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On our previous page, 10 Things I Love About Maine Coons, I shared my favorite Maine Coon Traits and asked you to share yours.

Here are your fabulous answers! Thanks for sharing your Coonie Love!

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By: Lucky's Family in Texas

LUCKY is sweet, humongous and smart! We recently introduced two kittens into our family and he has taken to watching over them but sometimes, they really "work his nerve" to the max.

Lucky jumped into daddy's lap when that happened and it was like he was saying.....ok....I've had all I cans take and I can't takes no more! We love him to death.

Lucky always slept on the bed with us and when the two kittens (non coon) came into our lives they wanted to sleep with us as well. Lucky at first gave up "his spot".

I picked him up and placed him on his let him know we had not replaced him. He now shares the bed with the kittens and only occasionally hisses at them when they push just a little too far to suit him. We love Lucky!

So Patient

By: Denise in Massachusetts

He's so patient with my 3 dogs (all three are smaller than he is)

A Character

By: Paula in NH

Smokey is such a character


By: Kazmyr and Merlyn in Hampshire

Our KAZMYR and Merlyn are beautiful, funny and so loveable.

An Angel

By: PJ Kinann in CA

Pookieman was an angel -- the perfect cat! He was gentle, amiable, and beautiful! He was our vets "Poster Cat" for diabetes as he did super with his treatments.

I treated him for about a year and a half, giving him daily injections and hydrating him when needed. But his beautiful little self just couldn't deal with the illness any longer and we lost him on 9-11-06.

He left us on a date we can never forget. I was hoping to be able to put a photo of him here in remembrance of my Pookie.

Many Reasons

By: Kimi in Nashville TN

I love my Maine Coons because of so many reasons. They are so in tune with my moods - from celebrating with puppy-like dances at my happiness to comforting my sadness with gentle snuggles and coos.

Whenever I've been ill, they take vigil at the foot of my bed (as if watching the door like guard dogs.) during such time, they seem to be as undemanding as possible, content with an occasional ear scratch when they check on me in turn, and are vigilant in escorting me to the bathroom or kitchen then back to bed again.

As soon as they sense I am well again, their energy seems to kick into overdrive - eager to make up for the fun times we may have missed!

Fat Cat

By: Tamy in North Dakota

Where do I start? Fat Cat was picked up from a daughter had just lost her cat to an accident, so I went to Petsmart and looked around...thought I had one picked out....then a worker brought in the ONE. Placed Fat Cat in a cage..he never made a sound, just looked around without a care in the world.

I called my daughter to come to the store...without telling her which cat I thought she'd like, she immediately picked Fat Cat. He was our first Maine Coon...and I'll never have another breed. He loves anything in the shape of a circle. I keep different color/size rubberbands in a ziploc sandwich bag....when he finds the bag he knocks it to the ground and plays with it.

If he gets a band out, he plays with it until he manages to lose it under something. When I come home from work I usually get on the computer immediately. He comes to me and talks to me. If I don't respond, he'll jump in my lap. If he doesn't get an appropriate response, he'll jump on the keyboard.

He loves to groom us, especially my son. If my son (who was 15 when we got him) makes the mistake of laying on the floor, Fat Cat will go to his head, put his paw on his head 'to hold him down,' and proceed to groom him. And if you've ever seen the cartoon "Garfield", he eats like him. He'll lay in front of his food bowl and reach out with his paw and pull it to him....while he lays on the floor. I love his trilling...he talks constantly...

I didn't know a thing about Maine Coons when we adopted him, but he certainly fits the descriptions I've read...what amazed me most was how 'dog like' he was....until I read that the breed is the closest thing to a dog that a cat can be, I used to tell my family he must've been a dog in his former life (kidding of course).

Love Like None Other

By: Trish in California

My Maine Coon is quite the cat who thinks shes a dog! Yoda is 12 1/2 yrs, even as a senior she follows me everywhere. Goes outside with the dogs as often as she can, mostly when I'm playing with all three.

