Autumn Beauty

By: Susan in Laflin, Pa

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pretty female brown tabby cat

Autumn came to us as a rescue from a local cat rescue group, Opt 2 Adopt. I was looking for a cat that would be a loving companion, one that would want to sit in my lap, and want to be around people.

I researched cat breeds and the Maine Coon fit the traits I was looking for. I wanted to give a homeless cat a forever home, instead of finding a breeder. So I researched if any local cat rescue organizations had a Maine Coon.

This cat rescue had Autumn surrendered to them several months before. According to the organization, she had a tough first year of life, living with an owner who traveled frequently with her and another cat in an RV, only to decide he couldn't keep them any longer.

When he surrendered her to them, she was pregnant and had a litter of kittens, none of whom survived. She then developed colitis. I can only imagine the stress she was under.

Her foster mom took excellent care of her, nursing her back to health, spaying her, cleaning her teeth and updating all her vaccines. She spent hundreds of dollars on her care, and only charged us a small adoption fee. What love this group has for felines.

When I brought Autumn home, she looked like she had been through a lot. Her coat was thin and she was underweight. But her Maine Coon personality shined right through.

In no time, she became acclimated to our home, becoming our faithful companion and friend. She gained weight and filled out her coat. She became immediate best friends to our other rescued cat, who was clearly grateful for feline friend.

She is a gentle young lady, always following me wherever I am. She plays fetch better than our dog. She is vocal and let us know what she wants. She wakes me up in the morning by kneading my shoulders.

She cries out to me to come back to the house if she sees me outside through the screen door. She is so beautiful. Our family loves her so much and we have never met a sweeter cat than our Autumn.

We are so happy to give her the home she deserves.We are so grateful to the cat lovers at Opt 2 Adopt Cat Rescue for taking her and other cats in, providing them the care they need and then adopting out these precious animals to another family when the time is right.

Her foster mom cried when we took Autumn home, because she was one of her favorites. We are still in touch, with updates and photos so that she knows Autumn is doing well.


Happy Beginning
by: Karen F
Wonderful story and she is beautiful..I too have a vocal kitty who wants to be with us when we go outside...we have gators so no kitties out the glad you adopted. She now can live a happy long life in a good home.

Autumn Beauty
by: Missy Sweety Pies mom

Thank you for thinking of the foster mom! We always wonder how our "kids" are doing. Are they alive? Are they happy? What do they look like? What new toys or food do they adore?Thanks,
You are special

Lucky Kitty
by: Pat in Florida

Autumn is a lucky cat to have you give her a good home. She is beautiful and I wish you many happy years with her.

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