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Maine Coon Love

It's the purrfect time to celebrate our Maine Coon love! (but when isn't it?) Come check out all the lovely gushing from Coonie families about their beloved furbabies.
Here, we ask you to finish this sentence:

I love my Maine Coon because ___

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Maine Coon Love Stories:

Love Her
She fills my home with her amazing personality.
~Judi in Penn.

Curious Babies
They are involved in everything I do. They eagerly let me know how important it is to them that they can be with me. I just love having conversations with them.
~Diane in Mass.

Gizmo - Maine Coon Love
She is so loving and beautiful. I can't imagine our family without her now. She also loves to play and my husband says he never knew a cat could be like her. Gizmo rocks!
~Teresa in Michigan

Big Maine Coon Love
He is big like I am - not to mention cuddly, beautiful, loving, sweet and affectionate!! As a 6'2" female, I wanted a substantial cat that matched me in size!! I really don't think I could ever own another breed now. I am totally spoiled.
~Jill in TX

Vocal Girl
She chirps out a whole conversation with me every morning. Everyday it's different topic. She's the best.
~Arlene in NY

Such A Good Helper
He keeps tabs on me all the time! He welcomes me home from work every day wanting his usual petting and stroking! He helps with chores around the house and always seems to have time for a game of tag before bed time!
~Leo in NC

Acrobatic Maine Coon Love
First, l'm his favorite human in the family. No matter where I sit, he is never more than 2ft. away. The chirping is like having a conversation with him. Acrobatic?

He can push off his hind legs 5 feet off the floor when my son wiggles his fingers against the wall. He gets winded easily when chasing the laser for a half an hour. Then he pants like a dog.
~Mort in Nassau County, New York

Gentle Boy
He is gentle with the other house cats and puts up with the rowdy kittens, altho ferocious with the barn cats. I do wish he'd let me brush him but he's determined to do it himself.
~Kate in Indiana

She gives unconditional love and companionship. We have conversations. She wants to please and learn. So easy to be with. Can't live with out her....
~Gypsy in California

My Maine Coon was very loving. HE WAS FRIENDLY - he followed me everywhere. He love to sleep with me. He was mysterious about the things he had done.
~Beverly Carpenter in Branson, West MO

Maine Coon Love is Special
Gus is my best, faithful buddy. He has been a rejected cat for many years but I only crossed path's with him last year. I am told that he is about 15 years old.

He took to me and I didn't think he would survive the winter, so I brought him in a couple of months ago. My step daughter identified him as a Maine Coon cat. I have loved many other cats in my life, but Gus is special.
~Bruce in New York

Best Friend
She is seriously my best friend. Always by my side she's so smart she can cense my feelings lets me hold her hug her pick her up gives me kisses...I got her when she was already ten yrs old and still able to teach her tricks the love I feel and receive from her is AMAZING.

When I talk to her she listens comes when called and knows what certain words mean. Maine Coons really are like dogs. We sleep together every night not to mention spend every waking min together.

She truly has been my guardian angel I love her more then life its self and spoil her to the fullest my Susie q IS THE CATS MEOW
~Jennifer Margaret in Mass

Maine Coon Love - Littleman
Littleman has been one of the most loving animals I have ever been fortunate to own. We rescued him from between a wall in a barn. He was so little he still had one eye closed.

I hand fed him with a eye dropper and he only has eyes for "mom" , who is me. If I let him sleep with me, he actually puts his paw around me and holds me. He breathes my air, falls asleep then about 10 - 15 minutes later he goes to end of bed. He would lay on my lap for hours if I would let him.

This is why I have been looking into getting another one. We also own an American Ragdoll. Now she on the other hand clearly states, Don't touch me. I'm beautiful and I know it. They are like daylight and darkness.

Littleman is huge compared to Emmie but you would never know it. He will always side step around her. Love both my babies!
~Patty in Show Low, Arizona

Sister Kitties
"Daffy" (Daphne) and Daisy are Maine Coon mix, born to a feral tabby cat, but they have very Maine Coon tendencies as sisters while having very different personalities. "Daffy" is very petite although she looks pure Maine Coon.