We have our morning snuggle time, anout 15 min of loud purrs. Oh, she cam purr, her motor is so loud and comforting. She is so smart and intuitive. Knows when we need her, when sick, sad or lonely, she is the first there. I wish she could live a lot longer, but I feel her pain. Hips, back, and legs. She walks a lot slower now, has her favorite spot by the fireplace. I love her so.

I also have three other kitties that are rescues and two dogs. She gets along with all. In my golden years I may get another Coonie, for the love they give is compared to none.

Sunny Days

By: Connie in Missouri

Sunny is able to go out when ever she wants. It is so funny to watch her play with leaves, run up and down the trees. She is such a sweet baby. Our old cat LA loves her. He is with her all the time.

Handsome Prince

By: Teri in Michigan

He is always there to greet me when I come home from work. He loves to play. Our living room looks like a 2-year-old child lives here and Prince is just over 7 months old.

We have many games that we play and when he's done, he sits still. I crawl over to him and scratch his head and neck. His purr starts then and he closes his eyes, turns over on his back and eventually falls asleep! What a treasure my Lil' Handsome Prince is to me!

Gentle Lady

By: Karen in Ontario

I love my Maine Coon because she is so gentle and laid back! She runs to the door to great us when we get home. to let us know she missed us! She is so gentle with my 4 year old grand daughter, playing with her and sleeping with her.

She truly is an amazing creature. She is 4 years old and seems she will be one of the "dainty maine coons" Such a little lady! We are blessed to have her in our family!

Endearing Boy

By: Diane in North Carolina

My Sunny is the cat I've waited my entire life for. So gentle and endearing. 23 pounds of love. He was so worth the wait!


By: Alisa in Kansas

He so fun, playful and loving! We bought our black "domestic long hair" from our local humane society. Not realizing he was actually a Maine Coon. We have always said he thinks he's a dog! He loves water too!

He's just absolutely gorgeous to look at! We chose him for our family of three because he was so playful in his cage (at Petsmart--they bring cats in on Saturdays). He is the purrfect addition to our small family. He lets my dad three dress him in doll clothes and he plays with her readily.

Head Butts

By: Gary in Ohio

I love that he head butts me to get me to rub his ears! He also follows me wherever I go just to be with me. Maine Coons are truly a great breed of cats!!

Couldn't Live Without Him

By: Michele in Hawaii

He is the most lovable, playful cat that I ever owned. We adopted Herbie at the humane society, I had no idea what a Maine Coon breed was and after having his company for 3 years, I could not live without him.

He Understands

By: Sharon in York

He looks at me like he understands every word I say.


By: Basti in Germany

He feels when you are sad

Loving Sugar

By: Jill in MN

All these ten are absolutely exact to our baby Sugar!!!!!!!! OMG We r enjoying & loving her!!!! ;-))))


By: Bill in Ohio

They're loving and very playful.

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Very Smart

By: Thomas Morris in Ont.

She is very smart Shelby will go in the bedroom every night at 9:pm & wake my wife up to take her meds

She is like a Little child Sometimes she says words like yes no Shelby is lovable ,she sleeps on my tummy & she is always around me when I am away & come home she gives heck & meows then she jumps on my lap & cuddles then falls a sleep afters she eats treats.

I have no kids Shelby is my kid and a part of our family we love Shelby very much.

Loves Me

By: Carol in Ohio

It loves me...sometimes more than my dog

Best Cat Ever

By: Blake In Texas

Athena is the just best cat I've ever had. She is such a SWEETHEART. So affectionate & needy in a sweet way, & vocal with me (her little chirps and silent meows are the cutest thing EVER)...

She loves to have her big ole paws rubbed, and I talk to her constantly (especially when I come in the door and am feeding her). She hides her mice and even plays fetch with me! So funny when I turn the water on too!

I seriously don't think I'll ever have anything other than a Maine Coon again. BEST CATS EVER

Even When Naughty

By: Joseph in CA

He can do no wrong, even when he's naughty!


