Keeping Your Maine Coon Cat Mat Free

Does Your Cat's Fur Mat No Matter What You Do?

Does your Maine Coon Cat mat even when you brush him regularly and bathe him?

That unique Maine Coon Cat fur has it's own special requirements. This is a special part of how to groom a cat.

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On our FaceBook page, Jenn asks: 

"I have a question. What kind of detangle shampoo would you recommend for a Maine Coon, as I now know they are a bit different than ordinary house cats ..... And what else could I do to avoid bad knots; keep in mind I brush my Maine Coon daily"

Every Maine Coon Cat owner faces this particular dilemma. You know all the cat grooming tips. You get all kinds of brushes and combs, give baths and spot clean your Maine Coon, but still you find yourself snipping off or otherwise dealing with another cat mat!

I admit it! I regularly find a mat on Leo or Alice! Not as often now as I used to, though. I have learned a few things over the years.

It seems each Maine Coon Cat owner has their own personal way of dealing with the mats. Part of that is the unique texture of their fur.

A Three-Pronged Approach To Cat Mats:

Grooming a cat involves bathing, spot-cleaning, and brushing. These are the things that will keep cat mats at bay.

I'm not going to get into the lion cut, because if the cat grooming tips are followed, that won't be necessary in order to manage mats and tangles. The lion cut is for extreme cases of cat mats or hot weather.


The heart of Jenn's question is about what type of shampoo to use. There is more than one good brand.

We've even had success with regular baby shampoo when none other was available. One brand of pet grooming products has been standing out among the crowd, though.

The FURminator shampoo is getting great reviews. It is actually a shampoo and conditioner combination. This company is all about fur care. Getting rid of mats, detangling, and de-shedding are their specialty.

Between Baths:

Waterless cat shampoo to the rescue! This is different from dry cat shampoo. It's a spray made to freshen up your pet between baths.

You wouldn't use it at brushing time (always brush a dry pet) but it is conditioning and can be helpful. We've used it on Alice and she quite enjoyed it!


The all-important brushing! Nothing is more important when it comes to eliminating the appearance of a mat. But which brush to use?

We've had every brush in the book (or pet store) at some point. But, I found a winner with the FURminator deshedding tool. I'm a total fan.

I've even lent it to family members who've then lent it to their neighbors! They just had to share! The way it works, and the amount of fur it removes is unbelievable. It has to be seen to be believed.

The tips above should get you well on your way to keeping your Maine Coon Cat's fur mat free.

What Else Can Affect Cat Mats?

Individual Fur Types

Just as Maine Coon Cats can be almost any color, there is much variety in the texture of their fur. Some Maines, like Leo, have a medium coat, and some have an extremely full and bushy coat.

Our Alice on the other hand, has a very, very silky coat. She gets an occasional small mat in her undercoat. But in general her fur is just the silky type. So different from her brother. (They were born in the same litter, too!)

Time Of Year

At the time of this writing, winter is just starting to bear down. We live in a colder climate, too. So that means the cats are developing their 'winter coat.'

It's thicker, fuller, and more prone to developing a cat mat. Our cats are indoors-only, so their winter coat is not as thick as a cat who goes outdoors. In fact, Leo's favorite winter activity is roasting by the fire.

For future and potential owners of Maine Coon cats, don't let this deter you! Any cat can mat, and the shaggy Maine Coon coat is actually relatively low-maintenance. Maines are so gentle and affectionate, too. Many of them love to be brushed!

Every cat is different. But with the right tools, and regular attention, their fur will be beautiful and cat mat free (most of the time!)

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