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"Is My Cat A Maine Coon Mix?"

tortie maine coon cat

Are you wondering if your cat is a Maine Coon, or a Maine Coon mix?

Maybe you've been reading through articles about their characteristics, or maybe your cat has a personality quite different than any other you've known.

I was visiting with family recently. Our conversation turned to our pets, and I was asked "So, how do you know your cats are Maine Coon Cats?"

"Funny you should ask!" I answered. "That's a popular topic on Maine Coon Cat Nation. In my case, I know because my cats came from a Maine Coon Cat breeder, with a lineage and a pedigree."

My matter-of-fact answer made so much sense, but it was almost unexpected. "Oh, Of course!" was the reply.

Introducing The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: Have you noticed that your Coonie is no ordinary cat? It's true! Your stunning, amazing, large, loving Coonie is very special, both physically and in purrsonality - These quirky, unique cats have unique needs!

This kind of conversation harks back to the old days, generations ago, when big fluffy barn cats roamed free. They interbred, and then became beloved housecats. And while devoted people were refining the breed, some of these cats still mingled with the general cat population to create random litters of Maine Coon mix kittens.

Or, Maine Coon cats might have roamed free, reproducing at will. What we all need to realize is that this was many generations ago. Today, a mixed Maine Coon cat is no more likely than a mix of another breed.

So, how do you know? And, what are the chances that your cat is a Maine Coon mix? First, research the Maine Coon characteristics. They are pretty specific. Second, learn about the Maine Coon personality. Then, visit our Maine Coon Cat Traits page for more discussion about Maine Coon mixes, and to see other cats who may be mixed.

Lastly, think about where mixed-breed cats come from. And, how could a "purebred" cat wind up without a pedigree or a family tree?

This is a popular, and very unique subject to this breed. How often do you hear someone wondering if their cat might be a Himalayan, or part Siamese, or maybe he's a Persian mix? Rarely!

Why is this? Because Maine Coons are a natural breed, and they did develop in the "wild," there is still a commonly held belief that the Maine Coon breed is still more, oh, how shall we say .... uncontrolled? They are perceived as still roaming around, spreading their genes to the general cat population now and again.

Of course, this is no longer the case! Back in the "old days," the very beginning, they did live in barns and reproduce at will, creating the breed that started it all.

For many, many generations now, this has been a fully recognized show cat, being bred to a standard by experienced breeders.

A Maine Coon mix will happen sometimes, just as a Golden Retriever mix will happen sometimes. That's why we have our sections on figuring if your cat is a Maine Coon mix, or if your rescue cat is a Maine Coon. It surely can happen!

But understand that they are not as prevalent as some think! There aren't "more" mixed Maine Coon out there than, say, Persian-mixes. It's just easier to think a cat has some Coon in him because Coons don't look strikingly "different." A long haired domestic housecat can more easily be mistaken for a Maine Coon mix.

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

young tortie maine coon kitten

"So is my kitten a full Maine Coon?
He has lots of similarities."

The situation with kittens is different than with adults. If you get a kitten from a shelter, rescue group, or someone is just giving them away, how could he be a Maine Coon? Would a Persian kitten be given away for free? Not usually.

The kitten would need two purebred parents. Presumably, they would have pedigrees. If an experienced breeder produced the litter, they'd be for sale. The traditional route.

The only other way it would happen is if two full Maine Coon cats were not spayed/neutered, (unlikely I hope!) and got together either by accident or on purpose. The inexperienced owners then have a litter of Maine Coon kittens on their hands.

This scenario, as you can imagine, is unlikely. All owners of Maine Coon cats agree with their breeder to spay/neuter their kitten. They're able to afford their purebred kitten, so these owners are likely to follow through with the vet visits.

If someone who's not a breeder winds up with Maine Coons, would they then send these kittens off to the local shelter?

Why do breeders always sell with a spay/neuter agreement? They've spent years developing the genealogical lines of their kittens. They know which kittens are "show quality," "pet quality," and which ones have the potential to be bred. These may sometimes be sold with "breeding rights" to a trusted person. Someone who understands the breed standard, breed conformation, and how to breed to the standard.

A stronger possibility, if you think your kitten resembles a Maine Coon, is that he is a Maine Coon mix. Just one parent (or grandparent) was a purebred Maine Coon who didn't get spayed/neutered in time.

"What about my shelter cat? He looks just like a Maine Coon!"

He could be. This is more likely than with kittens. Unfortunately, many pets are abandoned, given away, or dropped off at the shelter every year. This does include purebred cats.

