by Lainey
(McKinney, Texas )

Mr. Yeti

Mr. Yeti

Yeti is a neutered blue smoke poly Maine Coon who loves his family and fellow dog siblings.

He was born in April 2022 and has registration papers, although we never filed them because we only planned to love him, not breed him!

He is sweet, playful, and wants to be in the same room as humans at all times.

Yeti is quite the extrovert and enjoys human social gatherings, he sometimes watches from the mantle, bookshelf, or other cat-friendly cubby!

He is used to bathing in the warm sun spots even if the dogs come and join in too.

His mom travels for work, and he is becoming more upset with each time she leaves.

He is up to date on shot records, and has a full blood, urine, and fecal panel that shows he is a healthy boy.

Sadly due to the anxiety of Mom's travels, he has lost a little bit of weight and the vet thinks its best that he goes to a stable home with his favorite human being more readily available for naps and ear rubs.

He is used to going to the groomer every 6 weeks, and doesn't mind the car ride either.

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Sep 24, 2023
In McKinney NEW
by: Gerry

I am here in the McKinney area how can we make this happen. Email me

Sep 03, 2023
by: San Antonio

I am in San Antonio. I have a polydactyl Siamese and have been looking for a Maine coon to add to our family. I would love to have Yeti.

Sep 03, 2023
Yeti Forever Home
by: Peggy Yadon

We would love to give Yeti a forever home. We had two Maine Coon brothers who we lost a year apart to feline diabetes. It absolutely devastated us! We love Maine Coon cats and are both retired so we could certainly give him tons of love and attention.

Sep 03, 2023
My Perfect Match
by: Anonymous

I would love to be considered as Yeti’s furever mama, I am a Veteran that suffers from PTSD and needs an emotional support animal to share my days with.

It sounds like Yeti and I are a perfect match for each other and I promise he would be treated like the King that he is. Thank you for the consideration ❤️

Sep 02, 2023
Maine Coon
by: David Keith, LtCdr, USN retired

Hello there, we would be interested in Yeti as we lost our Maine Coon Vincent recently after 18 awesome years. Vinny ran the house as he was 26lbs and thought he was a dog.

We are located in Prosper and have plenty of room for a MC. Thanks for any consideration.

Sep 02, 2023
A New Home For Yeti
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Lainey,
It looks like you are receiving some nice interest in Yeti! Please update us here when you've chosen a new home for him.

If you'd like to email me, I can help you connect with these interested parties via email without posting your email address online.

(You can get in touch with me directly by replying to the email I sent to the address you used to make this post. If you don't see it, check your junk folder.)

Best wishes to you and Yeti!

Sep 02, 2023
by: Helen

What a Handsome boy, one of your previous person’s interested in the handsome cat, I had a Big Boy as well, Maine coon full blooded, also I only loved him.

You are right the mIne coons are amazing. Mine are all gone now, last one 11 months ago. So to the gentleman… hope your wishes come true…

Sep 01, 2023
Just lost my big boy 3 year ago
by: Simba

I’m retired and met my wife on a mission trip to Peru. I now have a wife and 2 teen children. I leave the travel to the younger generation since I have a reason to be home.

I have been holding out for a Maine Coon to adopt. I keep explaining all the reasons that set the Maine Coon apart from other cats and think my family is starting to understand. Since Yeti would be an inside cat, he would have plenty of space to call home.

I really miss the warmth and love these gentle giants give.
Simba my deceased Maine Coon live to the old age of 13 and was very well cared far.

Please pick me, you couldn’t put Yeti in a more loving home.

Sep 01, 2023
I want yeti
by: Wendy kirby

Can I have yeti? How can I apply for adoption? Wendy 305-318-7865 and kirbywendra@comcast. Net

Sep 01, 2023
by: Nelson

Hello, we have a MC about the same age. Neutered male, gets along with dogs.

How does Yeti interact with other cats?

Is Yeti a "cuddler" or an "explorer"? Our MC was a cuddler until about 1 year, then became more of an explorer - meaning he's more independent and likes to spend nights hunting instead of being in bed. Although he's still very affectionate.

We have homes in Houston and Nashville so perhaps it could work? Thanks.
My regular email is:

You could also add me on FB. Thanks,
Nelson Papucci

Sep 01, 2023
Love him
by: Sue

I would love to have him. I live in Georgia. I had a diluted Blue tortie who lived 11 years before getting a blood cancer.

I have one more Maine Coon and a white shorthair. I am retired and have plenty of time for snuggling.

Sep 01, 2023
by: Anonymous

My Maine coon died and i haven’t found any other baby. I live in Georgia. I would love to have him

Sep 01, 2023
by: Doreen N

Hi Yeti,
Come live with me and my Maine Coon Galileo. We live in Plymouth Mass by the waterfront. We’d love to give you an amazing life.
Love, Doreen and Galileo

Sep 01, 2023
I would love to become his owner
by: Cherri Mcknight

He is gorgeous I am also in Texas around Dallas

Sep 01, 2023
Love the looks of Yeti!
by: Lyle

I'm looking for a companion for my 1 yr. Old calico registered female maine coon! They are close in age and I would give him a loving home! Thanks!

Sep 01, 2023
by: Anonymous

I am interested in Yeti. Is he a chill cat? I live in the Houston area. What is the adoption fee?

Sep 01, 2023
I am so sorry for you both
by: Anonymous

Man we live in Uvalde and have two Maine coons. We adore them and I stay home but I just worry about our two getting upset. I just wanted to say how sorry I am for both of you. This must be so hard. I hope you find the very best home for him.

Sep 01, 2023
by: margaret

I am interested in adopting yeti, but live in tn.. is it possible to ship him? I would pay for that.. I have a 4 year old maine coon myself. Margaret

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Adoptable Coonies


by: Peter O’Connor in Houston

Reason for Rehoming:
We are moving to an area with an HOA that limits us to 4 cats. Fluffy makes cat number 5. The 4 cats we are keeping are the less adoptable.

Fluffy is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. He will let you trim his nails without complaint. He doesn't take pills well.

We have medical records back to May 2016. He is currently being treated for bordetella. We can only think he got it from a brother-in-laws dog who was in another room in the house for a while.

Fluffy had access to this room after the dog left. He was rescued a number of years ago from our front yard. He is 8 - 9 years old.

He is sensitive to flea bites, so he gets flea medicine twice per month. He is an easy to stress kitty, so he needs to be in a calm place where he is not chased or threatened.

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Sep 02, 2023
by: Sheila

I have two feral cats 5 & 6 years old. BB is featured regular in Maine Coon posts. She is sitting in a window and has GLOWING eyes.

I am retired and love my cats Wheezie and BB (stands for black beauty).

Please let me have him!

Sep 01, 2023
My heart breaks for you
by: Anonymous

If he had a white strip up his nose through his forehead, he'd be a match for my "Little man" Boo (Boots)

Jun 22, 2023
Interested in adopting Fluffy
by: Judy C.

Hi, I recently (6 mos ago) lost my MC BiggieSmalls after 18 years. I miss him terribly and would be very interested in speaking w/ your regarding adoption of Fluffy. My email is Thank you!

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