Our World's Best Cat Litter Review

"When it comes to cat litter, only the best will do..."

We've been using World's Best Cat Litter for a while. Here, we'll reveal our experiences with it, along with its biggest pro and biggest con.

Is this indeed the world's greatest cat litter?

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Are you thinking of making a switch and reading up on natural cat litter? Great! It's always best to be informed before making a change.

Hopefully, this account will help in the decision making process.

Since making the switch to natural cat litter, I've been so impressed and happy with the results that I've decided to keep on testing them! Each is different and unique, and I'm enjoying exploring those differences.

Why Natural Cat Litter?

First and foremost I feel better about the health of my cats.

Since learning about the realities of clay cat litter (discussed in more depth on our page on natural cat litter), I can't possibly see a return to clay cat litter.

Why World's Best Cat Litter?

For us, scoopable litter is the way to go. Clumping cat litter can be quickly and easily cleaned up and maintained.

Since making the switch to natural cat litter, I was about to go out and get some World's Best Cat Litter when I was pleasantly surprised to hear from the company.

Upon receiving a complimentary bag, we're now ready to share our findings!

First Impressions:

When I poured the litter into the boxes, I noticed two things right away. First, the litter has a consistency very close to that of the clay cat litter our cats were accustomed to.

It is similar in weight, and texture. It's a bit more "sand like" than scoopable litter with a clay base.

Secondly, I noticed its unique scent. I had read many consumer reviews so I was expecting it. World's Best Cat Litter is made from corn.

So, it has an almost sweet smell. It reminded me of sweet dirt. The smell wasn't at all offensive or strong, just different.

The True Test:

We like to do a "cold turkey" switch on our cats, so there was no gradual mixing.

Our cats had no issue using it. They went right to it, and I was able to confirm its clumping ability right away.

It clumps just as well as any scoopable cat litter I've ever used.

Will Your Cat Like It?

I read many reviews on all the different types of natural cat litter. One thing stood out for me: Reviewers tended to both love and advocate for the natural litter under debate, or hate it.

Mostly, the two complaints I saw were that the cat didn't use it, or the odor control wasn't enough.

As far as your cat using it, World's Best Cat Litter has the advantage of being so similar in consistency to clay cat litter that most cats shouldn't notice a difference.

If they do object to it, chances are that they will only use the litter they've been using all along, period.

As for the odor control, there are no artificial perfumes in natural cat litter. The best way to keep odors away is to keep up with the scooping.

The advantage to using scoopable cat litter is that it can be scooped and flushed or disposed of every day.

The Lowdown:

worlds best cat litter

Biggest con: Natural cat litter isn't something you can attend to once per week. You must scoop it regularly to keep the home smelling fresh. So, keep up with it daily and you'll be happy with your change.

Many people like to keep the litter box in the bathroom so it's quick and convenient to scoop and flush it often.

I definitely recommend World's Best Cat Litter to anyone who is looking to make a change. Its biggest pro is its texture. It really resembles clay cat litter in consistency, so most cats should use it, no problem.

Ultimately, the best cat litter is the cat litter your cat is willing to use!

If you like the idea of a clumping cat litter made from natural ingredients, easy to scoop, and is flushable too, then World's Best Cat Litter may just be the litter for you.

In the end, the only way to know for sure is to try it!

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