His pedigree may be lost, but that doesn't make him less of a Maine Coon. These cat do have a very distinctive look. If he's a Maine Coon cat, you probably won't need to ask.

Maine Coon Mix Cats and Kittens

If your cat or kitten is "different" enough from other cats you've owned to make you wonder, but doesn't look strikingly like a Maine Coon, he could be a Maine Coon mix.

Of course, without a pedigree or a family history, you can never be absolutely sure whether he's a Maine Coon or a Maine Coon mix. He'll always be a bit of a mystery. Just learn what you can, and then it's up to you as to how to introduce him to your guests!

brown cat, maybe maine coon

This is Kush. His owner was asking if he may have some Coon in him. I can see why, can you?

Kush has his own page below, with more pictures and lots of info about him. Do you think he's part Coon?

Do you have a cat you've been wondering about? Go ahead and send in your photo, we'd be happy to check it out! This is the place to do it.

Note: "Where does a Maine Coon come from? What about kittens, feral cats, and shelter cats?"

One thing to understand is that all full Maine Coon cats are bred in a cattery by a breeder and then sold to their new owner. That's the only way a full Maine Coon is born.

That said, Maine Coons do occasionally end up in need of a new home. Their owners may become elderly, may move, or may just abandon them (as hard as that is for us to understand.)

That's how a full Maine Coon can end up in a shelter. But they still originated from a breeder. And they had a pedigree when they were born.

Please check out our sister article, Maine Coon Cat Traits if you suspect your cat is a Maine Coon.

Still not sure? There's only one more thing to do. Send in a photo, and share your cat with the world! Tell us about his or her personality, how he or she came to you, and what makes you think you may have a Coon.

And due to overwhelming response, we have an exciting announcement to make! Since so many folks want to find out if their cat is a Maine Coon Cat or Maine Coon mix, there is now an official E-Book in the works! It will give you the background, information, and knowledge to figure out for yourself if your cat is indeed a Maine Coon!

So before you go, make sure to sign up for Tattle Tails, our free newsletter. You will be one of the very first to know when our E-Book launches. And I promise your email address is completely secure. Our visitors are valued, we would never give out your email address!

Important Note:

Because our answer is almost always "maybe," we are now going to leave it up to our visitors and regular readers to do the answering! So leave a photo for other Maine Coon lovers to check out, and while you are here, make sure to comment on the photos of others!

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Our Photo Album of Maybe-Maine Coons!

Note: Submissions are now posted in the current Monthly Photo Album

silver gray maine coon mix
silver maine coon mix
Miss Kitty
maine coon cat pictures maine coon cat pictures
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black maine coon mix
two small mix kittens
YaYa and Gumbeaux
maine coon mix
maine coon mix
brown maine coon cross
huge red silver tabby
calico maine coon mix
hanging cat
Hanging Cat
brown tabby maine coon mix
red tabby maine coon mix
possible maine coon mix
fluffy black kitten
Black Kitten
maine coon kitten mix
maine coon cross
brown tabby cat
Big Kitty
maine coon mix
brown and white tabby
gray maine coon mix
soft black kitten
brown maine coon mix
sox, possible maine coon mix
maine con mix calico
pretty rescue cat
black maine coon mix
black and white kitten
brown tabby
small red and white kitten
brown with white maine coon mix
cute kitten with big ears
cute brown kitten
black and white cat
maine coon mix
cute foster kitten
silver maine coon rescue
smokey black cat
harley the fluffy cat
maine coon mix
possible maine coon mix
fluffy brown kitten
pretty brown tabby
red and white tabby cat
Big Red Angus
calico cat
Kitty Kitty
black and white kitten
maine coon cat
jelly the red tabby
pretty calico cat
riley the clown
maddie chillin
Maddie, just chillin
calico kitten
Cute Rescue Kitten
Jinpo the white cat
Jinpo, a gentle giant.

Kush, our very first "maybe Maine Coon"

So You Think You Have a Maine Coon?

Have you been wondering if your cat or kitten "has some Coon in him?" Tell us about your cat, share a picture, and see what others think. What makes you think he might be a Maine Coon or Maine Coon Mix?