Daisy has the build and facial structure but not the long fur. They both follow me around the house and never miss a single change. They take their "responsibilities" seriously but have a great sense of humor.

Daisy adores being brushed and pampered while Daffy prefers the hands-off handling while loving the laser toys and interactive wand toys. She totally surprised me at the vet's last fall when she turned to me and intimated that she wanted me to hold her!

I'm hoping that scenario will be repeated at this year's appointment.
~Nancy in Massachusetts

Coco The Cat-Dog
He acts like a dog. I call him cat-dog, he is so funny. Follows me everywhere, sits at my feet, stares at me like he adores me and he comes when I call him. He is amazing to me.

I have had cats all my life and Coco by far is the best cat that I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life. I have two, but unfortunately I think Cody was abused (he was a rescue) because he hides and doesn't like loud noises or strangers. But he's still a beautiful cat and gets along well with Coco.
~Katherine in New Jersey

Smart Maine Coon Love
She is the smartest cat I've ever known. Her favorite treat is Pringles and she refuses anything seafood flavor.

Never have I ever had a cat with so much personality. She has many different sounds, one for when she needs help (i.e. tried to jump into the cupboards above the washing machine and then fell into the empty washing machine having the lid close behind her. Needless to say I keep that closed at all times now.) to right before she throws up a hairball.

I've learned to recognize all of her sounds and what they mean. She has learned how to open drawers and cupboards by watching me. She is now trying to learn how to open doors. It is really quite amazing.

And boy when she feels as if she hasn't had enough attention she will get it, by jumping from the floor up onto my shoulders, no matter if I'm sitting or standing. Did I mention she was a hidden miracle?

I went to the animal shelter to adopt a cat one day and found her. In a corner cage where she couldn't really be seen and instantly fell in love not knowing she was not 2yrs old or a Maine Coon yet. I found out she was a full fledged Maine Coon when I was filling out her paper work.

She had been returned twice already and they didn't want her taken again because someone wanted a Maine Coon, they wanted someone who would take her for her and not return her when she wasn't what they expected.

Then when I brought her to the vet that week, he told me she was only 8months and not 2yrs old! Imagine my surprise. But I am incredibly blessed by Eleanor. She has her forever home now and she knows it.

Loves to cuddle with me all the time and is always guarding me in my sleep. Truly a precious gift of Maine Coon love from above.
~Stephanie in Maine

Rescued Maine Coon Love
She is smart, and amazes me with a new attitude, trick or behavior every day! I rescued Sunshine from a shelter, where she had been for six months...and had been labeled "unlovable," "unadoptable," and "bipolar, approach with caution!"

They had named her "Witchy Woman." They waived the adoption fee for me because I was this cat's only hope of having a forever home. On the two hour journey home she only "meeped" a couple of times.

When I let her out of her carrier I steered clear of her, letting her adjust to the new environs at her pace...and those eyes of her's watched my every movement. Within an hour she was up on my lap...and she followed me around like a puppy when I wasn't sitting and she was occupying my lap.

At bedtime she claimed the pillow next to mine. I fell to sleep that night wondering if "Witchy Woman" was going to drop her "company manners" and attack me in my sleep. The next morning as I arose from my bed, there was this chirping, dancing, prancing cat at my feet.

That's when I first said, "Good morning, Sunshine!" When people visit, she is right at the door, awaiting to welcome, and be welcomed. Every morning when I mist the Boston Fern over my table she is there, prancing around and loving her daily showering!

And she scared the devil out of me the first time she jumped into the shower with me! A cat that likes water? Amazing! My part-Coonie has some issues from her abandonment. But what a cat! My girlfriend has always had Siamese cats. My father had a Manx.

I thought they were "smarties!" Until my part-Coonie started exposing me to her many multi-talented and multifaceted personality!
~Judith in New York

Happy Maine Coon Love
Little Oliver is the most precious and sweet cat I have ever owned. He sleeps next to me and when my door is closed he waits by the door until I Come out. He gives kisses and loves to follow me everywhere I go.

The noises he makes and the way he sprawls out on the floor crack me up everyday. He is never in a bad mood and lightens my day everyday.
~Molly in Morgan

These Maine Coon love stories are so heartwarming! There's nothing like the affection and devotion of a beloved pet.

