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Young Maine Coon With a Biting Problem

14 Month Neutered Male Maine Coon Bites Constantly

Our MC is 14 months old. Breeder released him at 8 weeks and we suspect too early and she did not socialize.

He bites when you pick him up, pet him, try and comb or clip nails. He rarely allows head scratching. Insanely active at times.

All lamps are now removed, hutch is empty. Breeder says just his personality. Says 8 weeks is ok to go to home. Has been to vet several times and no health issues.

We have had 3 prior MCs and never like this. All were friendly. No biting. No scratching and loved to be cuddled. We would not give him away as not fair to a new owner to deal with him.

We feed him and generally have to ignore him to avoid being bitten. Will sit in empty shower for hours. Basically is totally reclusive. No other pets or children in a quiet home. What can we do???????

At 14 months old none of his behaviors has modified. We are getting desperate and really don’t want to feed him tranquilizers.

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. As you know based on your past Maine Coons, this is highly unusual and doesn't sound like a happy, content cat. I haven't had a cat like this, and this is the kind of question I usually recommend taking to a vet, which you've done.

I agree with your suspicion that he was taken from his mom too early, sold too young and didn't receive a proper start with lots of handling and socialization. However, every cat is unique. Perhaps others have done all right with their method.

Two things that come to mind are thorough, professional cat behavior training and calming pheromones like Feliway.

Hopefully others in our community here will comment and share their experiences and input, and help you find a way to move forward with your boy.

I hope you find a way to have a long and loving relationship with him.

Comments for Young Maine Coon With a Biting Problem

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Jun 04, 2022
Biting boy
by: Helen

I have had great success for physical and emotional issues with Homeopathy. You could also contact the cat whisperer,Jackson Galaxy.

I rescued my guy,Christian, from the street.He was a feral kitten,10 weeks old. He's super affectionate but a little nippy. It took almost 3 weeks for him to not be terrified at being touched.

When I trapped him, he was with his mom and his kitty siblings. He missed them terribly.I felt so bad.But with lots of attention and homeopathy he blossomed.

Jun 04, 2022
Mine also
by: Anonymous

I was given a MC. It was by accident. He was almost feral. She found him behind the store she worked at. A man had stopped after he had bought this MC and the cat jumped out of the car. My sister found him weeks later. The man's number was lost.

So she gave him to me bc she knew I have wanted a smoky gray one. I have 2 others. This one was very dominant from the time he got here.

We tried to acclimate him and the others but he was having none of it. He has dominated since then. he was basically feral He also doesnt like to be held or petted. Or sometimes even talked to. Time and patience is what I have used. Also petting while feeding or right before. I make him have to sleep in the bedroom with me.

Now hes on my feet all night. He wakes me up almost every morning loving on me. I also respect that he doesnt like to be messed with and wait for restful times to pet. Also he still has to bite me once before he will let me pet him for a while.

I wouldn't trade him for anything now. I would take your cat also but my husband wont let me have any more. Also toys toys toys for those energy times. My cat likes to play catch by rolling the ball back. He loves his scratch pad also. I hope this helps. If I can tame this almost feral cat, I'm sure that you can take yours. (If not, I would love to have him.)

May 08, 2022
This worked
by: Anonymous

I took in a stray kitten. She was fine with the mentally handicapped young man who brought her to me, but immediately bit me when I reached for her. I had him put her in a crate. She hissed, bit, and even threw her food. Finally she got food all over her and found out it was good. I think she was not used to a human being kind. Long story short, she became playful and a lap kitty etc.., but she kept biting. My friend was the head of the local human society. She advised that the kitten didn't know that it hurt. When they play with litter mates and their mom, they get bitten back. She advised that I had to teach her that it hurt, by biting her back, gently on her ear, just enough to hurt. She stopped, occasionally she would get excited and forget and then duck her ear and look very sorry to me. Sounds strange but it worked.

Apr 26, 2022
Cat lover
by: Donna Riese

What a Beautiful Boy, So sorry he is giving you such heart breaking problems.
I admire you for not giving up and giving him away to someone else.

