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by Alex Thompson

he is very friendly, doesn't struggle to get down when you pick him up, and he's really fluffy, and has gray

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Aug 28, 2010
time should tell
by: Anonymous

the other cat in the picture is his brother, i have seen the mother of them and it is not a coon cat, but i am not sure of the other one, he is the only long haired one of his litter, he has tufts on his ears but not, or not yet in between his toes, and he is very gentle, he will just lay wherever you put him, his tail is also very very fluffy.. if that helps, but time should tell

Aug 28, 2010
Fluffy boy
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Alex,

Desmond is so precious! He is very fluffy so I can see why you are wondering if he has some Coon in him.

I see another kitten in one of these pictures. Is it a littermate? Where did the kittens come from? If you have met the parents, or know the owners of the parents, that may give you your answer. A Maine Coon kitten has two registered Maine Coon parents.

Another possibility is that he is a Maine Coon mix, with only 1 parent being a Maine Coon. Although, most Maine Coon owners are responsible about spaying/neutering. If he's part Coon, the whole litter is, too.

If you don't know the parents, and the kittens were at a shelter, it's unlikely they are pure-bred. As he grows you'll have a better idea if he's a mix. Look for tufts on his ears, between his toes, and that shaggy look. Along with that gentle personality, too. Time will have to tell.

He is adorable, and I'm sure he'll bring you tons of joy. Thanks for sharing him! We'll be sure to add him to our photo gallery of kittens asap!


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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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