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I LOVE “The Boyz”, Why?
by: MaineCoonMomx2

We were so lonely and very sad, and it wasn’t going away. We had lost our Shih Tzu to his heart condition.

We took care of him and he stayed with us, taking his pills and vet visits. As long as he had more good days than bad. My cat was saddest of all, and needed to talk to some one who would understand.

Enter "The Boyz"!!!! Two little fur balls with the most beautiful huge iridescent gold eyes that seemed to reach into your soul and understand all of the intricacies of the universe!

But amazing in their games! Playing Gran Prix inventing a racecourse with us as the spectators! Picking up the balls with their hands and playing their version of pig-pong. Jumping into the bubble bath to chase the waves of bubbles!

And games of war to catch a bug enemy that invaded their territory! Then falling asleep beside us warm and soft.

Waking at the sound of dishes, food! But sitting patiently and politely, with chests puffed out like little generals, for their dish, and eating with their hands!

The sound of my laughter again almost startled me, Kiawah no longer sleeping her time away, too much interesting stuff to watch and the toys were fun again!

I look into those eyes that follow me everywhere, the fur baby that have occupies his station waiting by the door; and I ask him "are you my Shih Tzu" coming back as a cat? :) As he sticks his nose or his whole body in the bag I have brought home looking for a treat.

Why? Because they have saved my life and hers, and perhaps even the best part of my sou!!

by: Elizabeth (Texas)

He talks to me every day (back and forth with me), comes to the bathroom with me, sleeps with me at night, and always knows when I need a friend.

The Best Kitty
by: Candy (CA)

He is the best kitty ever.

by: Franque (Texas)

He is so incredibly entertaining. Makes my day. Name is Tabasco and it fits him perfectly. Such a personality you never know what to expect. Love him dearly.

Best Girl
by: Carla (Ohio)

She is beautiful, sweet, and a great companion! My true friend!!

by: Lisa (California)

He licks my eyelids when I'm sleeping

Security Guard
by: Di (Ontario)

Who couldn't adore such a loving creature, oh and she is my best friend and looks out for me when hubby is out of the country, my little security guard " Hollywood" us ma girl

Naptime Cuddles
by: Geo (Tennessee)

He naps on my face

Curious and Handsome
by: Janet (Ontario)

He is so inquisitive about everything and likes to check the groceries that we bring home and any visitors who come to the house. He has taken over my step stool so that he can see the comings and goings of the neighbors. Such a special and handsome guy

by: Jackie (WI)

He lives for me he is always by my side

by: Tigger (Missouri)

He gives such wonderful hugs. He knows when I need some extra cuddles. He is my bestie

by: PPMT (Illinois)

I call my Maine big John and for affection my little big man, my late wife found him thru animal rescue and convinced me to bring him home for a trial run; Johnny was home less than 1 hour before I knew he would never leave and that was 6 years ago

by: Raymond (Virginia)

Because so sweet and lovable.

by: Connie (Lier Norway)

He is prrr....fect! <3

Best Friend
by: Erin (Illinois)

She is simply my best friend forever. When she was two, she had kidney failure and was hospitalized over two weeks.

They would take her off the IV foe a little bit a couple times a day. I would get down on the floor with her and cuddle.

Since that time, she is so healthy and is my shadow. We both snack too much, but she loves little bits of shredded cheese.

She is quite long but I work hard to keep her weight up. I love her so much and sometimes overdo the hugs and kisses.

Then she will meow and give a paw swipe! She is with me most of the day and night. She can be kind of ornery to my other cat who was raised with her. Not mean but just wants to run and chase. I love her and her buddy more than anything .

by: Pamela (Tennessee)

I had a cat that was 15 and my baby, and he suddenly died back in February. This little Gray-blue kitten showed up outside my apartment.

It's like it was a sign and a gift from God to help ease my pain. And he did right away!!! The love he has given me is unbelievable.

I love my Maine Coon because he has to be with me always and cries if he doesn't know what room I went to. I have to call him and let him know where I am.

He lays across my neck like a piece of jewelry. He loves to be brushed and acts like a king afterwards. He sits on my garbage can lid in the morning while I make coffee and then he wants a sip. Lol.

