loving, so playful and caring. Seriously the best cat I ever owned.

Persian Cat!!!!!!!

By: Satya in Mumbai
Persian Kitty
Jemmy Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stayed in Mumbai after my marriage, in my in-laws house & found this unique breed of cat. Before this I had a cat but it was stray cat.

But this unique breed called Persian, I had never seen before. In India, we usually see them in magazines or other such entertaining sources.

Now we have four cats of this breed. Actually, my sister-in-law is the one who looks after them. She takes care of them so well, like brushing, medication, vaccination, complete diet food,in which Whiskas is also included (many such abroad foods include vitamins for hair gloss, preventing hair loss.) She also gives them baths depending upon their need.

These cats are so friendly. You don't even know that they are there at your place. They are very calm, friendly, loving in nature. Anybody can get to know them within few days. Jemmy especially is a very friendly and playful cat. The others are also the same but only his photo was available with me right now. The other names are Simba, MINI & Angle. Simba is the king of our house as he is the eldest cat. Before this there was Himalyan breed but he died about 4 years back. He was much older then this cat, nearly 10 yrs. He was much healthier then the present cat. Actually he was the king of our house.

Jemmy will always be present to whatever work we do and at any time. There was lot more too tell but I'm out of time. Thank you, I enjoyed expressing about our cat.

Siamese Cats

By: Jordan in Fincastle, Virginia, U.S.

My grandparents have a Siamese cat, her name is Sophie. Sophie isn't much of a people person, but she is a big fan of hanging around under beds, and sneaking about the house, from place to place.

Upon entering the house, you may never know she's there, but when you've been there for a bit, you'll realize signs you hadn't originally. From the questions such as, "Where did those cat hairs on the couch just come from?" to, "What just touched my leg?"

Sophie is and will continue to be about the house, stalking the visitors and batting at the table cloth.

I like Siamese cats because of their playful hiding and stealth. They're constantly on a mission, going from here to there, and nobody but they knows what they're trying to do.

No matter what they do, they always have enough energy to hide from you, and enough energy to playfully run from you once you find them. The great cat that they are, they seem to play well with other cats, in all my experience with them. Generally rather easy to take care of, the Siamese cat's biggest need is some attention.

Sophie will not come to you for attention, but once you come to her and pick her up in your arms, she's all about you. As long as she continues getting rubbed and having the utmost attention paid to her, she won't leave. I have to admit, out of all the cat breeds I've seen, the Siamese is a big favorite, and I will more than likely get one of my own when I'm living on my own in the future.



My Ragdoll, Moneypenny, is especially cute with a little kink in her tail. She is very fond of pats and cuddles, and demands them every morning at 5am like clockwork!

If you're not patting her, she will help you out by nuzzeling her head under your hand. She has many cute habits, one of her favorite things to do is to roll around in the bath tub. She is a 1 year old blue-point pure bred ragdoll and cute as a button.

She gets on well with Garfield, my other cat (a ginger). Together they work hard to make sure there are no flies in the house (or any other insects). They love to eat cat grass and will run around crazily to get some. They both love to curl up and go to sleep on the end of our bed. She can be a bit of a rascal though; she loves to sharpen her claws by destroying our couches, blatently ignoring the special cat scratching pole we have setup for her. She can also be commonly found at the top of the fly-screen meowing for us to open the door.

Wild British

By: Ally in St. Louis

I have a British Red Shorthair cat, and he's the funniest. Every time my cellphone rings, he runs to it and starts meowing - telling me that I should come quickly and pick it up!

It's especially handy when I don't hear the cellphone ringing myself, so I can rely on him to warn me.

Also, he loves to play the "snake" game. When I imitate the motion of a snake with my hand on the floor, he gets all tense and wary, and if I get my hand close enough to him, he'll start attacking it and jumping around on all four paws. I guess it's a genetical thing, because he's a home cat and never saw any snakes, of course.

You'd think that since he's a British Shorthair, he'd be all lazy, calm and regal? No way. He loves jumping around on sofas, climbing up to the ceiling on the wardrobes and like, running wildly with the ball around the house.

What amazes me most, though, is the fact that he doesn't like a single of the store-bought toys I got him. But if he finds an old scrap of fabrics, a small pencil, empty bag - he can spend all day playing with those, completely ignoring all "cool" toys around him.

