"I Love My Maine Coon Because..."

These tribute pages are amazing! There is no end to the love between a Maine Coon and their family.

Here, you tell us: "I love my Maine Coon because..."

fluffy gray cat with gold eyes looking into camera

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The Sweetest

By: Cathryn in PA, USA

Layla is the sweetest cat and has brought so much joy to our life! For someone who didn't want a cat she stole my heart.

My son loves her to pieces. I love her-she brightens every day.

She waits for us to come home and greets us at the door. She almost talks. She loves to lay beside you but not on you.

She makes the cutest little sounds. Loves to play and follows us around the house. She has us wrapped around her little paws including my husbands.

fluffy dark brown tiger cat restingK.C.

I Love My Maine Coon Because...

By: Val in Northern Illinois

He is quite the talker and I love having conversations with him!

My Hero

By: Angela in Munich/Bavaria, Germany

Henry's so affectionate, he's my hero, he's always with me in the house, follows me, cuddles with me, even talks to me. I love big cats... I love his soft paws..... his tender eyes....

Our Baby

By: Anna in Athens, Greece

He is adorable... He runs and jumps on me to greet me when I come home from work, he wants me near him while he eats and for just being close to me on those grey days.. laying by feet or on my bed alongside me.... He is my Coonie..... actually our baby.

So Devoted

By: Jo in Ontario, Canada

He is so devoted to me. He follows me everywhere I go. He is always checking out things I bring home, whether its groceries or whatever.

He is right in the midst of whatever I am doing. He is just the cat's meow and I love love love him to pieces.

Oh and did I mention how beautiful and smart he is? I get a belly laugh from him all the time. He's my best furfriend in the world. I've had other pets, but I love love love him the best of all. Bar none.

Best Friend

By: Alison in Florida

He is my best friend! He wants to be in involved in everything I do. He is so smart, affectionate and beautiful. He's my baby!

Loving and Loyal

By: Jill in Colorado

My babies love me more. They cuddle with me when I am sick and give me kisses when I am sad.

What I love most is that they always there waiting for me when I get home.

So Entertaining

By: Joanne in Manchester, UK

I love my Maine Coon because he is highly entertaining. He loves to play with paper. He growls like a dog.

He jumps on my back when I am exercising. He is beautiful, affectionate and a great companion.

They Give Happiness

By: Theresa in PA

My Maine Coons kittens give me happiness! Got them from my daughter as a Christmas gift!! Her knowing I needed something in my life for I have depression and anxiety!

The kittens have made me feel so happy and have not felt sad and has made my anxiety much better. I have 2 Sara and Simon they are the best medicine, they are loving, make me laugh, they are my best friends!!

They Are The greatest breed I have ever been blessed to be owned by

By: Maggie in Cape Cod , MA

Each of my coon furkids have been rescues. Milky Toast made me so fall in love with him, and I got a great bond going from the time he was born.

His mommy was a feral or wild kitty that came in to bless us with Milky Toast and his sister (who I stupidly admit I found a home for) not really knowing the breed at all at that time.

Milky has so opened my eyes to the awesomeness of the breed. I consider Milky Toast to be a feral thoroughbred as he is the 3rd generation of them that occupied my yard when I got him.

To make a long story short, his mommy had been attacked by what we think was a raccoon and had the whole back of her leg torn up.

She found her way into our basement and when we found her she let us help repair the damage to her leg until she was totally better.

When she gave birth to Milky Toast and his sister she really didn't know what she was doing as she didn't take the birth sac off of them which I did, tied it and then cut it off, so that is where and how Milky Toast and I got so permanently bonded.

Milky Toast was also born with a birth defect that I have been told by vets that is very common of the Maine Coons which is his eye balls are too small to kick the third eye lid back so Milky Toast only sees out of the top half of his eyes.

It was suggested that i had the third eyelid cut out but I declined as the vet told me that he was light sensitive, so I felt that God made him that way for a specific reason and Milky Toast gets along great, the only thing is he don't like little things touching his toes.

He has so stolen my heart with all his antics and loveabilty to the max.

I am 55 years old and have had kitties my whole life and never had met one like a Coon.

I also worked in a homeless kitty shelter for over 7 years and although I loved each of them, none stole my heart like the Coon did.

I am now a proud owner of 6 part or full Coons that I have rescued, which one day I will share about each of them with all your readers along with their pictures. They are all such remarkable lovebugs to the max.

She's Loyal and Proud

By: Deborah in Beaumont TX

I Love My Coonie. She lies nearby, she sleeps on the top of her cat tree and I had better greet her when I see her after we have been apart.