He can't stand it when I leave. He sits in my kitchen window and waits for my return and then falls on the floor and rolls on his back when I walk thru the door.

When I take a bath, he wants to stick his face and feet in the water and bathe himself too. He is very curious when I put on my makeup and wants to play with and eventually steals my makeup brushes!!

He doesn't like it when I talk in the phone with the speaker on. He gets jealous and doesn't like the person's voice and smacks the phone with his foot and hangs up on my friends and family.

He growls like a dog if he hears something he doesn't like and he makes noises and purrs with a squill, but does not meow unless he accidentally gets locked in a room and needs me to open the door.

He is the most unusual cat I have ever had and I have fallen in love with him to the ends of the earth.

I will always miss my other cat that passed because he was very unique too. But there is no cat like a Maine coon!!! Mine is only 6 months old and is over 2 feet long and already weighs 10 1/2 pounds. He is huge!!!

I may need someone to donate some food for him one day if he keeps growing at this rate. And I have heard that they aren't full grown until the age of 2-3 years old. His name is Grayson.

by: Yuri (Mississippi)

She winks at me when I look at her.

She travels!
by: Mary (Ohio)

She would rather travel with me than stay at home. Long car trips or a plane, she transitions easily as long as I'm with me. In the car her litter box, bed and favorite toy are included and used!

Water Lover
by: Robert (OR)

Loves water, and demands his bowl to be filled to the top! Our cat has 3 water bowls in our house, and he gallops like a horse :)

Our Love
by: Kelly (Florida)

He's a friend for life! This guy loves to be by our side as a true member of our family.

He chirps if we are elsewhere in the house as if asking where we are. And yes, we answer him. He loves spending quality time with each of us.

He is the sweetest most laid back cat that has graced our lives. He is our love and we are a happier family with him in our lives. We love our Raven Bartholomew!

by: Sterling (NY)

He entertains us every day with classic Coonie antics, from rolling off the couch while napping, to knocking things off the dresser just to watch them fall, to sitting meerkat style for treats each night. He's very handsome! And I'm the one lucky enough to be chosen as a favorite person/pillow.

by: Joan (Durban South Africa)

He is smart, lovable, beautiful and he is our child who gives us so much joy.

by: Stuart (Oklahoma)

He is compassionate beyond words. When my mother died, he comforted me in an incredibly caring way.16 years later, he is still at my side, along with two more beautiful, funny, smart Maine Coons adopted from the shelter. Truly, an amazing breed!

by: Carolyn (Arizona)

She is a devoted pet - wonderful talker - smart as they come - LOVES EVERYONE - SOFT AND CUDDLY.

by: Michelle (Northern Indiana)

My Gremlin is a handful but wouldn't change her! She's 2 1/2 years old now and still acts like a kitten.

She loves to be carried around like a queen, eats like a moose, and takes up most of the bed at night.

She has definitely chosen me as her human and has taken the role of mom to my tiny feral rescue girl. She licks everyone, my husband and I and our other cats too.

She's not a lap cat but really likes to snuggle in bed in the morning. There really is something special about MCs, they are incredibly bright and always want to be near you.

My Protector
by: Reba (MD)

My husband passed away in 2015 and my Maine coon Scrappy has been such a good companion. He sits with me when I cry, sleeps on the bed beside me, and when a stranger comes around he does not leave my side like he is my protecter.

by: Diane (OK)

My family has three, 4 months old. The males are always goofing around, but when it's bed time, they are in bed waiting on their owners. Whereas my beautiful girl, she loves to be the baby, always with me, always wanting to be held.

by: Batman (Virginia)

He has a a**hole charm that makes us laugh

Lives on a yacht
by: Tunaphis (QLD Australia)

She changed my life. I was working on a tuna longliner with a rough crew wasting paychecks on partying until I saw her being born by chance.

2 months later I was offered her for adoption which shocked everybody when I said yes.

Some very funny moments watching hard deckhands all fawn over her. She's now almost 10 and lives and sails with me on our 40 foot yacht on the east coast of Australia.