Sometimes he makes me wonder whether he really is a British Shorthair with a good genealogy...maybe he's just a stray? It doesn't really matter, though, I wouldn't give him up no matter what his breed is!

My Five Year Old Bengal Cat

By: Beatrice in Tennessee

I had been bitten by a stray cat three years ago and I had to have some shots for a couple of months to keep me rabies free.

My mom decided to get a 1 year old Bengal cat to let me forget of the past "trauma" and perhaps to soothe her caring heart as it was a stray cat which had a collar in it. My cat's name is Sarah and it made me forget my past bad memory with a cat.

Sarah is very much like my old dog. She is affectionate and would jump at me when I get home or when I"m seated at the couch. She can sense if I was sad and she would not leave my side.

She would whimper to ask for milk and when I give it to her, it feels like I am comforting myself too. I feel like she shares my pain. I cannot forget the time when I was so down as I had just broken up with my boyfriend. I came home very late and I was surprised to find her waiting for me. Her food was barely untouched and she immediately ran slowly towards me. She did not jump as she normally does. I think she felt the pain even before I came home. I picked her up, lay her on my lap and had a great long cry. She cried with me. It was all the comfort I needed. I just needed someone who will not leave me and at that time I felt that.

When my friends come over, she always make sure to let her presence felt. My one and only trick with her is that she can sit whenever I offer her some food. She also purrs very uniquely in that it almost has a melodious tone.

Looking Sharp

By: Brittany in Oklahoma
Me and Mickey

Hi, my name is Brittany and my tuxedo cat is honestly the best breed of cat I have ever owned.

I am a cat person ( probably guessed that ), and I have owned a few different breeds of cats but, my Mickey is the best of them all. I am not playing favorites just giving my honest opinion.

Mickey has a personality all his own, far different from your everyday kind of cat, and from what I have heard most tuxedo cats do. Although very arrogant and stubborn he is loving and oddly more like a person then some people I know.

Mickey will only drink fresh water and it has to be in his favorite glass, believe me I have tried switching the glasses out and he just wont go for it. Also, he has one restaurant that I order take out from that he loves, anything else is so-so, or he doesn't like it at all. There is a tv show that he actually loves to sit back and watch with me and my husband, any other time he really isn't that interested in tv.

Mickey also has people that he loves and people that he just plain doesn't like. You can tell he doesn't like you when he turns his back and sways over to me, sits down in my lap and then stares you down. It's almost like he is sitting there wondering when you will get out of his house, like some people I know.

I know that any cat person has his or her own idea of the perfect breed or the perfect cat, but I personally think that my tuxedo cat is the best.

Tabbies: a pleasant surprise!

By: Natasha
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash

For years, I maintained the opinion that tabbies were "boring." I'd had several cats as a young girl, and they were a different and interesting breed every time.

A calico, a Russian blue, a Birman Siamese, a Bombay, to name a few. I never wanted to get a tabby, which I thought I could find anywhere.

However, after moving to my new apartment and starting to have "kitty withdrawal", I found myself heading to the pound with the intention of finding a yellow or orange cat.

I found such a cat, but due to an unfortunate case of worms, was forced to look at other cats. I felt a little dejected, having bonded with the cat before, and then I saw the cute little kitty that was to become my beloved pet.

He was a white and gray tabby. My boyfriend said he looked and sounded sad, as if he were singing the "Folsom Prison Blues." I agreed, and once I got a chance to hold him, I was hooked. We named him Johnny Cash, and he's been a great pet ever since. Now I feel foolish for being so judgmental about tabbies simply because of their coloring.

I've had enough cats at this point that I should know better; each cat has their own individual personality and little quirks that makes them enjoyable (and at times, annoying but cute!) I guess the moral of the story is to be open-minded about everything in life, even when it comes to choosing a pet!

Flame Point

I love my flame point cat Loki because he is so lovable. Cross eyed and gorgeous he is a total mush of a cat. He has this crazy thick fur but luckily loves to be brushed and combed. He also happens to love shedding all over my black clothing and my brown bed spread.

Loki is the brother of our other cat but happily takes the submissive role in our household. He waits his turn to eat and gladly gives up his seat for his more aggressive brother.

Loki is a great cat who has never scratched or bitten anyone, even our toddler. He does however take offense to being chased and will turn tail and make himself scarce when confronted with the small child's screeching.

