by Beverly Jeans
(Germantown, Maryland, USA)

Watching the birdies outside from on top of the fridge

Watching the birdies outside from on top of the fridge

This is Abigail. She is now 17 years old.

She was found at a construction site alone at about 2 weeks old. We bottle fed her and had no idea until she became a little older that she would have long hair and a super fluffy tail.

She has tufts of hair between her toes, talks a LOT; to her water fountain, on the stair landing, sitting in the kitchen, and sitting in the living room just now even.

She sits and stares a lot. If we leave our bedroom doors open at night, one of us will wake up to her sitting in the dark staring at us.

My son won't let her in his room at night for this reason. When she was younger she didn't seem to like women or children unless they had low or deep voices. In her later years she has become friendly to mostly everyone.

For a number of years, until it got lost (or someone hid it) she used to have a small cheetah beanie baby that she would carry around in her mouth while crying out loudly for many minutes at a time...mostly in the middle of the night.

We would say she was having flash backs to when she was abandoned by her momma and was now rescuing her little cheetah baby. Majority of the time she has a very judgmental/angry look on her face with reason unknown.

I always thought she was part Maine Coon, but had reservations due to her size. She is all fur, skin and bones. I don't thinks she has ever weighed over 8 pounds although our other 3 cats range between medium to over weight.

I've always chalked that up to her being the 'runt of her litter' since they left her behind.
What do you think? Coon mix?

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