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Maine Coon Cat Rescue Stories

- Fairy Tail Endings!

These wonderful Maine Coon rescue stories are sure to brighten your day! Every day we recieve a few new additions to our Monthly Photo Album. Most of these are nice, short introductions to a cat.

But sometimes we get a long get-to-know you kind of submission. Even better, some of these are happy ending "tails" about a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix that almost didn't have a home. Enjoy!

maine coon cat
rescue story
red maine coon rescue
Maxwell Fluffypants,
with a great rescue story!
patches the maine coon mix
found in a house under renovation

adoption story
Tomasito Gato,
that's his name
rescue story

maui the maine coon mix
the Maine Coon miracle.
maine coon cat
rescue story
red maine coon cat
adoption story.

maine coon kittensCrash & Coco's rescue story. maine coon catGrace's rescue story. maine coon mix
rescue story.

maine coon cat
rescue story
maine coon rescue story
Frisky & Solitaire's
rescue story.
two rescued cats
and Samsun's rescue story.

zilah the black maine coon
-no longer a hard-luck case!
abandoned maine coon
abandoned by his family.
abby the maine coon rescue
in her new home.

peyton tabby rescued kitty
- Who rescued who?
lucky and his dad
Dad's best friend.
who brought smiles to his owners after losing Nick to HCM.

adoption story

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Never Fear, Creamy Puff Is Here.. 
My name is Creamsickle Eduardo Evans. I am about 3-3 1/2 years old my humans have had me for 3 years now. I was found in the wild by the Animal Rescue …

Our Beautiful Catty LaBelle 
Sadie, our beloved feline of more than 15 years had just gone over the rainbow bridge. We knew we could never replace her but wanted to give another kitty …

Handsome Prince 
In July, 2014, I adopted a beautiful black and white kitten from the Humane Society. He had been born on May 9, 2014. He had a brother and a sister. …

A Third Chance 
When we decided to get a feline, we looked through tons of nearby organizations and websites but found nothing that really stopped us in our tracks. …

My Name is Scooter! 
This is Scooter, also known as Mr. Scooter. It is believed he is about four years old. Nothing is known of his original owner. He is definitely a Maine …

Meet "Tarzan" 
I rescued this little creature from a house that burned down back in November 2012 in our neighborhood. He was just a kitten about a year and a half old …

Moggie was born under my son, Justin's bed!! In our old house there was this female who was determined to become our cat. We were having some construction …

Pax & Baya - They Found Us! 
We were wanting a Maine Coon after we had to put our orange tabby down 2 summers ago. I was causally looking online for one. Pax kept showing up …

Our Buried Treasure..  
Amazing What You Might Find Inside Your Walls: This story is about a little miracle kitty name "Chance." My husband Tim was in the washroom one …

Louie Our Gentle Giant 
This is our baby Louie. He came to us un-expectantly. We were already owned by three cats, all tabbies. Two of the three were homeless, and the third …

Left In A Woodpile! 
Our beautiful little girl, Amazing Grace, Mazy for short , was found along with her siblings, and found by someone on the property doing bulldozer work. …

Maddy "Our Mini Lion" 
We adopted Maddy from the local ASPCA just two years ago this month in January 2011. I went to the shelter with a heavy heart as I had just lost one …

Romeo Asad "Lion" 
Asad means "lion" in Arabic. This is a very special and very lucky boy. I found him in the middle of the night at a McDonald's drive-through in a bad part …

Lucy Goosey 
Little kitten sounded like a bird: I work at the Reno NV Veterans clinic and was done for the day, 4 years ago in Febuary and walking to my car in …

Boots....Everyone should own "boots"  
Boots is now 9 yrs old. We first encountered Boots who (btw is half maincoon breed ) was underneath our porch. I'm an animal lover and my home has …

Lucy....I'm home!!!! 
Lucy is about 11 months old. I do volunteer work for a no-kill kitty shelter in the area. We have no problem getting our kittens adopted...the older …

Feral Colonies In Iowa 
Fur-Baby Mama: I live in the Amanas in Iowa and our 7 villages have ALOT of stray cats. I feed and vet all of them that show up. We've had some beautiful …

When I was about ten I moved in with my grandparents. One day my grandfather saw a mangy long haired cat. At first that was all he saw. But when he …

Last Chance 
I am employed at a group home for developmentally disable when a wife of one of my co-worker came into the house with this coon cat looking for someone …

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