Yellowstonecoon: Pennsylvania Maine Coon Breeder

You may have noticed the stunning pictures of a Yellowstonecoon Maine Coon peppering our albums from time to time.

The Maine Coon Magazine
The Maine Coon Magazine

Here's everything you need to know about this cattery in Pennsylvania! Jessica Zerr answers our questions and shares her Coonie crew with us:

yellowstonecoon cattery

mama maine coon and her kittensEskimo and her kittens

Hi Jessica! Thanks for sharing a little more about your cattery with us. Your photos are always a hit, and your kittens are so sweet. Let's get to it!

How and when did you discover the Maine Coon Cat breed?

Hi Carrie, good morning! We grew up with these beautiful cats!

How did you become involved in breeding, & how long have you been breeding Maine Coon cats?

The 'American' Maine Coon was always a love growing up with them, but first seeing the wild feral look of the 'European' Maine Coons was where my heart truly lays, and have been raising them for almost 5 years now.

about yellowstonecoon cattery

Do you show your cats?

Not at this time, but would love to!

What organizations are you a member of?

TICA, Winn Feline Foundation

three newborn kittens in a row

What kind of health screening do you do?

We use Optimal Selection for DNA health tests, Lancaster Vetrinary Specialists for Cardiology hearts echos, hips are checked, with testing done for FIV / FelV as well on each of our breeding cats.

How often do you have kittens?

With each season, we only plan just a few litters.

How should someone who's interested inquire about a kitten?

Reservation Day is for each of our little ones then posted as available for families to reserve.
Families can reach us as well at:

yellowstonecoon reservation policy

yellowstonecoon newborn kitten

yellowstonecoon arrow feathersYellowstonecoon Arrow Feathers

US* Yellowstonecoon Arrow Feathers

Please meet one of our family members here, and thank you so very much for including us in your Maine Coon Catteries for Pennsylvania, USA. 💗

Summer 2023 Kittens!


yellowstone kitten rumor

Pale Roan

yellowstone kitten pale roan


yellowstone kitten resistol

Navajo Doll

yellowstone kitten navajo doll

Syncere Lee

yellowstone kitten syncere lee

Yes, we have some kittens available at the moment for families to reserve!
by: Jessica Zerr

We will also have some retiring kitties as well this year.

If you would like additional information on kittens, upcoming litters, or our retired kitties, please send us an EMAIL -

You can also follow us for more pictures, Birth Announcements and our Kitten Reservation Days on our cattery page -

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Yellowstonecoon Pennsylvania Maine Coon Breeder

2022 Update

Appaloosa Kisses .25

silver maine coon yellowstonecoon


purebred black maine coon cat


eskimo the female maine coon cat

Have Mercy

silver purebred maine coon kitten

A Vintage Maine Coon

US* Yellowstonecoon En Vintage Wings

US* Yellowstonecoon En Vintage Wings

This pretty girl is a Black Silver Shaded Torbie Maine Coon.

Vintage has 2 little human brothers here at home who adore her and have given her the nick name 'Vinty Minty.'

Vintage was a first time Mama 2 weeks ago and is doing such a great job! We can't wait to see her little 'Vinty Mintys' get older and start playing!

You can see Vintage and her little ones grow at

'Vinty Minty' Baby

tiny baby maine coon kitten

A few weeks ago we posted Vintage, our beautiful 'Vinty Minty' Maine Coon. Today we introduce one of her beautiful babies in a Blue Silver shaded.

We are so proud of this little dumpling! She and her siblings have started to finally eat solid food, and boy are they messy!

We would love to share our next pictures of them with you here at Yellowstonecoon.

US* YellowstoneCoon Lawless Angel 'Coyote'

US* YellowstoneCoon Lawless Angel 'Coyote'Summer 2022

We are so excited to see what next year brings for us from this unique and sweet baby boy of ours. He is a High Blue Smoke Maine Coon, and boy, oh boy is he ever handsome with those very special markings of his!

YELLOWSTONECOON is a TICA registered cattery here in Pennsylvania, USA. We take great pride in our Maine Coon kittens, including their health.

We also welcome you to our cattery page to watch these beautiful kittens grow along with us!

US* YellowstoneCoon Lawless Angel 'Coyote'Autumn 2022

He is a High Blue Smoke, but is quite different for this color in the Maine Coons!

We are a small family cattery registered with TICA in Pennsylvania, USA. Our Maine Coon kittens are our pride, including their health, and each one is truly spoiled and loved while being raised here in our home.

Each of our breeding cats have Optimal Selection DNA testing done and are N/N (clear) for HCM, SMA, PKD, PKDeF, Negative for FIV / FeLV, seen for Hips and Heart Echocardiograms done and are Normal.

US* YellowstoneCoon Ember Secrets

US* YellowstoneCoon Ember Secrets

I don't do costumes,
I don't like tricks,
and I don't beg.

US* Yellowstonecoon Appaloosa Kisses .25

US* Yellowstonecoon Appaloosa Kisses .25

We are so very proud of this girl and are looking forward to the arrival of her first babies!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What are the prices of your kittens?

Yellowstone Cattery is located in Pennsylvania, and the breeder, Jessica, sent us these gorgeous photos to share. We are lucky to add them to our Coonie photo albums here!

You can find Jessica's contact info here: MCCN Breeder Directory - Yellowstonecoon

Your Maine Coons are amazing! Do you have any kittens available?

Hello, I would be more then happy to send you some information if you'd like. Our email address is or you can find us on FB as well at and send us a message! Jessie

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