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Top Pet Flea Products

When Only The Best Will Do!

Looking for the top pet flea products on the market? Here you'll find carefully selected flea medication and the perfect flea treatment for cats and dogs.

These are our Top Picks for pet flea treatment for cats and dogs. These products have been carefully chosen for their superior performance, and many have been used by us personally.

All shopping is done directly with 1-800-PetMeds, PetSmart, and The Only Natural Pet Store through their secure servers. These leaders in cat and dog care and also offer the best prices on pet flea products that we've found.

Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Control

For many, Frontline is the gold standard when it comes to pet flea treatment. We used it it successfully for many years, and still use it in our home. This is a best seller.

Frontline Plus 6pk for Cats Kittens
Advantage, for Cats Over 9 pounds

Last summer we switched to Advantage for our cats, and are very pleased with it's performance. It acts powerfully and quickly, and has a pleasant smell. With this formula for big cats, I feel confident that Leo is properly protected.

Advantage 12pk Cat Purple 10 Lbs And Over
Advantage, for Cats 9 pounds and Under

This is the formula we use on petite Alice. She's only 8 pounds, and doesn't need as much flea medication as her big brother.

Advantage 12pk Cat Orange 1-9 Lbs

Sergeant's Gold Fogger

Sergeant's Fogger has been our "flea bomb" of choice in the past. It's readily available and reliable. And unless you have a very small home, the 3-pack is the way to go. We'll share some tips on fogging below.

Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Shampoo & Conditioner

Natural Flea Shampoo

An effective flea and tick shampoo is a key weapon in your arsenal. This shampoo gets high marks for getting rid of fleas, smelling great, and users remark that it leaves coats soft and manageable.

Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus (3 lb)


You've probably heard about using Boric acid to kill fleas. Fleabusters powder takes it to the next level. It cuts the shell of a flea at a microscopic level. This is a highly effective way to spot-treat an area in the home.

Frontline Spray 250ml Bottle

When dealing with a flea problem, flea spray is a must. Frontline is a leader in flea control. It can be used on cats, kittens, dogs & puppies over 8 weeks old.

Deluxe Flea & Grooming Comb

A flea comb is a must-have if fleas are on your pet. And this deluxe one does the job quite well. A few times daily, you'll want to capture fleas with this comb. Simply drop them in a cup of soapy water to eliminate them.

Brewers Yeast With Garlic 1000 Ct Btl

Brewers yeast and garlic work together in these all-natural pet supplements to repel fleas. Many pet owners swear by Brewers yeast. This product has top reviews; owners comment that their pets enjoy the tablets & have glorious coats.

Using Pet Flea Products

pet flea products

You'll probably want to use more than one of these products. By treating your pets, home, and yard at the same time you'll get rid of the fleas sooner.

The first step is to treat your pets with Frontline or Advantage, if that's the route you choose. the sooner the better. Make sure you don't bathe your pets for 48 hours before or after appying the flea medication.

When fogging, it's a good idea to use more than one fogger. We've had success with thoroughly vaccuming beforehand. This encourages eggs (which are protected in a shell) to hatch into vulnurable young fleas.

Fleas will find hiding places when you bomb. The fog dissipates in the air, then slowly settles. We have even upturned the couch cushions before fogging.

Once these pet flea products have done their work to get rid of the problem, the most important thing you can do is to keep up with your flea medication or cat flea treatment of choice. Mark it on the calendar, and the fleas will stay at bay!

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