I have never known a cat to be so calm,She has faced storms, dingos and cat haters with total disregard while owning every marina we stay at. I have a lot to thank this cat for. Her name is Chuck.

Family Girl
by: Shannon (Tennessee)

She gets me up every morning on time for my medications. She is so smart. She greets everyone at the door. She loves her mommy and sleeps with me nightly. She is protective of her family as well.

So Smart
by: Rocky (California)

He is so smart. He licks my elbow when he wants something.

He won't stop until I do what he wants. He is so funny with his magic laser light.

He will chase it everywhere and even climb the wall trying to catch it!.

by: Penny (Pennsylvania)

not only does he give his love freely and in wonderfully humorous ways, but their is an intelligence that can be both seen and felt when you look into his eyes!

Harry is only seven months old and we are so happy with our decision to become the proud servants of a Maine Coon!

We have another domestic shorthair in our home whom we love and while it took a bit for her to adapt to this crazy stranger, she seems to be having a great time with him too.

The most special moments I have with Harry (as we seem to have become partners in crime) are when I go to sleep and wake up, come home and am getting ready to go out. He is constantly curious as to what I am doing, with what and why - and at times that can be hilarious.

When I come home I hear him running through the house (the tags and bell on his collar jingling) to get to me as fast as he can with no thought of how he's going to stop, so there's usually some kind of slide and crash around my feet and then a guilty look up at me as if to say, "Gee, um, I did it all for you - doesn't that count for something?"

And of course I start laughing and my stress melts away. Nighttime is full of head-butts and chirps, asking for the scratches and all the petting that these beautiful creatures want (and are so therapeutic for us to give).

Once I settle down in bed he will often settle beside me and Harry will put his paw on my face or head or lay it across my arm or hand. Once or twice he's even wrapped his body around the top of my head!

Then when I wake up in the early morning it's usually to little face nuzzles and sandpaper licks along with a few soft love bites on my nose and cheek and ears!

This goes on until I wake up to Harry's satisfaction. I am so happy we are a Maine Coon home - I don't think we will ever be anything else...we are truly smitten!

Makes Me Laugh
by: Keley (Nottinghamshire UK)

Micro is loving and makes me laugh he tells me when it's time to wake up when my alarm is going off.

He insists on setting on my knee when I go to the toilet. I call him dog cat and a hippie! As he would rather have a olive off me than meat!

by: Nilou (NSW Australia)

He plays fetch.

Cuddly Kitty
by: Danielle (BC)

My Maine Coon is the most cuddly kitten like cat you will have ever met. He will snuggle all day long. He also likes water and sits in the shower every time anyone gets out.

Sweet and Funny
by: Andi (Florida)

Because he's so sweet and funny. He's very helpful too.....always wants to be involved! I'm his mommy and he expects the love! Nothing better than a Coonie.

Taylor and Tayja
by: Karen (BC, Canada)

I got Taylor as a kitten when I was a teenager and was really depressed. I didn't know much about him except that the lady was annoyed that her cat had gotten out and come back pregnant and that they "weren't good for anything but barn cats now".

We realized pretty quick that he was not a "regular" cat his paws and ears were massive and he ended up being 27 pounds of mostly muscle as he was a farm cat.

He always new when to show up and how to make me feel better and every time I was gone more than one day he would walk around calling for me.

I was so sad when he passed away suddenly it took me years to get another cat. I got Tayja because my kids wanted a cat I ended up picking one that looked so much like Taylor she ended up being just as sweet but quiet and shy instead of goofy and outgoing.

I've never seen a cat look so upset and sorry after scratching a kid I didn't even now they could. I didn't think she was settling in well but a month after we got her my oldest had an allergic reaction to something and after a long night my oldest stayed at my parents home and my youngest and I went home. When I put my sleeping child in bed Tayja sniffed her from head to toe several times and then was frantically checking my oldest's bed running around the whole house and back to the empty bed I realized that even though she obviously still had some trauma issues they were her kids now and she loved them as much as I did.

She thought a raccoon on the other side of the window was going to hurt them once and she came flying across the room and tried to attack it though the window.