Tobby the Tabby

By: Amy in Alamogordo, NM, USA
Tobby resting on a motorcycle

My favorite type of cat is the orange tabby. Granted I have only owned two cats, both being tabbies; one orange and one the common mackerel.

My orange tabby, named Tobby, has a great personality! I got him from an animal shelter when he was two years old. At first, we had many problems adjusting to each other.

He didn't have any 'manners' inside the house and would make trouble every minute. He also did not take to my other tabby cat.

But, after about a month of trying to gain his trust he started to come around. Now, he is eight years old and still behaves like a kitten. He wakes me up every single morning by jumping into bed, curling up on my chest, and purring very loudly until I get up and feed him. During the days he loves being outdoors, climbing trees, sleeping on the hood of my car, and attempting to catch birds. The coolest thing about Tobby though is he is not scared of anything!

He will go on car rides and calmly sit in the back seat, he enjoys taking baths, enjoys his nails being trimmed, and when I start up my motorcycle he jumps up onto the padded seat and curls up for a nap. He now gets along with my other cat too. Sometimes I think she wishes Tobby still didn't like her because he will chase her around the house and yard relentlessly swatting at her tail and legs trying to get her to play with him. I still don't know why his original owners got rid of him, but I do know that he has a permanent home here with me and my other tabby.

I Love Calicos

By: Hilary in Battle Creek,MI

There has been a calico theme in my life since I was 12 years old. It all started with a special cat named Princess,who found her way into my heart the Summer after my mother passed away. I was very withdrawn,and didn't talk to many people. I needed a friend who would just listen.

I was visiting my aunt's house in the country that Summer,when she told me about a litter of kittens that had been dropped on the side of the road near her house. She had been feeding them all on the back porch,with the exception of a little Calico kitten,hiding in the bushes. She had been eating the tomatoes in the garden,and gnawing through the cantaloupes to get to the fruit inside. My aunt had been unable to catch her,or even get close. I sat down in the grass by the bushes,and called to the kitten. The little cat emerged cautiously,and climbed in my lap,on to my shoulder. I knew right then that I had a friend for life.

Princess had injuries to her leg and her neck,as if some animal had gotten a hold of her. She had maggots in the wounds,so we took her to the vet to get her wounds cleaned and stitched up. I cared for her every day,putting ointment on her injuries.She healed up very well,and she became my constant companion.

Princess is going on 16 years old this year. She still lives with my grandparents,who need her as much as I did back then. She is in perfect health,and I think she will live for a very long time. She is a survivor.

I have a Calico in my new home, named Topaz.She was also a rescue,who charmed my husband by sucking on his thumb the first time he picked her up and held her. She amuses me every day with her energy and affection. I think Calicoes will always be a part of my life,no matter where I go.

by: Jessy

I love them too, though they're a color, not a breed. It was a Tortie who shared all my late college--early working--motherhood years, and when she died, a part of my history was gone with her.

Also had a tortiecalico later on. I call her that because she was tortie on top and calico on the bottom. Cats don't read things like breed standards. They couldn't care less.

Blue Burmese, This cat's funnier than most people I've met

By: Stephanie in Pittsburgh

I convinced my brother to adopt a cat from someone I knew on facebook without ever even meeting the kitten.

A couple months later I moved in with him (my brother), as it turned out, and had a chance to meet him - the cat, that is - who had been named Minimog Malkinstein.

We soon figured out that he is a prime example of the Blue Burmese breed, with his gray nose and body, subtley striped and hardly spotted belly, and those silver paws. He's got the most amazing fur ever, especially in the light - it's hard to believe it's all natural and real.

Anyway, Minimog soon became quite attached to me, for whatever reason, even though I didn't know him when he was a kitten. It's like he knew I put my brother up to getting him! He follows me around everywhere, cries when I'm not home and when I cry, tries to knock the door down when I shower, and always cuddles in my lap as I do my homework.

Aside from being adorable, he's also hilarious. Sometimes, he thinks he's a bird and will sit at windows chirping with them, other times he thinks he's a dog and will actually play fetch with me. He also does the funniest little thing where he'll get close to a wall or piece of furniture or the like, stand on his back legs, and just kind of paw the surface of whatever he's against with his front paws, but they slip so it looks like he's trying to run up the wall.

One time he went to give me bedtime kisses: he licked my face when I laid down to sleep, turned around, and walked (fell) right off my bed. I nearly died laughing at him.

I don't know what I'd do without him.


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