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I think my cat is a Maine Coon

by Yuliana
(Puerto Rico)

My cat's name is Ash.
She's loud,loving and sociable.
She's about 7 months old.
I got her because my friend's cat had 4 kittens and she gave her to me.
She has beautiful hair and a huge tail.
When I came across this website i just HAD to ask, because I think she has most of the traits that Maine Coons have.

Hi Yuliana,

Wow, Ash has one of the most magnificent tails I have ever seen!

As usual, I have to say we can never know for sure. But, with a tail like that it is very possible she's a Maine Coon Mix.

To be a full Maine Coon Cat, your friend's cat would have been a registered Maine Coon, and she would have bred her, intentionally, with a male Maine Coon, also registered and pedigreed.

Sometimes a Maine Coon cat is lost or abandoned by their family, and that's how some folks come to have a Maine Coon cat. All the kittens do come from breeders nowadays.

Anyway, back to Ash! She has lovely markings, extra fur between her toes, and a tail to die for!!! So it looks like Ash very well could be a Maine Coon Mix!

Thanks for sharing her, and we'll be sure to add her to our photo album soon!

All the best,

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Dec 09, 2011
by: irina

hy! my cat looks just like yours and it also has all of the fetures of the breed... it has 6 toes, can "talk to birds", has a weird "meooow" (it gives me a lot of "mau mau mau") and was very easy to train. i adopted her... she used to belong to an old lady that had lots of cats... they told me it's a norvegian forest cat mix but i think that means it's a maine coon.
i think they're the best cats.
thanks for the post.

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