My youngest always comes to my bed for morning snuggles and most mornings Tayja would come and lay on top of us and purr at us. We came home a couple days ago and found that Tayja had passed away. We miss her a lot.

by: Teresa Mcinerney (NC)

He thinks he is a dog (not really) but our dogs think he could be.

by: Linda (Oregon)

A.J, is my first Maine Coon and is a rescue. Her playfulness, talking smack, intelligence and personality work together to make her one cool cat.

by: Patty (Cincinnati Ohio)

Benji is such is such a creature of habit and whatever habits I have too.. From sitting on vanity waiting to be brushed first thing in morning, to letting me know it's my bedtime by sitting perfectly still, staring in my eyes until I get up to turn off lights, then he races me to bed!

by: Retha (Western Cape)

From the first day my son brought Cooter home, I fell in love. The previous owners wanted to shoot him, so my son took him. I have hours of pleasure and laughing.

Smart and Fun
by: Bentchey (Florida)

He plays GO FETCH!! With no training.. he just dropped a ball in front of "daddy" one day.. daddy threw the ball and said "now run and go and get it!" and get this... my Maine Coon is deaf so he just knew what to do and sure enough.... ran to get the ball, brought it back, dropped it in front of my husband (who was also his breeder) and played again and again... I have a video to prove it and it wasn't a one time thing either... now you tell me.... ordinary cat? I think NOT!! He's extremely smart LOL and sometimes surprises me in more ways than one!!! He is the love of my life (well he is and daddy too!).

by: Linda Roe (Ontario)

I love my Maine coon cat, because he is so affectionate and is always talking to me following me wherever I go around my apt.

He is always by my side while I am watching TV, and speaking of TV my Maine Coon cat Loves to watch TV with us, it's so funny to see him do that. My Maine Coon cat loves to paw on things, on my patio door, in the tub, on my cupboard doors - I was wondering why he does this or what it means???

I also have a male tabby cat, the two of them just adore each other, running around here playing. I would very much consider getting another Maine Coon cat, if something happens to my cats !

Does Tricks
by: Harley (Colorado)

He loves to fetch bottled water caps and do other tricks that our other cats won't.

by: Cathy (MI)

We just adopted a male part coon kitten. The first visit to our vet confirm it. He loves our three dogs not sure about our female cat yet we will see.

Happy Boy
by: Ross (California)

He puts a smile on my face every morning when I awake. Curled up in a large ball wrapped around my arms. Then the chirping begins telling me it time to get up.

by: Debbie (NC)

She comes to me for loving and games, and she is so beautiful. She is patient, and looks after the Sheltie, too. :-)

Purrsonality Plus
by: Patsy (CA)

She follows us wherever we are in the house and is very loving when we come home after she has been alone. She wants lots of rubbing and petting before she will settle down for a meal.

Loves to get inside any open drawer or closet. Always poses for photos like she knows she is beautiful!

So loving
by: Laura (Ohio)

They LOVE me back!! Both Bill and Cat show their love in different ways. Bill will actually kiss you and Cat, she's all girl, she'll talk your ear off. Both love their mommy!!!

The best
by: Jack (Ohio)

He's the total package.

He helps
by: Alison (Florida)

I love my Maine Coon because he is my best friend. He is always so enthusiastic about whatever I am doing and he wants to "help" and be involved. When we cuddle at night, he purrs and makes grunting noises and hugs me with his "snow booties".

by: Frank (CA)

He comes to me to ask for playtime. Our play is to chase each other around the house. When he "catches" me it is by grabbing my ankles (claws retracted), a Coon chirp, and a quick cuddle before we are off & chasing again.

by: Phyllis (Illinios)

The first time I had the pleasure of being a Maine Coon's caretaker was when I rescued my Brownie from a kill shelter three years ago.

He is loyal, smart, sweet, and gentle. I have always had short haired domestic cats. Brownie has brought a welcome change to our house. He gets along with all of our cats. I love him to pieces and back!

by: Betty (NY)

Sterling has been the consoler-in-chief since we lost my dad a month ago and my step-father three weeks later.

It's his personal mission to make sure he snuggles, clowns around, wrestles with his siblings or does whatever it takes to cheer us up.

Good company
by: Chelle (UK)

Our gorgeous "Bobby" is an adorable boy. We think he's a Maine mix, he is so clever and loving, and is so like a dog.

