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10 Amazing Maine Coon Qualities

Reasons I'm A Fan For Life

What makes a Maine Coon different, unique, special? It's more than their absolutely stunning looks, although beauty is something this breed possesses in spades. They are more than an extra-pretty house cat.

Alice and Leo

These cats don't fit a mold. They are not all lap cats, not all great mousers (shh! Don't tell Leo I said that!), not all the same color or pattern, and they're not all amazingly humungous!

One thing is for sure. Life with a Maine Coon around the house is, well, different from any other type of cat. Here is what a decade of life with a pair of Maine Coons has taught me:

#10: A Constant Companion

Whether you're working, studying, doing the dishes, or even sleeping, he is usually right there.

Not habitually supervising from a safe distance, but right there. Perhaps flopping down in your path, sitting in your lap or near you, or following and meowing, you are in this together!

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: It's hard to describe the love between a Maine Coon and their family. I know you understand! With such special family members often come special, breed-specific questions and concerns. Your loving Maine Coon is very unique, both physically and in purrsonality.

#9: A Real Family Member

Whatever you do as a family, he is going to be present for it. The best example is during evening downtime. Whatever your end-of-day ritual is, one day you realize your Maine never misses this family together time.

#8: Maine Coons Are Great With Kids

Leo and his boy

For many families, this is reason enough to choose the Maine Coon Cat breed. We had a toddler when Alice and Leo came home. Now she is almost a teenager, and is a big sister.

Through all this, the normal commotion of raising active children, Alice and Leo have never, ever raised a claw, growled or hissed at any family member. Ever.

In fact, they sleep with and snuggle with the kids. They enjoy the affection of the children as much as the adults.

#7: Such A Good Helper


Wrapping gifts? Assembling furniture? Reading a book? Folding laundry? Having a Maine Coon in the way - oops, I mean helping - is a regular occurrence and really brightens the day.

#6: Silly Quirks

Maine Coons are so much fun! Especially when they don't mean to be! Leo snores so loud we can't get over it. He takes his little stuffed squirrel everywhere. And Alice is determined to catch that laser light someday. No matter how undignified she looks doing it.

#5: Good Vibrations

Leo in a box

It's the little things a Maine Coon does that give you such a good feeling. Leo hears the garage door open, and comes running from wherever he is. Every time we come home, he is there at the door before we open it.

The cats come when called, from anywhere, every time. Alice purrs loudly every night as she settles in to bed with my daughter.

#4: They Are So Smart

The famous Maine Coon intelligence makes them wonderful family members. They are easy to train, and they find it easy to learn. That means little things like scratching furniture, getting on the counters, or poor litter box behavior, are quite rare with Maine Coons.

Alice and her girl

#3: They Are Easy Going

This laid back personality means no aggression, no hiding, no fighting with other (well-behaved) pets.

They are easy to train, easy to feed and care for, brush and bathe, pretty much anything goes!

#2: That Beauty

Pure Love

They are drop-dead gorgeous. That tail, that mane, those intelligent eyes! They are fun to photograph, fun to show off to company, and simply nice to look at. Whatever they are doing, they look good doing it!

#1: It's Real Love

The Maine Coon personality, combined with that intelligence makes for a feline bond like none other.

We often call Leo our Puppy Cat. We say he's not a cat, he's a Golden Retriever!

There is something about the way a Maine Coon looks at you, talks to you, shows constant devotion and happiness. It's just... Love.

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