2019 Maybe-Maines

This huge album of Maybe-Coonies features Cricket, Molly, Zuko, Chester, and so many more. Come visit and comment on them. Do you think they are Coons?


by Nichole
(Sturgeon Bay, WI)

kd catOur beast 4 months old
kd catWhen we first got her

This is our first cat ever. A family member has mentioned a few times she looks like a Maine Coon.

She is very playful, loves the cuddles, and likes to hunt (unfortunately usually our fingers and toes)!


by Cassandra
(Athens, GA)


We named him cricket because he chirps instead of meow. He is super fast & playful with the outside feral cats. He is a great hunter. He fluffs his neck hair out when he is begging for food.


by Donna
(Blue Springs, MS USA)


OMG, this kitten is so silly! She runs around playing with everything! I've had cats before, but Molly takes the cake for being a clown!

She even chews hair! She paws at my head from the back of the couch first, then she digs her paws into my scalp as if giving me a massage, then she starts chewing on my hair!


Never in my life have I had a cat to do this! She will chase you and if you chase her back, she'll hide until you're not looking and sneak up on you. If you look at her, she pounces. Every waking moment is playtime.

When she sleeps, she sprawls. Sometimes upside down with her belly exposed, sometimes across the arm of the sofa, sometimes in my lap with her whole body stretched across my lap and her head hanging off.

She's very friendly and affectionate, but she has a "thing" for my husband. She hunts him down, and the moment he sits, she's sitting on or near him. He doesn't even take care of her, I do! But I work long hours and he's at home with her most of the time.

She makes strange chirping noises, not meows. It almost sounds like a squeak.

She's a red tabby with tufts on her ears. She has long, soft fur. She has a fluffy, white chest and belly, with white socks.

We got her from a family member who found the kittens in her pool house. No fear of water, that's for sure.


by Emily

zukoGiving me some attitude.
zukoReaching for the camera.

Zuko the Siamese and maybe Maine Coon Mix:
We adopted Zuko directly from a family in the next town over who had a litter of kittens.

His mom was a cute little blue point Siamese girl, but we never saw what his father looked like.

They said the father was a large Maine Coon that the litter took after in their coat pattern. Zuko seems to exhibit a fair mix of Siamese and Maine Coon personality.

zukoWith one of his toys.
zukoHelping to build a shelf.

I've had Siamese cats most of my life, so I'm not entirely used to the Coon traits. He's extremely talkative, not just when he wants something like my Siamese cats in the past.

He has a ton of different meows, chatters, moans, and other vocal patterns that I don't even have a name for. He's playful and mischievous, and needs to be a part of whatever you're doing.

He'll ride around on my shoulder, which sometimes catches me by surprise since he isn't always invited up there. He literally runs across the walls sometimes, doing a cool jump kick to change directions. He's a year and a half old and still seems to be getting bigger all the time.

Is Bonnie Part Maine Coon?

by Jennifer
(Long Island, NY)


My cat Scout, a grey and white tuxie, got out a few years ago. It was a week before her appt to be fixed (she was only six months old) and of course, she got pregnant.

Two of the cats are tabbies. The other two look like a tabby/Maine Coon mix. Scout's only boy, one of the MC/Tabby-looking mixes, was given to a friend. Bonnie, the other MC/Tabby looking cat is still with me.

She has the tabby M on her forehead, but everywhere else she looks like a MC.

BTW, my vet is pretty certain that the cats come from different fathers. She believes the two Tabbies are from one father, and the MC-looking ones are from another.


by Rhonda Barriga
(Las Vegas NV)


Is my kitten half Maine Coon?
I got my sweet kitty Spur from my daughter's friend she couldn't have her so I took her in.

I have a question because she's not your typical kitten - she does not meow. She has these hairy ears and hairy paws, but they're tiny she's not your typical kitten and she's at least 3 months old. Anyone can help me I'd appreciate it. Thank you


by Mary White
(Augusta, Ga, USA)


Harvey is a rescue cat that was described as a American shorthair. Our vet, however, says he appears to be a Maine coon or Maine Coon mix.

One of the most lovable and demanding cat I have ever owned or met. We are so taken with him. He is 6 months old and 9 lbs, with slightly tufted ears, slight tufting between the toes.

He has quite the long tail which is very furry, big, bold green eyes and long hair. He appears to have the beginnings of a mane.


by Darlene


This is our boy Chester. He is 10 months old, and already weighs 12 plus pounds.

He's mom was a stray that we took in, and gave a home to. I don't know her origin, or his dads either.

I was just hoping you could give me a little insight if he has Maine Coon in him. I feel that he does. He's a clown, and full of energy. He's very loving.

Is Bella part Main Coon?

by Allison
(Santa Barbara, CA)

bellaHappy in her new home
bellaStill at the shelter

I adopted her from the shelter. I showed her picture to a Maine Coon owner who said, "she looks just like my Maine Coon!" So I started researching.

She's not large and does not have the ear tufts but has almost all the other traits including a love of water, runs to greet me at the door, etc. What does anyone think?

Is my Cat part Maine Coon???

by Rosaline Gaffey
(Middletown, C.T. U.S.A.)

My girlfriend and I moved 3 years ago. The first day while i was at work, my girlfriend was reading on our new back porch.