By: Patricia Chapman in Kwa-Zulu Natal

They are all what the above has said.. follow me where ever I go... love it when I am outside in the garden then proceed to kill my plants and love hide and seek.

Caring, Loyal, Affectionate

By: Pierre in Quebec

Caring, Loyal, Affectionate

Sense of Humor

By: Diane in York

He has a sense of humor and is creative. He is forever creating games… ways for us to communicate and chores for me.

Love Fresco

By: Reina in Massachusetts

I love my Maine Coon, Fresco, because he is always there for me. When I wake up he is chirping at me from far away and runs up to me, he follows me in the bathroom.

When I make my morning coffee, he is right there getting his morning snacks. He is confident and smart, and truly is devoted to me and my two daughters. He respects his father, and loves his mother. Nothing could ever keep me away from my Maine Coonie.

Plus I have like 50 different nicknames for him. He is like the softest teddy bear in the world when I give him a hug. He lets my daughters put him in baby strollers and drive him around the house. He is the cat of my life. I love Fresco!

Spoiled With Love

By: Horatio in WA

He is very much like our child. My husband thinks he is a spoiled-rotten-child, and I guess he is. After all, why else have a dearly-loved family pet if not to spoil and love.

Peekaboo Cleo

By: Dahloan in Florida

My Cleo is only part Maine, we think, but she has so many of the characteristics. She knows when I am sick or sad and is there by my side nonstop, as if she can fix things.

She has learned to play peekaboo and will hide behind the couch. We also made up a game she knows by name... Behind the door. I simply open the door and bit and put a string between the cracks.

She will go behind the door when I call the game by name. I ask if she wants to walk and she goes to the end of the sidewalk. I have had cats my entire 50 years and never one as smart as she is. If she is only half, I wonder what a full one is like? Can't wait to find out!

Best Greeter

By: Kate in Texas

My Maine fur friend says goodbye to me at the door when I leave and is usually right by the door when I come home.

The most endearing thing he does is when I am petting and talking to him, he will purr and purr and then flop on his side - this is funny and I call it cat tipping because he looks like someone just tipped him over.

Silly Companion

By: Simone in North Dakota

...he makes me love coming home to my apartment after a very long and trying day in graduate school and work. He sleeps near the door and waits for me to come through it.

He has a special meow that he only uses with me and for me. He comes when called and even struts next to me when we walk down the hall to the laundry room. He is beyond silly and his goofiness gives me the hearty laugh and feeling of parental-like love at the end of every day.

Affectionate and Loving

By: Eva in Utah

He is so affectionate and loving!!! And to touch that silky fur makes me feel loved and rich:) The fact that he sometimes can chirp like a bird is fascination.


By: Fluffy in Mass

He helps me with everything

Lost Without Them

By: Shirley in North Yorkshire

We have 3, two males and a female. Our house is their home and we are their servants, entertainers, family and friends.

Misty is the old deaf girl who thinks she is the boss. Shadrach is the ginger and cream hunk. Ted is the youngster who keeps the other two on their toes. The boys come when they are called. Misty comes when she smells food.

All are keen to assist round the house and investigate visitors. We would be lost without them.

Follows Me Everywhere

By: Bonnie C. Johnson in Florida

My Izzy follows me everywhere...shes such a part of my life that I would be so lonely without her...

She sits in my lap and cuddles and always runs to greet me when I come home... I love her little "chirp" when she says "hello" in the morning.. also she's 4 years old and still loves to play!

Quirky Eater

By: Jeannie in Connecticut

Picasso is one quirky eater! When he is eating he lays down next to the bowl of dry food and chomps away, however, if the center of the bowl is empty he will not eat until I put more in or move it from the side to the center.

He also loves his plain Greek yogurt for breakfast. He is not crazy about canned food but loves roast turkey (without seasonings, of course). He use his paw as a fork and takes the food that way or drags it onto the floor and eats it. And he gets distracted while eating, and does not always finish his meal unless I offer "room service" and bring it to him wherever he is resting and he will finish it. He has me trained!!