I know in his heart he loves you just does not know how to show it. You could try another cat,a female for a buddy. I really think the person you got him from did everything wrong,and they were having problems and gave him up too soon. Who knows he could have been mistreated and does not know any other way to act.He could also miss his siblings. For now I would give him his space,yet keep trying every day. My new adopted male kitten was very active from day one, he was feral.I thought he would never calm down we had to seal the whole inside house up.He is now maybe a year & a half.Very lovable,purrs all the time and still very active. He does bite and claw and draws blood.He even bites the back of a 4 yr old female on her neck. I really do not think he knows he is hurting anyone it's just his thing. I would never give him any drugs to calm him down. I love him to death and lets him know when he is bad. I never hit him or yell at him, he knows when we get after him. He just wants to play,he just plays way to ruff. We have had many cats over the years and every cat has been different.Our maine coon we had was perfect. Have you tried toys? I will pray that one day real soon things will change for the better and everyone will be happy and loving. God Bless and do not give up .

Apr 24, 2022
Biter to Babe, the long road
by: Anonymous

It took me 15 years to get my orange Tabby to stop biting. If you have lots of time to wait, you may have a lap cat. White she was a wild biter, she lived a great life outdoors and probably killed too many birds. It was a journey and now she is 21 years old and near the end of her life. I would say she's done it all and had quite a cat life.

Apr 18, 2022
Try CBD oil
by: Sandy

I have 9 cats, all rescues as I do a lot of TNR work. My newest kitty, a lovable (at times) orange guy, was very aggressive when we first got him. He would attack and bite my husband and I; he would charge and attack our other cats; he was incorrigible. He was intact but we had him neutered as soon as we rescued him. He was definitely a stray, not feral. We tried putting him on liquid gabapentin, which just made him a sleepy aggressive cat. Finally I read about CBD oil. I had tried hemp oil once on another aggressive cat without success, but CBD oil is different. A friend found a reputable place in CA and I ordered some. It has been almost a month now and our little orange boy is really showing a remarkable change. It is worth a try. The link to the company is I am sure there are other companies that are also reputable but this is one I can recommend comfortably. I have absolutely no connection to them as I am in AZ. Good luck and please don’t give up until you have tried everything.

Apr 17, 2022
Your Cat Will Not Change
by: Anonymous

I was afraid to be around our cat, Molly. Every day for 7 years I was afraid of her sinister soul and her unprovoked bites. We took her to a place where she could no longer hurt anyone else. We now have a young red MC that is the love of my life. Sweet, affectionate, and always keeps hus paws soft; claws are kept sheathed. Don't go 7 years like us. Your cat will not change. Maybe as a barn cat for yours??

Apr 16, 2022
by: Anonymous

I have a Ragdoll that was taken away from his mom at 8 weeks as well. He portrayed some of your MC. However, while removing him young I believe when he puts his teeth on you its to play or get your attention. Doesnt break your skin. Your MC treats you as if you are his mom or siblings. My Ragdoll use to grab my ankles with his teeth, grab my arm with his teeth to put him down but never broke my skin. There is loud apartment related noise with loud human voices that frighten him as well.
He has separation anxiety when I leave. I believe giving a kitten away at 8 weeks is the culprit.

Apr 15, 2022
by: Cathy W

He might calm a lot if he were desexed. That is, presuming he is entire.

Apr 15, 2022
He might need a buddy
by: Anonymous

My Maine Coon had a somewhat milder version of what you are describing. He would bite me when walking past him and when trying to brush him (but head scratches were usually allowed and he never broke the skin with his bites). I felt he was playing when doing this and that he really needed a friend. I just got another kitten and he is so happy, playing all day with him and the biting has completely stopped.

Apr 15, 2022
by: Andrea

Hi - I’m no expert by any means but are you able to find an outdoor space for him to recreate? I have a cat patio for my two boys and they are out there for hours at a time (weather permitting usually). It seems to calm them from the edginess they might otherwise have when inside for weeks at a time in the winter.
Also - both my guys were reluctant with affection until about 4 years old. They now sleep on my bed most nights but I did not ever have this excessive biting problem.

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