She ended up with a visitor, and new buddy!!! We started leaving food out for the kitten. And quickly, the cat became ours lol!!!

We couldn't believe she was abandoned because she was so very beautiful!!! We noticed right away the lion-like mane around her face. Bushy, furry paws. Long hair. Long body. Big bushy tail.

I have never owned a long haired cat, but have seen them. Our cat (Kiki) just seems to favor a Maine Coon looking mix of cat. I am sooo hoping I can get a definitive answer LOL!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!

Maybe Maine Coon Mix?

by Darlene

boy cat
boy cat
boy cat

This guy's mom was a stray we took in. We don't know anything about her, or his father.

He is a big boy at 9 months in the pictures, he weighs 10 pounds easy, probably closer to 15. I was just wondering if he could have Maine Coon in him.



Is my cat a Maine Coon Mix?
Sebastian is not quite a year old but he is larger than my 3year old cat. Feral and found under hood of truck.

Ruby the Potential Coon

by Nathalie


We got Ruby from a friend who had to part ways because of their new living arrangement.

Her history did not tell much, aside from her being found with a sibling in a feral colony by a caretaker who does a lot of TNR.

Needless to say, we were more than happy to take her in to join our other cat. Despite a rocky start, they are now the best of friends.

Ruby is sweet and affectionate, though timid at times. She will stick by your side and makes a variety of little meows, trills and purrs almost daily!


by Heather


Chloe has the personality to a t of a Maine Coon.

By the time she was about 5 months old she was already bigger than my other two cats that where 2 and 15.

She is laid back, loves to just cuddle with the kids and demands attention. She acts more like my dogs than a cat.


by Mandy
(The Netherlands)


If you see my cat, he is black with a white dot at the end of his tail. He is like a panther with thick big paws.

Larger than a regular cat and his tail reaches till the top of his head. If he walks the tail is straight up with a curl at the end.

His mom is a Maine Coon. But his dad is a street cat. He loves to play with small balls or green beans. And is very nice to children.

If he does something I do not allow, I say his name strongly. Then he will talk back in defense. Too funny. He listens to his name when I call him.


by Heidi
(San Diego, ca, USA)

bellaBella in the back, her brother in the front.
bellaBella is in her mom’s arms 😻!! So sweet

Bella kitty! 1/2 coon?
Bella is the sweetest and most loving cat I’ve ever had, even more so than her snuggly brother, Poco.

I know who their mom was—a tiny little tabby that my friends didn’t get fixed and let roam free.

Poco has some size, he’s about 15 pounds, but other than that he doesn’t have any Maine Coon characteristics which makes me think Bella and poco have different fathers.

Bella is 13 pounds, has the ruff around her neck, shaggy fur with an undercoat, long tufts sticking out between her toes (which always reminds me of a muppet haha) and tufts in her ears, tho not so much at her ear points. What do you guys think?

I’m thinking maybe someone’s unfixed Maine coon escaped and had a day of fun with Bella’s momma? Or maybe a grandparent on her dad’s side was Maine coon?

Why Is Sushi So Big?


We got Sushi in August. My flatmate is a vet nurse and this super cute cat comes in unable to walk.

Owners had not gotten a pet insurance yet since he was only 7 months old. They were given the option of paying for cat scan and any unknown costs with vet telling them he'd need a surgery, give him up to the state or put him down.

They gave him up to the state. After £10k worth of money put into treatment for Sushi, owners returned and wanted him back, but didn't have the £10k to pay for the pet.

My flatmate brought him home. He spent a month in a cage on a bed rest. I didn't believe that he was 7 months old, he looked bigger than all cats I have ever had at full grown. We just thought we had received a wrong age.

At 9 or 10 months old, Sushi goes to see the vet. Sushi weighs 5.8 kgs, not over weight, vet used the words 'big boy' - he just looks solid.

Sushi's fur is like fluff at touch, but not as long haired as Persians. Fur is extra thick around the back of his neck. Ears are hairy. Long sturdy torso.

His feet feel a bit short and stumpy, paws are wider than index, middle and ring fingers combined, with long hair popping between each toe. His tail is like a raccoon's tail, long and fluffy. When he gets excited, his tail & face multiply in size. Persians I've had needed their fur brushed more or less daily, Sushi doesn't need brushing.

Sushi is now just over 1 years old (if he was 7 months old when we got him). He has grown since vet visit. Holding him, back legs bent, my arm is well below my belly button and his head blocks my eyesight.

He behaves a lot like a dog, and is actually quite a funny doofus of a cat. I toss bell balls up the stairs, he brings them back to me by grabbing them with his mouth, or pushing them down the stairs.

He sniffs everything. Always comes to the door when you come home, and while no one is home, he often sleeps on the steps near the front door. When we are home, he likes to sleep next to us.

He loves pets, hugs, kisses, and biting games. He is playful, but is also still quite young. What breed, or mix, is he?


by Taylor
(North Carolina)


She's less than a year old. I'm not sure exactly how old.

I've seen her outside for a while and decided to take her in. She's very playful and very affectionate.

If she feels she's not getting enough she'll place herself in your lap no matter what you're doing. I haven't had get very long so I can't tell you much about her personality.

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