Natural Kitty Litter For Maine Coons

Alice and Leo have been using natural kitty litter for a few years straight now.

And although I've written articles on the benefits of natural cat litter, as well as summaries of some of the more popular brands, I think it's time to share my (and Leo and Alice's) thoughts and opinions on natural cat litter in general.

What Is Natural Cat Litter?

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Natural kitty litter has really caught on in popularity. In the past, we all used perfume-laden clay litter. Then there were about four brands of natural litter to choose from.

One wheat based, one recycled paper based, one corn based, and one pine based. They weren't always easy to find.

But now, the idea has definitely caught on! There are many variations, and many brands getting in on the action. I personally think this is great!

Now, we are pretty lucky with Alice and Leo using whatever we put in the box. They are very easy going. The only litter they didn't like was the crystal-type we tried many years ago. The granules they had to walk on were harsh and loud.

The articles on the site talk about the reasons for switching, and why clay is not so good. This is more about comparing the natural litters that are available.

Why have we tried all these brands? Well, to be honest, I didn't set out to review all these!

We live in a rather rural area, go to a small local market when we run out of things, and they have a rather small pet supply selection!

From time to time, our litter-of-the-moment is simply not on the shelf, so I choose another (natural) litter!

Is there a best? Well, it depends on you and your cat! We've used them all with success. Here are some of the ones we've used the longest:

Natural Kitty Litter We Used:

Natural cat litter has really caught on in popularity. In the past, we all used perfume-laden clay litter. Then there were about four brands of natural litter to choose from.

Feline Pine: This was the first natural litter we tried, and I loved the pine smell. It neutralized the odors in the box VERY well. It clumped well too.

On the other hand, it has a fine consistency (unless you use the pellet version, we used the clumping version) rather fluffy and lightweight.

It does tend to attach itself to that Maine Coon fur and we did find ourselves vacuuming more frequently. For much more, see our complete Feline Pine review.

World's Best Cat Litter: The cats took to it straight away, and I ended up writing a dedicated page for our World's Best Cat Litter Review. To summarize, the texture and clumping ability is very, very close to that of traditional clay litter you or your cat may be accustomed to.

It does carry it's own natural corn-like scent, which pleases some and not others. It's a matter of personal choice. They have a multiple-cat formula as well, and this brand is well-known and readily available.

SWheat Scoop: Though this is not the most well-known natural kitty litter, I was pleasantly surprised with this one, and we continued to buy it. In my opinion, it is (virtually) odorless, which is great. It clumps just like traditional clumping litter, very, very well.

The texture is also very close to traditional litter. If I had to find one detail to nitpick about, I don't think I could!

Those are the three we used the most. Very recently, I was unable to find any of them on the shelf, and bought a new one! Lo and behold, Arm and Hammer has gotten in on the action and created a natural kitty litter.

It contains corn and baking soda as well as clumping agents. It has a very clean scent (if somewhat strong and not exactly natural!) rather like laundry detergent.

It is slightly more "powdery" then SWheat Scoop and World's Best, but not enough to cause a mess.

The amount that escapes the box, finding it's way out onto the floor is the same as with the others.

All in all, it's not clay (which I despise), it's natural and corn-based, smells lovely (who ever says that about a litter box?!) and Alice and Leo don't mind it at all.

So in conclusion, is there a "best" natural kitty litter for Maine Coon cats?

I think, as long as your cat uses it, it doesn't get stuck to their trousers, and you are happy with the performance, any of these can be the best! Or perhaps you've found yet another favorite? 

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