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Leonidas King of Sparta

by Erica Blankenship
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl)

Leonidas waiting to meet Reese!

Leonidas waiting to meet Reese!

Leonidas waiting to meet Reese! The big surprise! New best friends! It's been a long Christmas Day!

We just adopted this beautiful male kitten from a shelter in Fort Lauderdale Fl. He is 8 weeks old and a Christmas gift for our youngest son Reese who is 13 years old. We felt he was now old enough to take the responsibly of having his own pet to love and care for.

When thinking of what kind of pet would be best we always knew it would be a rescue. Our daughter recently rescued a kitten and our entire family fell head over heals for him, especially Reese! So we were sure a kitten would be perfect.

My daughter and I went to the shelter with out telling him just in case it didn't work out. We looked at him first, it was love at first sight. I put him in the palm of my hand on his back and held my arm straight out in the air. He just lay there looking at me like well I like this floating thing! He was so comfortable he let his head hang and just closed his eyes and purred! We knew he was the one.

Several people at the shelter said Wow he looks like a Maine Coon! We said whats that. They laughed and said well he might get really big! On Christmas morning my older children helped Reese to lift a huge wrapped gift box off of the kitty's crate to reveal this little tiny black kitten and the look on my sons face was truly priceless! Again love at first sight!

We told him what they said about he might grow really big if he is part Maine Coon so he started googling Maine Coons. Now he is very sure that Leonidas is a Coon. We read about their character traits and I have to say my husband and I have had a few cats in our lives but have never seen anything like this kitten!

He is the boss and at the same time like a real baby. He never wants to be alone he climbs up Reese's leg and lays on his stomach or curls up on my chest and if no one is sitting he just curls right up to our Yorkie Honey bun.

He touches our faces with is paw and if he doesn't see you leave the room he starts going from room to room looking for someone! He is like a child! I don't think we could have put in a order for a more perfect cat! It would be wonderful if he were part Coon but I don't think we could love him more then we do just as he is! Perfect!

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Jan 28, 2011
Very cute!!
by: Anonymous

Nice pictures.

Jan 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

sooo cute!

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