She runs like a little Kitty, she weighs 17 pounds, and if I am not around she is a scoundrel to my daughter. Ha, she's the best cat ever.

tiger cat reaching into box toward another kitty

He has even made my grouchy, don't touch me cat a little more affectionate

By: Kellie in Jasper AL

We have an old cat the doesn't want anyone to touch her at any time.

Since we got Sam he will not leave her alone wanting to snuggle and play with her. She has finally come out of her grouchy self and started being a little loving and playful.

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Disclosure: this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. 

Close Bond

By: Bonnie in Indiana

Gia is 15 years old and has definitely bonded to me.

I adopted her from a shelter. However-due to economic situations I had to move in with my parents for a few months.

The first time I left her alone with them she pretty much went ballistic if they tried to approach her.

I never realized before but she just loves to sit and stare at me and purr. Lovely little girl-her bond to me is amazing!!!

Maine Coon Love Is a Snuggle Buddy

By: Emily in Connecticut

I love my Maine Coon because she is as devoted to me as I am to her. Every day when I come home from work all she wants to do is get in my lap and snuggle. (Unless of course it's snowing out)


By: Kathy in Alberta, Canada

He was my buddy, my pal and even a best friend. He sadly passed away at 16 1/2 & I don't believe I will ever truly heal.

He meant everything to me. We felt so empty without him that we went out at purchased a pure bred little gal & named her Emily.

We see an awful lot of similarities at 2 months old already!

So Friendly

By: Mary in MN

My Maine Coon is so friendly, but has a hard time parting with me when I am done with His massages. He talks to me and sometimes I think (if he was human he would be a awesome friend)

Bear Is So Sweet

By: Lois in NY

Our probably Maine Coon, Bear, is such a lovely big sweetie. He's curious, wants to be in the center of the action, and pretty spoiled having chose our home last year.

I had a cold last winter, and Bear posted himself by my shoulder the entire night for about 4 days. Sometimes I would wake to his paw on my cheek or forehead.

My husband has been enduring an ordeal with his family for the past few years, and when he is particularly upset, Bear leaps at him and forces him to sit (with 20# Bear in his lap) for an hour or more. Bear generally has good table manners, but he can be a little stinker.

Today, he wanted to change seats at the table.

Instead of jumping down, walking around and getting into the chair across the table, he looked me in the eye, walked up onto and across the table and down into the opposite chair.

Defiant boy pushing the limits but so cute and cocky that we just ignored it. Trouble ahead? Probably not, because he is such a real sweetheart.

We love his tiny voice and chirping like a bird even though he is bigger than our neighbor's dog! We are glad he claimed us as his people and our home as his.

I Love My Maine Coon Because...

fluffy brown tiger kitty in a basket

By: Robin in Haven, CT

He is the most lovable cat I've ever had. I adopted my MoMo August 2012, I was a bit concerned, because he was 5 years old.

But, the bond that was there from day one of meeting him, was amazing, it is like I've had him since he was a kitten. There is more of a loving bond, than I had with my DSH that passed after 14 years.

If I'm sitting, he's on my lap, if I'm laying down he's cuddled right next to me (if not on me), he follows me all over.

She's a Diva and She Loves Me

By: Deborah Stevens in Beaumont TX

Tippy was my mother's cat. I inherited her this year. She is the BEST. Not a lap cat but always close by. Very smart and I had better speak to her when we've been apart she always acknowledges me with her Coonie Chirp.

When I don't wake up early enough she stands by my bedroom door and puts her paw underneath it and reaches into my room. I Love My Tippy.

Through his amazing eyes, My Beannie's wonderful
spirit seems to look right into my soul

By: Helen Parker in San Francisco, California, USA

tabby and white kitty sleeping soundlyBeannie out like a light!

Beannie was found in a rough neighborhood, the Tenderloin in San Francisco.

I was born and have, always, lived in the City by the Bay. He was 3 yrs. old, unneutered and was with a 7 month old male unneutered cat.

Somehow they made their way to our City's animal shelter and they felt the younger one was his son because of how my guy was taking care of him which is very unusual for an adult male cat. This is so indicative of his, incredibly, SWEET nature.

I adopted Beannie within the week of my Macgregor Cat-part Maine Coon, also, being put to sleep at 17 yrs.

I adopted Beannie from the SPCA where he had been transferred over to the SPCA Maddie Adoption Center from our city shelter on that same day Macgregor was put to sleep.

Another person adopted his son the same week as well.

white and gray cat resting on couchThis photo is from 1 yr. ago, at age 4 yrs. He's much bigger!

Beannie is just as is described in this article, bonded with me, completely from the beginning, I AM his mistress, he does not have an aggressive bone in his body, he is my gentle giant all the way!

