Max (Maximilian)

by Gabriela Falconer
(The Colony, TX, Denton County)

Max is a black, tan, and gray tabby Maine Coon adult. We are not sure exactly how old, but around 6-8 years old. He is de-clawed and was a rescue from a kill shelter by our dear friend Carrie. He was already de-clawed when he came to her.

We would love to keep him but we are a full house and he his not getting the attention he needs. We already have 2 dogs and 3 cats and brought him to our family at the end of June 2016. His is a sad story. His human mama, Carrie, was in a severe accident while riding her horse one weekend in late June 2016 that left her in a vegetative state.

When we learned she was in the accident and her state, we fostered him. She adored Max and we wanted to make it work since she is dear to our family and we are animal lovers.

Over the last few months there's been a lot of obstacles with our other cats picking on him, specifically, whenever he uses the litter box. He's been so scared to go that he will go to the restroom around the house not anywhere near the litter box.

The only way we've been able to give him a safe space to use the litter box is by putting it in our guest bathroom for about a half hour to do his business. In there he goes no problem, every time.

He is the sweetest and most loving cat we've ever had, and so intelligent (found a way into the sealed dog food container). Loves getting groomed with a metal bristle brush. He gets separation anxiety, needs a lot of attention and love.

It's hard to part with him and we want to be sure that he goes to a good home with someone who will love him as much as we do and Carrie does. He's great with other animals but hard due to him being de-clawed, loves people and kids.

Please only seriously interested parties, text message or email.

Gabby Falconer

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Sep 12, 2021
Still Available?
by: Anonymous

I recently lost my adult Maine Coon, Blue. I miss him so much! I am an older, retired lady and I need a lap companion. Max looks so much like my "Blue." I would be very interested in adopting him if he is still available.I would give him a very loving home with lots of attention.

Feb 09, 2021
Photo Please
by: Anonymous

Please include photos and weight , info etc..

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by Jennifer Reynolds
(Denton, TX, USA)

Pretty is a TNR (trap, neuter, release) that I took care of for 2 years in my backyard. She has been in my house for 3 more years.

She is semi-feral still, but one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. Once she gets used to you, she will head-butt you, gaze lovingly at you, sit in your lap, and sleep with you.

I was recently away for 9 months and since I have been back home with her, I realize how allergic I am to her. She is great with other cats. She will bath and care for other cats, in fact. I don't know about dogs or children. I don't know if she is male or female, I have just always called her "Pretty" and female because she is so pretty.

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Sweet Kitty

by Debbie Longanecker
(Dallas, TX, USA)



Kitty was dropped off in the neighborhood, left in a cat carrier in a neighbors front yard a few weeks ago.

Kitty hasn't warmed up to caretakers trying to check out it's gender but does purr when he/she can be near you. We don't know if abandonment has caused this skittish behavior or if Kitty is naturally shy.

Kitty is beautiful cat, seems healthy, and has a beautiful coat.

Hopefully someone will recognize him/her or want to invite Kitty into their home.

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