Mr. Chewy Home Delivery Service

A while back I was contacted by a company called Mr Chewy. They supply and ship pet products directly to your home. It was perfect timing, because I was nearly out of dog food.

maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

I do pass by the pet store a few times a week, but only on my way from work to the school where I pick up the kids. So I always have to leave work twenty minutes early to build in a trip to the pet store. After a few years of this, it was getting old!

I had been considering a home-delivery service for a while, for just this reason. So when Mr. Chewy offered me a coupon in exchange for an honest review it was a no-brainer!

First I did a search online and found quite a few other reviews, and satisfied results. This encouraged me to go ahead.

I visited the Mr. Chewy website and created an account. They offer cat and kitten food, dog and puppy food, flea treatment, dog and cat treats, potty pads, pet health products, and even cat litter. Items that are heavy, and a chore to carry out to a car across a parking lot!

The site is easy to navigate, and there is a search bar to quickly locate a particular item. The prices were reasonable as well. I ordered a large bag of cat food and a large bag of dog food.

Since my order was over $49.00, I qualified for free 1-2 day shipping, which was a great bonus. With free shipping, why not have pet food delivered straight to the house?

Since everything was going so smoothly I chose to schedule repeat deliveries. I picked a six week time span, but I may change it to eight or nine weeks, as I have plenty of food left. I'm not very good at monitoring how long a bag lasts!

I received my confirmation email and was notified when my order shipped. The box arrived right on time. It was packaged well. It was quite a novel feeling to open a new bag of bag of food that I didn't have to lug home.

Another cool thing about Mr Chewy is that they offer a discount program for first time buyers. If someone uses my code and makes a purchase, they get a 10% discount. 

In addition, Mr. Chewy will make a $10.00 donation to a selection of pet charities. I've chosen to have any donations split between the charities, as I couldn't choose just one! (Note: I'm not an affiliate and I don't make a commission on this.) So here is the code: CPRO4499

If you are considering a home delivery service, you just might want to check out!

And let us know what you think below. Do you have your pet food delivered? Has it made life easier for you?

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maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

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