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At My Wit's End With Maine Coon Fighting

by Natalie
(San Jose)



I adopted my Maine Coon Dakota at 5 months of age. Several months later I adopted Emilie, who is 1 month younger than Dakota (Both are female and spayed). They are now both 1 year old now.

I cannot let them with each other for just 5 minutes before they start fighting each other. At first, Emilie was so sweet and never fought. Dakota caused her to become more defensive and now she begins fights.

I hired a behaviouralist online. They were very helpful, I started feeding them through puzzles only and separating them prior to fighting instead of noticing and then separating.

I play with them each night before bed and try to play throughout the day but I'm inconsistent. They suggested that I provide them with mental stimulation as well which is the one thing I have been bad about and haven't really done well with.

I am trying really hard. I love my Maine Coons so much and it breaks my heart seeing them like this with each other.

Thanks! :)

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May 05, 2022
Fighting Females
by: Pegg

Try getting them some plastic springs off of Amazon ( check the reviews before buying ). They are trying to be the boss so they fight but maybe if they startchasing springs around the house they will leave each other alone. I did this when our Maine Coon and our black cat didnt get along. The black cat started chasing them also and now they fight maybe once a week instead of 24/7

Apr 27, 2022
Reply to Viktor
by: Natalie

I'm not sure how to reply to posts...
Anyway, dear Viktor P Buser,
It breaks my heart reading your post. I didn't know that two females would be a bad thing. Why is that?
I can't even begin to explain how much it hurts to think about the possibility of finding one of them a new home.
When I moved out to California, I adoped my cats. And I came out here alone. They are the best thing in my life.
I hope you can see how I am conflicted. This is a huge inconvenience to me for them to fightt. But I would go through anything for my maine coons. I just feel depressed thinking of the stress it causes them.
Thank you :)

Apr 27, 2022
by: Viktor

My good advise I can give You ,find a good Home for One of the Female's... Only ONE Female per Household
It's the Nature of the Animal World
I am talking about my Live Experience of Dog's and Cats during 60 Year's...
I wish You all the Best , it will solve Your Problem! Viktor P Buser

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