He's gray/white, bushy with the round yellow eyes that look right into my soul as if he knows everything I think and feel!

I believe God and my Macgregor Cat sent Beannie to me and me to him to make each other happy!

He's timid with strangers and hates the doorbell, but VERY curious and WANTS to love everyone I feel-in time he might let others close to him as he, immediately, did me!!!!!!!

We have an amazing bond. He sleeps right next to me when the light is out, but by my legs when I'm reading, watching TV in bed and no he's not a lap cat, but LOVES to be near AND loves to play even on his own!!!

Merry Christmas, God Bless and Happy Year to all and a big thank you for this website!

Helen and and my silly Beannie/MacBean, but now always Beannie means LIFE in Scotch/Gaeelic SND I am 1/2 Irish and HE is "full o' beans"!

"I Love My Maine Coon because..."

brown tiger kitty laying on a kitchen chairBeing her usual silly self

By: Lisa in Beford, VA

She is very affectionate, she is my best friend and companion when i am home by myself...

We snuggle on the couch and she will lay with me for hours watching TV.. and to watch her play with my other cat or by herself is so comical...

He Is Patient and Playful!

Every morning after my daughter leaves for school he jumps in bed and snuggles until I get up.

After he eats his breakfast it's anything goes when he is playing, constantly finding a thing to play with unless I tell him no. They are smart cats and learn quickly!!

"He Makes Me Feel Special and Needed"

By: Debbie Allison in Douglasville, GA USA

Every morning when I get up and go sit in the bathroom. Monkey hears me and comes running, landing on my lap. He starts his marching and purring.

Then he places his paws on each side of my shoulders commencing to nuzzle each earlobe while drooling.

This is a every day ritual, several times a day. And if he hears me moving around in the bed. He'll come peek around my head to see if my eyes are open.

Then he will get on my chest and start his ritual while I'm laying down. He even does this when we ride around in the car. He is a mess, my mess.

However, he isn't much of a lap cat. Except when he was a kitten. He sleeps downstairs on the couch and with those radar ears he can hear me move and comes a running. I get kisses and hugs. Have you been hugged today? =^.^=

She's a Cool Cat

By: Vickie in Texas, USA

Unbeknownst to me, I came home with a Maine Coon. Had cats my whole life, mine little stray died about six weeks before. Went to Petsmart were Kool Kats were adopting cats out.

No intentions of getting another cat anytime soon...but here she got interested in breeds of cats and saw descriptions and pics of coons.

Thought she looks ans acts just like one...got her papers out and right there at the top under breed was Maine Coon.

She is without a doubt the coolest cat I've ever had. As I write this she's playing with her toy on a stick. Carly is amazing.

She's The Sweetest

By: Ashley in Texas, Australia

She is the sweetest, most love-able cat I have ever been around. We found her when she was about 3 or 4 weeks old, about starved to death.

Now she's the center of attention, super playful, and not to mention her beauty. Soft like a rabbit too. Her name is Yuna, and she's the love of my life, my baby.

So Silly

By: Debbie in NV, USA

Lucy Goosey is so silly. As said, she tries to fit in any dark and small places, but of course she doesn't fit very well in most of them.

She also knows if she "faints", fall over, she will get her belly kneaded and scratched by my husband or I. So it's almost every time we walk up to her.

She's a Great Friend

By: Jennifer in York

She is the greatest friend I have ever known. She is kind, funny & oh so talkative. She comes when called.& calls me when she needs me.

She is always purring & loves to be hugged. I am obsessed with her!

He's Spunky

By: Donna in SC, USA

When I first meet him as a kitten he was the smallest of the litter and showed alot of spunk.

He also climbed on my shoulder to snuggle very close to me-thats when I made plans to get my first cat...Mr. Frodo

She Acts Like a Dog

By: Myris in Puerto Rico

She acts like a dog, except she doesn't mark her territory. I know she is a mixed coon, just because I am in Puerto Rico & Maine is a long way away from where she was born.

She even likes car rides, she looks in the window just like if I had a poodle in the car or any breed of dog!

Tucks Me In

By: Joellyn in Kentucky, USA

He tucks me into bed at night. Once I snuggle in, I usually sleep on my side.

Manfred comes walking UP the body, flops like a big furry blanket with all four paws hanging down, and shoves his nose under my chin, purring madly.

If I nuzzle him, he nuzzles right back -- usually with whiskertickles right in my ear, which of course means no sleep! I have had Maines for 30 years, but this one takes the tunacan for originality in guarding and caring for his Momcat.


There is so much devotion here! How much do you love your Maine?

Tell us your love story here!

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