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I adopt my cat, Chi, when she is still 2 months. Now, she is 10 month. The cattery said that she is a Maine Coon, but I'm not pretty sure to that since …

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Is my cat a maine coon cat ? 
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Chicken...Maine coon mix? =]8 
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I think my cat is a Maine Coon 
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I received my cat, Cleopatria from a friend, when she was a kitty. She is brown tabbied, and looks like a Maine Coon. She is long haired, with a bushy …

jai trouver un chat l'hiver dernier et je suis presque sur que c'est un maine coon  
Il a tout les caracteristique pour etre un maine coon en me fian au standard du tica et du loof cote temperament aussi il a tout les element mais jaimerais …

Adopted her from a Cat Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, FL LOVES WATER...constantly in my water glass, the tub or sink, sitting IN the sink... She doesn't …

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Rescued 7 month old Male Coon named Chelsea from a kill shelter 
I rescued Chelsea a week ago. He is 7 months old but he is larger than my friends 3 yr old cat. I swear he acts like a dog playing dead, constsntly …

My Cat TJ 
TJ is seven months old and was dumped in a ballpark at six weeks. He has fur between his toes, ears, and a long fluffy tail like a duster. He has a thick …

Rita Mamacita (3 extra toes) 
Rita Mamacita was found, as a very tiny kitten, in an apartment complex. In spite of several unsuccessful attempts to find her owner, Julie and Eric took …

Could he be mix? 
Hi, We rescued this chap and called him Monty from the cat shelter in Cork Ireland. the couple that had him as a kitten were returning to the UK and could …

Yuri possible Maine Coon Mix 
I got Yuri free off of Craigslist exactly a year ago last July making him born sometime late May or early June. His previous owner said he is part Maine …

Kit Kat 
Tries to act more dignified than the boys but then can't resist playing - chasing other cats, or toys. Cuddle bug - vocal telling you what she wants - …

I adopted her last week from a local shelter. She has a very shy personality but I think she was abused by her previous owners. She is very sweet and cuddly. …

Hello, my cat's name is Freddie. My mother found him in the street about ten years ago; he probably is twelve or thirteen years old. He weighs 7 kg (around …

We recently adopted Darwin from the SPCA, where I volunteer. I came in for my shift and he was the only cat roaming around the floor, greeting people by …

Meet Mozart! (Main Coon?) 
Hi! I am sending a few pics your way of our "kitten" Mozart. We adopted him from the humane society as a 3 month old kitten. He is now 6-7 months and …

Hi, Alice recently turned 1 year old a week ago. She weighs about 8.8 pounds but her vet thinks she might grow bigger as she has bigger paws than other …

Trying to figure out if my cat is Maine Coon or not 
I found a stray that had been attacked by a dog when he was 4 weeks old. He would have been a feral cat, but I adopted him and cleared out his conjunctivitis, …

I think my cat is a Maine Coon mix? 
Hi I recently adopted a cat called Baggins he is 3 years old- he is a large cat, definitely bigger than average. The key things that made me think …

I got Adria from the shelter when she was just 3 months old. She was so tiny, only 4 pounds! I thought she was just going to be a little cat...boy …

Annabelle (Annie for Short) Perhaps She is a Maine Coon Mix? 
We have wondered for quite awhile whether our beloved Cat Annie, is a Maine Coon mix. We knew she was different from all the other cats we have owned. …

My cat was born feral, but i think she may have some Maine Coon in her? 
She's about 2 years old, roughly 2 1/5 feet long, and approximately a foot and a half tall, she weighs 16.7 pounds. Is shy, but very lovable. loves …

My cat Basil seems a lot like a Coon! 
He was found hanging around my mother's house and I adopted him. He's very friendly, affectionate and loves his cuddles(likes to put his head on my chest …

My Cat Fire 
I've been reading about the traits of a Maine coon and my cat Fire fits some of the traits. Fire was a stray so i have no idea what he actually is. …

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Is my new kitten part Maine Coon?? 
I think he has most of the Maine Coon characteristics and he's definitely got the personality down pat. I just wanted to get some opinions from people …

Fluffmodius: Maine Coon Mix? 
We adopted Fluffmodius and another kitty (Anastasia) from a kitty rescue. They told us the kittens were found stray at some nearby boat docks. We fell …

Do we have a maine coon? 
We found this kitten abandoned in a shoe box, we think he is about 3 to 4 weeks old. The closest pictures we have found are a Maine Coon but are still …

Marley Katt 
Miss Marley

he is very friendly, doesn't struggle to get down when you pick him up, and he's really fluffy, and has gray

I found a 3 month old kitten in December 2009. She was never claimed and I was instantly attached so I kept her, her name is mittens although she has …

Its a tough life, but someones got to live it. 
My name is Kayden and I am 16 weeks old. I came to my new family after living on the street's of NYC for the first 8 weeks of my life. My new family …

Rudy the Maine Coon 
Rudy is our handsome cat. He definately has Maine Coon in him, but probably 100%. He has an amazing gentle personality and is about 3-4 yrs old. He …

