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Our Maine Coon Sponsorship Policy

We accept sponsorship requests from high-quality pet care companies and services. "Site Sponsors" are supporters of Maine Coon Cat Nation. They will receive a highly visible ad on all of our pages. They provide Top Products and Services for these Big Cats.

Since this growing site is visited by devoted Maine Coon Cat owners who only want the best for their cat, we are committed to spotlighting only the highest quality companies. For these companies, this is a great place to be seen. We now have over 400 pages, which are viewed over 160,000 times per month!

Our pages are frequented by doting pet owners looking for the best. Our cats are part of our families, and they depend on us to care for them! And we are happy to help, share, and provide a place to learn and connect.

In general, our reviews are written and posted before a company becomes a sponsor. We link to our reviews from related pages. By becoming a Site Sponsor, the company gains exposure by being seen on almost every page, by every visitor.

We enjoy writing reviews and making recommendations, and our reviews are completely unbiased. This means the review is honest and written independently of receiving a sponsorship. If you enjoy Maine Coon Cat Nation, please support our sponsors! They are as committed to great pet care as we are!


Due to the unique nature of this site, we are open to short term advertising by individual breeders and rescue organizations.

Since Maine Coon Cat Nation is specifically written and created for owners and future owners of Maine Coons, it is the perfect place to showcase available cats & kittens, and catteries.

When there is a litter expected, or an older cat or kitten needing placement, or even an urgent rescue situation, we work to create the perfect ad. We give it a highly visible location, on every page, and we have flexible payment options.

If you are interested in Site Sponsorship or Advertising with us, simply Contact Us. We will be happy to provide rate info and site traffic details.

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