He's such good company, he just lies there letting me cuddle him, he knows I need his fuss bless him, mummy needs her Bobby time.

He makes us laugh and trots from room to room to see what I'm doing, wicked! He has to have a drink in the bath before I run my bath water too!

by: Judy (WY)

I live in an apartment complex, animals are not allowed outside except Gracie. Everyone loves her.

People comment on her beauty but mostly they can't believe the way she follows me everywhere like a faithful little dog.

She is loyal, funny and a lovable companion. She sits on me, sleeps with me and kisses me. And she is a definite creature of habit.

Sits on the cupboard waits for butter, knocks her water dish off the sink if its empty, pats me awake at 5a.m. for a treat.

by: Anne (SC)

Leo is always by my side.

by: Zach (Ohio)

His name is Niko and he his 26 lbs, almost no fat. He's a lil weird but loves me more than possible! AND he is one of three!

Best Bud
by: Jim (Oregon)

Peter is my loyal and loving companion. He has huge paws with two extra toes on each front paw. He saw me through a very difficult time in my personal life so I feel very close to him.

He is such a big snuggle bug of a cat. His personality is as big as his paws. He talks to me and follows me around. So beautiful and affectionate. I love him dearly

by: Maryann (Ohio)

He is my purrbaby. He follows me to bed and curls up with me and purrs me to sleep. When I am on my computer he will lay on the desk behind it or on the couch. He never meows, he meows and murps and when I meow back he keeps it up like we are talking. He is my second Coonie and I fell in love with my first and had to get another.

by: Tricia (Louisiana)

Callie, she has passed on now after 24 years with me. She was a people cat, devoted to me forever until the end. She was tortie and beautiful always. She loved to meet you at the door and talk to you. Very much a lap cat. She was so smart as well.

by: Natalie (Ohio)

He is so loving. He snuggles with me all of the time. Comes when he is called by name. It's just like having a dog in the house!

Charlie Boy
by: Jenna (Nova Scotia)

I Love My Maine Coon because I Could be having the absolute worst day in the world and all my boy Charlie has to do is greet me at the door as he always does, start chatting to me and I've melted into the floor... bad day long forgotten...he's my boy! :-)

by: Sherri (Florida)

He Turned My Hubby Into A Cat Person. Milo adopted us 2 yrs ago in 2013 when he was just 8 mths old. He belonged to our neighbor who was a single mom with 5 boys aged 3-10.

My hubby was sweeping the carport and he came over to help. The neighbors gave him to us when they moved 3 months later because he stayed with us more than he stayed with them.

I did not know what a Maine Coon looked like, only heard of the breed. Family member cat person told me he was a Maine Coon. I looked it up and sure nuff, he had ALL the characteristics of a Maine Coon except his ear tip tufts are very tiny few hairs. You could say non-existent.

He is a clown. He does most of everything everyone else has said about their Coonies. He is an awesome mole getter. He is trained to a radio collar to our fenced back yard because we could not bare loosing him on our very busy rural suburb road as we have lost several cats in the past to cars.

He knows when the collar is not turned on and usually just hops the fence to sit & wait at the carport glass door and gives us that Nah Nah look when we let him in.

He loves our Doxies and one Doxy loves to bathe his face with her doggy tongue and he holds her around her neck and they take turns bathing each other.

My husband is retired & I will be soon and every day, my hubby has a funny story to tell me about what Milo did and he tells it while laughing. He entertains hubby so much.

And, yes, he is a flopper. Flops down in front of you for a belly rub. Hubby called him Flopper for a long time instead of Milo until we both realized he kept growing and growing and getting bigger and bigger.

Now hubby calls him Fat Boy. He is 17 lbs of silly floppy hairy Coonie and we just adore him. He is our first Coonie.

Pumpkin Pete
by: Frank (NY)

Pumpkin Pete is my best friend! He's there for me in the morning when I get up for work. Waiting for me if I go home for lunch. Sits right on my shoulder till I'm done for a treat. And there when I get home and sleeps in bed at night. We talk and play all the time. I love Him. I think my girlfriend is a lil jealous LOL!

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