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Finnegan the fair haired Coon and sister Skooch

by Heather

I saw the picture posted by the exit of our local pet store. An adorable blue eyed orange fluff ball stared out asking for a forever home. Bad timing as I was just about to drive south for a week. I thought another cat would make three and the title "crazy cat lady" would soon follow!

I left the store only to return moments later to take down his info. His current caretaker informed me that he had a big personality and would most benefit with another cat in the home. A week later I returned from vacation and picked up the little ragamuffin. A few days later my neighbors called me "the crazy cat lady".

It took a couple days to name him, and after numerous suggestions I turned to my Scottish roots and found the name Finnegan. It's meaning.. little fair one, a perfect fit for him. The name and meaning stuck and Finn has been a wonderful, spunky, spirited, hilarious addition to our home!

His characteristics in appearance and personality match what I've read and seen... large plume like tail, big mane, loooong whiskers, and hair between his toes. Finn's personality is just as large as he greets us at the door, answers when talked to and always brings us his toys. He also puts himself in the center of any activity just to enjoy the chaotic fun.. Humm minus the hair, I wonder if I'm part Maine Coon..

Finn will be a year old in February and we look forward to a long and entertaining life with him : ) Pictures to follow.. H

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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