Saved My Life

By: Danielle in Florida

He literally saved my life emotionally. If I didn't have him in my life, I'd probably be in an institution!! >^..^< ModdyCat

Part of Our Family

By: Gail in NJ

I went with a friend to rescue her, her brothers and mom. She was hiding behind everyone. I am not sure who spotted who first, but she and I connected instantly.

My husband asked if there was one I connected with (we where debating on a second for our Katy). I told him the connection and the next night went to our friends to pick her up.

Her name is Dixie and she has been part of our family for three years. Been around cats all my life, but never around a coonie. She is so friendly, out going, follows me around the house, such a love bug. Loves to give me head butts. Glad to be introduced to this "gentle giant".

Best Friend

By: Ywonne in Sundsvall, Sweden

He's my best friend

She's Crazy!

By: Ruth in Gloucestershire

She's crazy! Nadia is the head of the house, in charge of two humans, one cat and one border collie. She bombs the collie when he least expects it and makes him jump, I suspect paying him back from when they were little growing up together and he used to drag her round the kitchen - she loved it, as I said , crazy! Still, a little payback now and again is called for.

She lays across doorways and he won't try and pass u til she moves. Yup, she's got us all where she wants us!!!

Family Member

By: Dilip in Mumbai (Bombay)

TinTin aka Mau, is charged with unbelievable wits. The lovable, honored family member, stressbuster and a realtime entertainer.

Sweet Girl

By: Janet in PA

She is such a sweet girl! She loves sleeping on my lap, and we often nap together. She is a beautiful girl, with her big white ruff, lynx-like ears, and magnificent tail!

I went all the way to Chester County here in PA to get her from the breeder. There were other cuties, but her pretty face won me over! She has a lovely little trill, very faint, but I can hear her!

My Buddy

By: Theresa in FL

He is my buddy, my best friend, my boon companion. Always by my side, smart as a whip, and twice as affectionate. He is simply the love of my life.


By: Monique in Massachusetts

Pookins is very sensitive, she sleeps in bed with who ever is upset at the moment. Her dedication to family members is remarkable. I have never been so in love with a pet as her. She is my baby girl. She also loves rid our house of all summer time bugs...Good girl Pookins!

Makes Me Laugh

By: Rachel in Styria, Austria

He makes me laugh every day.

One Of The Pack

By: Dawn in FL

Because she is one of the pack. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. My main coon is the only cat aloud in my room with the dogs. She loves my dogs and they know it.


By: Annie in CA

When he kneads and purrs to make himself a napping spot, he kneads with three paws! He looks like he's riding a bicycle! It's hilarious but don't you dare laugh at him! You'll hurt his feelings!

Special Girl

By: Wendy in Basildon Essex

I loved my Maine coon. Sadly I lost her 3 weeks ago, to stomach cancer. It was such a shock. She was so so special. She was always with me. Loved to be cuddled, and loved being with my two German shepherd dogs. She was only 8years of age a tortie tabby. I have another Maine coon, but Fudge was special.

Wakes Me Up

By: Deb in NY

She wakes me up every morning by curling up on my chest...all 13 pounds of her... and licks my face until I start to pet her.

So Smart

By: Annaliese Happ in York

Because she is so smart and playful and I trained her to sit on my shoulders! Too much fun!

He Is SO Much Fun!

By: Rascal's Family

My Coon Cat, Rascal ,is Crazy fun! I rescued him when he was about one year old, he is now, I believe three.

Whoever had him before had his front claws removed, not something I would do, But, I think he forgets, He will come Running into a room and be halfway up the door casing and suddenly look at me as if to say."Rats!, I have no claws!", and slide to the floor.

I don't think I have ever enjoyed a cat as much as I do Rascal!

Sweet Sounds

By: Tiffany in Texas

My Boi is deaf, but so vocal! I love my Boi Beezers cuz of his sweet coo's when he see's me or after I wake him up. He even wakes me up in the morning, standing on me & will belt out one big rrrrooww ewwwwwww wow!

Big Little Buddy

By: Gerard in Rhode Island, USA

He's my big little buddy.


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