Consequences of Neutering a Male Maine Coon Early

by BZ


I have a Maine Coon MALE cat – currently he’s exactly 1 year, 1 month and 8 days old.

He weighs between 16.8 pounds – he’s not very muscular. My vet said Maine Coons aren’t a muscular breed – but online says otherwise. He is NOT overweight – barely has a pouch on his tummy. HOWEVER – he will eat everything until it’s done!!!!

If I left kibble out he’d be overweight overnight. I feed him grain free canned food 98% of the time. I got him from Poland when he was 4 months old.

My question/concern is – he was neutered when his “eggs” (yes the word used! hahaha) were found??? So he was neutered at 3 months and 9 days – which I realize is probably very very young! I read online that cats should not be spayed/neutered before 6 months.

So it made me question – what are the consequences of fixing a male cat earlier? Looks like their Urethra would be smaller. So that puts them at a higher risk of kidney stones correct? What other health concerns? How about less serious stuff such as size (since that’s important but not vital to a Maine Coon).



Sep 18, 2021
Nothing like a Maine Coon companion
by: Opal

My husband bought me a Maine Coon, Horatio, in late 1990's. He, too, has gone over the rainbow with some of your Maine Coons after living 21 years. Yes, he was twenty-one.

We adopted two feral kittens, now one
year old.
I love them and am happy to have their companionship, but no other cat will ever replace my smart, dog-like, pushy, playful, loving male Maine Coon.

Sep 11, 2021
Shouldn't be an issue
by: Anonymous

In general, feline advocates have started to try encouraging neutering/spaying a cat at 14 weeks. The main health issues in regards to neutering to early is blocking of the urethra, obesity, behavioral issues, death while put under, and growth plate fractures.

Overall though, it is always better to get your pet fixed sooner rather than later. An unfixed male is more likely to get bladder infections, be aggressive, and have poor urination habits.

Not to mention the chance for them to accidentally impregnate another cat if they ever escape.

Sep 10, 2021
Consequences of Neutering Maine Coons Early
by: Maine Coons Mom

I've heard that neutering any male cat early can prevent them from growing to their full size.

I've also heard that un-neutered male cats, or those neutered after they were fully mature are more susceptible to urinary tract problems.

My Maine Coon boy was neutered after he matured and he has had the urinary tract issue twice. But since I eliminated dry food and food high in phosphorus (fish flavors) and started adding water to his food (also got him a water fountain so he drinks more water) he hasn't had it again.

Also he's very muscular and weighs about 19 lbs. I'm not a vet, but this is why I've read. Hope it's helpful.

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