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by Kat
(Aiken, SC)

My beautiful man kitty Pepper

My beautiful man kitty Pepper

My Man Kitty Pepper

I have always had cats, but for many years my ex didn't want me to have a cat.

Well the 1st time he went out of town, I couldn't help myself and thank you GOD for what you gave me. I had a little 6 1/2 pound dog named Daisey, and she loved cats just as much as I did.

I couldn't help it, I called the local pound and told them my back ground. I told them Daisey needed a playmate, and I wanted a cat I could love on anytime I wanted.

They told me about two cats, they told me how loveable they were and one was a hit around the SPCA. When they told me what his name was, I immediately paid her on the phone, site unseen, hahahaha.

Years before, my mother in-law had a dog I loved named pepper, and him and daisey were buddies. So, on Halloween day, daisey and I went down to pick Pepper up. I also never told anyone that I had desperately wanted a grey cat also, I love the color grey.

Well we walked in and cat's galore, me and daisey were in heaven. The two cats were right next to each other, and as soon as I saw Pepper, I was even more in love. He was grey, that was GOD's answer, and remember, I paid for him on the phone before seeing him.

When they told me he was 7 months old, I thought they were crazy, he was as large as a 1 year 1/2 old cat. He was so beautiful and I hadn't been that happy to have a cat in many years.

We'll I guess GOD had his plan, through out the next years, I got separated & divorced, my dad passed away, went through many trials on my pathway, but each time I was upset, Pepper was right there.....laying on top of me at night.....and knowing that I was upset, he stayed by my side.

Now I've got a new dog and a beautiful life and my Man Kitty Pepper is right by my side. He is so loving and follows me everywhere, I can love on him whenever I want and he gives it in return.

He loves to play with the dogs. small ones, chasing them around, rolling on the ground and playing like a puppy himself. I couldn't have gotten through these last 2 years without him, he has been the greatest emotional support I could've ever asked for.

I believe that GOD place these beautiful creatures in our lives as our Angels on earth, it's up to us to take care of them with all the joy GOD intends us to do.

Have a blessed day and thank you for your webpage. Kat

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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