Royal Canin Cat Food For Maine Coons

Why Not Review It?

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The silver is Kali and the blue tabby with the white bib is Chloe....See more of Kali and Chloe in our 2010 Album!

Royal Canin cat food is one of many brands of cat food out on the market. One thing sets it apart for many Maine Coon Cat owners:

There is a formula, Royal Canin 31, which is specifically marketed toward Maine Coon cats and their owners.

Maine Coon cat owners want nothing but the best for their cats. We want to know, "which cat tree is best for my Maine Coon?" and "which litter box is best for my Maine Coon cat?"

But we especially want to know, "Which is the best cat food for my Maine Coon Cat?" When we see that Royal Canin cat food has a formula made especially for our big fluffy cats, it's easy to assume this is the best way to go.

artistic cartoon cat eating out of food dish

First, it's important to note that this page is only about Royal Canin cat food "Maine Coon 31" dry kibble formula. I have not researched any of their other formulas. They offer dog food, cat food, wet and dry, as well as veterinary formulas and hypoallergenic formula set for February 2011 release.

The principles in this article could be applied to the other formulas (and in fact, all other cat foods!) when looking at their labels.


If you have a Maine Coon, you know how unique and different they are. You know you have a special cat!

Since we're on the topic of health care for Maine Coons, I want to mention our E-book, The Care and Keeping of Your Maine Coon Cat. It's full of info. Check it out, and review the table of contents to see for yourself!


There was a time that I had plans to try out and review Royal Canin cat food and share out findings. But as it turns out, this is not our cat food of choice. I won't be able to share a review. Let me explain:

Cat food is one of the most important subjects when it comes to our cat's care health. Every Maine Coon cat owner wants to know which is the best cat food. Well, there are so many cat foods on the market. I couldn't possibly change up my Maine Coon's diet regularly in order to write about it.

Comparing cat food is a lot like asking "which is the best family sedan?" There are high-quality cars known for safety and durability, fancy and expensive ones with bells and whistles, and there are the lower-cost ones that may not last as long but get the job done for a while.

It's the same with cat food! There is a wonderful variety of holistic, organic, high-quality cat food available. Then there are the lower-cost ones made with lower cost ingredients.

It is up to each and every individual cat owner to learn how to read a label. That's the only way to know what your cat is eating. Their health and longevity depend on it! This means reading beyond the word "natural" on the front of the package. Even some "holistic" cat foods have undesirable ingredients.

You don't have to know every ingredient. The second half of the ingredient list tends to list items like 'Thiamine Mononitrate' for example!

So back to Royal Canin cat food. What makes it a Maine Coon cat food? Here is what they offer:

Royal Canin Cat Food "Maine Coon 31" Maine Coon Ingredients:

cute cartoon cat and food dish
  • For joint health, Omega 3
  • For heart health, antioxidants
  • For a shiny coat, Omega 6

That's it for 'special Maine Coon' ingredients! It's important to note that most, if not all, high-quality cat foods have these ingredients in similar amounts. What else makes Royal Canin cat food a Maine Coon cat food?

Their claim to fame is larger kibble. It's true that a big Maine Coon cat, with it's big jaw tends to swallow food whole. Then they may get sick.

The larger kibble forces the cat to slow down and chew. The cats like the taste, too. And if you read any consumer reviews you will find owners who say their cat loves the food and has a nice shiny coat to boot.

Sold yet? Many owners stop at this point and buy a bag. Seems a perfect fit. But now we are going to take a closer look at the label of this particular Royal Canin pet food.

First, take a quick detour over to our Cat Food Ingredients page. I'll wait here. Back so soon? For those who didn't have time for the detour, here is a quick summary: Don't feed your cat Corn, Wheat, Soy, (this isn't in that article yet but will be!) or anything containing the word Gluten.

These are well known as being allergenic, indigestible, the culprits of many health issues. There is enough to say about them to write a whole separate page, so that's what we'll soon do. For now, know that they are to be avoided.

What do ingredients have to do with why we can't review Royal Canin cat food? Everything! Read part two of this article for the rest. It will deal with the nitty-gritty details.

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