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We're pretty Sure She's Coon

by Jan

We're pretty sure she's Coon - meeting the traits and the character. She's just like a dog, opens doors, gets in the tub, picks up small toys and pens and trades them, stands on her back legs to reach you. She trills and talks and follows us around like a dog. She comes when called, and is very easily trained. She has five toes, but not an "extra paw' per se...and the fur comes out on the bottoms of her feet.

We adopted her from the local humane shelter as an adult (2yrs old).

Is Roxy a coon? We're very lucky to have her.

Thank you

Hi Jan,

Roxy is a pretty girl, and so lucky to have gotten a home with you!

She's a great example of a mystery cat. One who may be a Maine Coon mix. (if she were a full Maine Coon she'd have the pointy tufts on the tips of the ears)

With all those traits you described, along with that tail & those fluffy toes, Roxy may have some Coon in there!

Thanks for sharing her!

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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