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by Charles
(San Antonio, Texas)

Sergiy -3 days after

Sergiy -3 days after

I have a 1 year old Maine Coone - Sergiy. I love him so much.

He has had his health issues during his little life. I brought him home at 12 weeks.

Shortly after coming home, he started having diarrhea and decrease appetite. I took him the vet - the one I use is cats only. I took in a stool sample - that was sent out to a lab.

Initial test at the vets lab showed nothing obvious. So he gave him a couple of shots, and sent me home with a couple of meds to give over the next few days.

Also some Fortiflora which is a pro bionic. Within the week he was much better. Eating well and no diarrhea.

At 6 months I took him for a check up and at that time his gums were really red and the vet said he had gingivitis.

I began using a vet recommended toothpaste and toothbrush. This was not real easy, but I was able to do it a few times a week. At least he liked the flavor of the toothpaste.

So fast forward 6 months. He developed a red growth on his gums above a molar. I made an appointment with the vet and took him him.

They called the growth - a flap. They scheduled a dental cleaning and also would remove the flap. The vet said the gums were very inflamed even with brushing his teeth.

I had to take him in the night before the procedure. On the day, the vet called to say all of his teeth had to be removed because of the severity of the inflammation.

I was heart broken to hear that news. He is just a baby to me. Just 13 months old. So I brought him home with stitches in his gums. Poor little guy.

I'm just sick with sadness. But for him - as far as he is concerned it is life as normal. Playing and running around = and eating like a horse.

Of course I am giving him only canned food for now. I found a very hydrating food from Chewy called Weruva - almost like pudding and it comes in a variety of flavors - and he loves it. So much that he purrs while he eats.

And he is eating much more than he did before. I worry that he may not get all the nutrients he was getting from the Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten food - so I am now grinding it up in a food processor and mixing it in with the wet food. This is working out well.

I take him for a follow up in a couple of weeks. The vet called this morning to give me the results of the biopsy from the flap. At least no cancer, but it showed the severe stomatisis.

And she said it was the best thing to do removing all the teeth. She said he had a very severe reaction to tartar - any small amount would cause the inflammation and would eventually start to destroy bone.

The vet told me that he would live a long healthy life without the teeth. Sergiy seems to be fine - I just feel so bad about the whole thing.

But I wouldn't want him to be suffering with pain in his mouth and gums. So I hope this is the end of it.

Anyone have anything like this happen with your cat?

Hi Charles,
It sounds like you and Sergiy have really been through it! I'm so glad to hear he's adjusting fine and has excellent veterinary care. These things can be so rough to go through with our beloved pets.

My Alice had some teeth removed because she had a condition which was explained to me as basically being allergic to her own saliva, but I have not been through anything like this.

Best wishes to Sergiy, and I hope others will comment if they have experiences to share with you!

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Aug 29, 2023
Stomatitis follow up
by: Charles D

Thank you all so much for the notes of encouragement.

I felt so very bad over the past week with Sergiy and the loss of all his teeth. I know this was the best solution for him. And he seems just fine.

It has been one week today since he had the dental surgery. It is helpful to read that others that have gone through this situation have happy healthy cats afterward. That is what I needed to hear.

Just to know he will fully recover and live a good life... with lots of love.

Aug 29, 2023
by: Pat

You absolutely did the right thing…I have 4 cats who had FME…my one Maine Coon at 10 months…

They are all happy and healthy and eat both wet and dry food…it is a horrible, painful disease and the only true cure for it is to have all the teeth removed and also to be sure but X-ray that there are no roots left…

it is also good that you did not opt for PME because from everything I’ve read they just end up back later with another surgery…everyone is great…only thing suffering is my bank account😺😺😺

Aug 28, 2023
Beautiful boy
by: Camille

I have seen this in a few cats. I know it is stressful for you but you did the right thing. It's amazing how well the cats adjust.

He will be back to his normal self and playing around the house. Thank God you got it fixed. He won't be in any pain and will be back to a normal happy cat.

Hugs and hope he feels better soon. (I am a feline Behaviorist and I see this in many clients.)

Aug 28, 2023
Re: Stomatitis
by: Wendy

My boy, Chat (French for "Cat"), is part Maine Coon, and I adopted him from a shelter at about 2 years old and my vet said he was healthy.

After a few years, little did I realize that, while he WAS eating, that he wasn't eating what he normally would/could, even though - from what I could tell - his eating habits hadn't changed.

Long-story short, he was diagnosed with stomatitis (an autoimmune condition) and was silently suffering with gum inflammation and pain.

In two separate procedures he had all of his teeth removed, and after his recovery had a much healthier appetite and gained weight. Now, he wasn't a lightweight by any means before losing his teeth, but Chat's now 14 lbs.!

He's now definitely motivated by food and I have him on a grain-free dry kibble which he enjoys immensely.

Your baby is recovering well based upon your writings. I agree with other comments in that you shouldn't feel any guilt; your boy is young, and thanks to your vet's diagnosis and your decision to have his teeth removed, he'll be a much healthier and happier cat for many years to come.

One note: Just ignore any notations in his veterinary file that he's "Overdue for Teeth Cleaning"! LOL

Aug 28, 2023
by: Anonymous

My sweet girl had to have all her teeth taken out, Charles I am sorry this has happened. She adjusted well though. it just hurt me so terribly because she was so precious, and I love her so much.

Just be very glad you are such a terrific thoughtful daddy. Some people never notice and then it is way worse. You did the loving thing. Don’t make your baby sad because you are.

Sounds like he is doing well. You did what any good dad would do. Give him a hug and kiss from me. He is a beautiful cat. Don’t waste time feeling bad and you couldn’t prevent this.

My Pearl has been gone 6 years and it had nothing to do with her teeth. I still cry and all her toys and beds are still where she left them. He is only 1 so he has many years left. Be happy and love him because he knows you love him and he loves you.

Aug 28, 2023
by: Anonymous

My Maine Coon had to have all her teeth pulled except her too front teeth due to somatitis.

She does pretty well without teeth, I only feed her pate food. Getting her teeth pulled was an expensive process.

Aug 28, 2023
Health Issues
by: Diana

I have no experience with Gingiviostomatitis but wanted to wish your super gorgeous kitty good health. I’m sure he’s intelligent and personable as well as handsome.

Aug 28, 2023
by: Anonymous

We have a male Maine Coon with the same issue diagnosed at 6 months.

They said the gums would have to be cut back every 6 - 12 months for the rest of his life - or remove all teeth, and no more trouble.

Well, he's now almost 6 and rules the house. You'd never know he had no teeth! Happy, healthy boy - and no more dental trauma!

Aug 28, 2023
by: Barb

So sorry to hear about your kitty’s teeth problems. Unfortunately I think this happens more often than I realized.

I have a wonderful Maine coon cat who is almost 11 now. At 2 she needed to have a great majority of her teeth removed and at 9 she had some more removed. She has no back teeth and just a few in the front.

She has done absolutely fine, we prefer her to eat wet food but she loves dry Royal Canin and she is able to crunch away with no issue whatsoever. Best of luck to you.

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