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Stewie becomes Lewie

by Ellen
(Orange County, CA)

The Stair Master

The Stair Master

The Stair Master Lew in a tub One size fits all? Waiting for me to come home from a work trip

We recently rescued our Lew (formerly Stewie) from a woman who's house had been foreclosed and was going to bring him to the Humane Society where he would have been most likely put down.

We has just lost our first Maine Coon Marley (he was hit by a car) and felt that by saving him is might lessen the pain of the loss. Well, Lew has done that and then some. He is a very sweet boy - complete polar to Marley.

Very shy but settling in great. Plays hard and then crashes hard. We was named after the character from family guy which he was nothing like and neither of us watched so the name had to change.

Lew is Polish/Yiddish for lion, thought having something similar to the old name would be easier for him.

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Mar 18, 2012
Wow this one is unbelivable
by: Anonymous

He is huge! He looks like king of the coons!This kitty must be a TV stunt cat, right?

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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