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My Darcy Fluff

by Ellie Robins
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

This is probably my favorite picture of him!

This is probably my favorite picture of him!

So I'm not 100% sure he's a Coonie, but he definitely has the personality and is massive, with a big majestic tail! I've decided, through research (and maybe some wishful thinking) that he is 85% Coonie and 15% Turkish Van.

His name is Darcy. I got him from my local shelter for my 16th birthday and I've loved him ever since. Actually, we loved each other before I even adopted him! I went to the humane society looking for my boyfriend's cat who'd gone missing and saw him up for adoption. He was only 3 months old at the time.

He stood up and ran to the cage door and reached for me and me only :)! I played with him while my boyfriend looked for his lost cat. After that day I visited the shelter every day after school until my mom agreed to get him for me!

He's so quirky and fun. We have our own codes and everything. One of his favorite human foods (don't worry, he doesn't eat it much, it's a special treat) is a smoothie made of mixed berries and soy milk! He'll even push my head out of the way while I'm drinking my smoothie to get a taste! I usually end up giving him a tablespoon of it in his own bowl.

He knows how to open the basement door and turn on our kitchen faucet. He likes to sit on the counter while you prepare dinner, just to watch! He prefers chicken over fish, and feathers over fake mice.

He gets jealous of my laptop and often walks across or even lies on my keyboard to get some love (I like to think he's trying to keep my from getting too stressed over my work, though). He'd much rather be the little spoon than sit on someone's chest, and would much rather get rubbed by a person's feet than jump on the couch next to them for some hand-action.

Late at night he gets in trouble with my parents for meowing to get into my room, so now he sits in front of my door and shakes his head, so the bell on his collar jingles and I know he wants in! We've developed a second code for when he wants to play, too!

He'll wander around the main floor of the house meowing and I'll come over, crouch in front of him and say "What do you want, Darcy?" and he'll run to where we keep the toys and sit up on his hind legs, front paws curled up against his chest, waiting for me to play! So cute!

He snuggles me, follows me around the house and will never turn down a belly rub. He loves all my friends, and likes to hang out in the back yard (even in the winter). I'm moving out in the summer and my entire family will be sad to see him leave, because there is no way I'm leaving without my Darcy!

So now you know about my beloved not-so-little ball of fur. He's my best friend in some ways and is almost the only reason I commute home every night from school.

-Ellie and Darcy

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Feb 23, 2013
You are lucky...
by: Carol

You are so lucky!!! I lost my best friend Nov 2011 He sounds a lot like him. Enjoy. Get his heart tested at 5 years....Maine coons can have heart problems that can be treated...Good Luck!

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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