Is Kitty Kitty Part Coon? 
I got my cat from a friend of a friend, and out of the litter I heard mine is the smallest cat. This cat is different from other cats I have seen. She …

Is Mr. Bigglesworth a full or mix Maine Coon? 
We just adopted a wonderful 2 year old cat "Mr. Bigglesworth" from a shelter. Our previous cat Pumpkin that we had for 13 years had a tumor so we had …

Emmett And His Black Smoky Coat 
I adopted Emmett in May of 2010 as an 8 week old kitten at the local Human Society. I love black cats - especially long haired ones - and had recently …

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon? 
I found my kitty through a friend who obtained him from a shelter--my friend couldn't keep him because his roommate's girlfriend was deathly allergic. …

Is He A Maine Coon? 
I rescued him from craigslist and they told me he is a Maine Coon. What's ya'lls opinion?

Blue Not rated yet
Dogs best friend! Introducing Prince Blue Blue, our MC/Persian/ginger Tom mix, came to us at 8-weeks on 1.10.13. I was looking for a MC for our …

My Sweet Girl Not rated yet
Penelope is my first cat. My mother's neighbor, a good friend of ours, had found a stray momma cat under her back porch. I remember Momma cat having …

SnuggleBunny Not rated yet
Possibly Half Maine Coon? My cat, SnuggleBunny is 11 years old. She'll be 12 this year. She's in wonderful health! You'd never guess she was 11. …

Can You Tell If My Cat Is Part Maine Coon  Not rated yet
OK, my cat is not common at all. She's a grey with a red-brown that you can only see in the light when she sits in a window; otherwise she's just a darkish …

Big Red Angus - is he? Not rated yet
Angus is a rescue cat and very loving. He has a fascination with water, and likes to sit on the side of the handbasin and watch the water coming out the …

I Suspect My Cat Is A Maine Coon Mix; Not rated yet
Can You Please Help Me To Clarify If She Really Is? I think my cat Mininu is a Maine Coon Mix. She is around 7 years old, she adopted us 5 years …

Riley The Clown Not rated yet
Riley was adopted at the animal shelter, his siblings were all white and he had one all black brother. He is the only one with stripes. The mother was …

Do I Have A Maine Coon Mix? Not rated yet
My cat has a lot of similar traits to the Maine Coon. She has a very big fuzzy tail, shaggy hair especially around the neck...when people come over …

This is Jack Not rated yet
Jack was found in a garage. The rest of his litter died, and his mother was never "tamed", so I know nothing about his heritage. I'm almost positive …

Tullie, Our (we think) Maine Coon Sweetie Not rated yet
Tullie came to us, or rather, we found her hiding under one of our windows. She appeared to be abandoned...we went door-to-door, posted fliers, contacted …

Maine Coon or Mix? Not rated yet
This is Frank. I got him at an animal hospital a year ago and they said they were pretty sure he was at least part Maine Coon. He has fur coming out …

Harley Not rated yet
I am in the Army and when I was stationed at Ft. Knox, KY. I had been there not quite a month when, on Dec 8, 2006. My enlisted Ward Master found …

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Hammigway Not rated yet
Hammiway the Maine Coon. He bites; we give food and water & he has claws. Mean cat biting and petting and meow and purr he take lots of cat naps in …

Finnegan the fair haired Coon and sister Skooch  Not rated yet
I saw the picture posted by the exit of our local pet store. An adorable blue eyed orange fluff ball stared out asking for a forever home. Bad timing as …

We're pretty Sure She's Coon Not rated yet
We're pretty sure she's Coon - meeting the traits and the character. She's just like a dog, opens doors, gets in the tub, picks up small toys and pens …

Is my cat Oprah a Maine Coon? Not rated yet
This is my cat Oprah. I adopted her from an animal shelter when she was 3 months old in July 2010. The volunteer told me she was a Maine Coon but then …

Huey Lewis Not rated yet
We adopted him from the shelter. He is 3 months old. I was wondering if he has something from coon because he is extremely family oriented :-) He loves …

Diego Not rated yet
Diego came to me as a baby of a stray cat that had showed up at my sister-in-law. His litter mates all have the long hair, big tails, tufts coming out …

Do Gus and Zoe look like they may be MC mix? Not rated yet
I rescued Gus and Zoe (brother and sister) from the SPCA at 6 weeks old. I fell in love with them both as soon as I saw them because of their beautiful …

Kush Not rated yet
Hi, I have included a few pictures so you can get an idea of what he looks like. He has a very good personality towards my boyfriend and I but he often …

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Note: Submissions are now posted in the current Monthly Photo Album


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