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Aggressive Maine coon

by MaryJo
(Franklin Park Illinois )

Being lazy

Being lazy

I have a female Maine Coon mix. Her name is Cookie. She's 11 now and a wonderful cat.

I love her so much and she is spoiled rotten. The problem I'm having is that I rescued 2 kittens and she doesn't like them they are both female and just turned 1 in August.

I’m trying everything to try to get them all together along and I'm having no luck. I separated them in different rooms.

Had them eat between a fence gave each other their toys so that they could smell each other that hasn't worked and every time cookie sees them she chases them terrorize them.

They’re hiding in the closets so now I gotta keep them separated and it's no fun, I don’t know what to do to get them to get along. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I never had a problem with our other cats getting along. She wasn’t always like this when I got her I had another cat it was a tabby and also female they get along just fine.

I give her lots of attention. I feel like she doesn’t have the whole house like before the kittens got here. I feel bad for her and the kittens.

I would love for all of them to get along. This is the second Maine coon I’ve had. I never had any problems with the other one.

Cookies always been so chilled and nothing ever bothered her before. She's been to the Vet and goes to the groomer, gets lots of treats and love.


Aggressive behavior
by: Charles D.

I brought my male Maine Coon home a year ago at 12 weeks of age. I have a female domestic short hair that is 8 years old.

She wasn't thrilled with a new kitten, but she stayed out of sight for a while. As Sergiy (my Maine Coon) got acquainted with his new home, he was really wanting to play - and my female didn't really enjoy it.

He loved chasing her around. But she would sit and watch him play with toys. She would occasionally join in for a short time.

It has been a year now, and they tolerate each other - and they eat in the same room together, and trade off plates to see if anyone has anything better to eat.

Occasionally Sergiy will want to play and chases the female around and she hisses at him. Hopefully with more time your kitties will at least tolerate each other.

Good luck keeping the peace.

You can try…
by: Scott

Getting some Feliway diffusers. Weekly, wipe all cats down with your dampened, sweaty tee shirt-now everybody smells like you. If that doesn't help, ask your vet for some Fluoxetine. 🐾🐾v

Cat behaviors
by: Tamara

Is Cookie spayed? That is an aggressive behavioral issue for ALL Animals.

If the kittens are not spayed or neutered yet, this also may be affecting Cookie's aggressive nature. Cats sense of smell is 14 times greater than humans. Can you imagine how smelling hormones daily can effect a cat now?

You might have to keep the kittens in another section of the house or put Cookie in a garage/barn area with electric heater for the winter until everyone is spayed and neutered.

After that all should go MUCH better. I went through this with a dog I had that was not neutered, it was a nightmare.

Hope this helps.
Animal Advocate🐾💜

Rule out medical issues

I’m sorry to hear your clowder is having issues integrating. Since this is such a change for Cookie, you may want to take her to the vet and rule out any coincidental medical issues—especially hyperthyroidism.

She’s around the age where that starts to happen, and can cause unusual aggression.

Best of luck!

Complete Opposite Reaction
by: Karen

I had just the opposite reaction with my male MC. Bogie had a Bichon buddy who died and he became very lonely.

I took in a mother cat and her 2 male kittens and Bogie loves them. He bathed them and He played gently with them while they were small.

Now. 1 yr. later, they chase through the house all the time playing. He is 6 yrs old now and knows that he is still King of the house.

Aggressiveness has a reason...
by: Leslie W.

When we retrieved Wolsey from his shelter, we were advised that he needed to be in a one-pet home.

Wolsey looks like a full Maine Coon but is undersized compared to the purebred Maine Coons I've had in the past. Possibly, he was "discarded" by a breeder for that reason??

Who knows what traumas a Maine Coon cat who ended in shelter might have suffered! We have honored his wish to be our one and only, and (other than going for groomings or vet visits) he is quite happy.

Oh, there are times in the evening when he wants a chair that is special to my husband--and attempts to get it "the hard way." Then, just the sight of the water-spray bottle dissuades him.

Again, who knows what traumas our otherwise wonderful feline experienced between birthplace and the shelter!!

Don’t Give Up
by: Sheila

Don't give up, it takes a long time for them to get used to one another. We had two cats and had to unite them when we moved in to one household.

Firstly, we didn't let them see one another for at least a month or two. When we finally did it was for short times. They hissed and growled all the time.

It took us almost two years until they could be in the same area. But it was worth it, neither one of us wanted to give one away. I feel for the older kitty, it's not her fault.

How long have you been at it, if you say six months or so that's not long enough.

Please don't give the 11 yr old away, it's been her territory for a long time.

Personal Experience

I had a beautiful tortoise female cat for years, then a male Maine Coon mix showed up at the door.

I took him in and the two adapted, until the older female became weak a few years later. The male began to stalk her, and though neutered, jump her. I had to monitor them constantly.

The female was miserable, she would attempt to groom the male, which they used to do no problem, but at this point the male started biting and clawing her. Had to make some tough decisions.

I learned that unless two or more cats are raised together from infancy or early years it is difficult, esp. if opposite sex. I don't recommend introducing new pets. It seems to stress the original cat, especially if they have a strong bond with their human.

Don't force the issue
by: Mickey

I had pretty much the same problem when I took in a pregnant alley cat and her 4 kittens.

My cat Prince was very upset but he watched them from a distance and eventually he began to tolerate them. I did the same thing with feeding and it does help to desensitize them.

Try playtime. Keep them apart. Swing the toy ovr to the kittens, let them play and let your cat watch. Then swing it over to Cookie and let her play.

Don't try to engage them to be play together. When they are ready they might. Give them treats at the same time. Mine eventually line up side by side because "good things happens when they cooperate".

Set boundaries for the kittens and let Cookie retain her own space. Let them have their own litter boxes. Try to stay positive and don't force the issue.

When Cookie is ready she will learn acceptance. They may never snuggle, mine never did, but at least the kittens will have each other and Cookie will learn to live in peace with them.

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