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Coonie Love!

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon

On our previous page, 10 Things I Love About Maine Coons, I shared my favorite Maine Coon Traits and asked you to share yours.

Here are your fabulous answers! Thanks for sharing your Coonie Love!

Want to add to this page? Share your Coonie Love to add your favorite traits about your Maine Coon!


By: Anonymous in Texas New!

LUCKY is sweet, humongous and smart! We recently introducted two new kittens into our family and he has taken to watching over them but sometimes, they really "work his nerve" to the max.

Lucky jumped into daddy's lap when that happened and it was like he was saying.....ok....I've had all I cans take and I can't takes no more! We love him to death.

Lucky always slept on the bed with us and when the two new kittens (non coon) came into our lives they wanted to sleep with us as well. Lucky at first gave up "his spot".

I picked him up and placed him on his let him know we had not replaced him. He now shares the bed with the kittens and only occasionally hisses at them when they push just a little too far to suit him. We love Lucky!

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon

So Patient

By: Denise in Massachusetts New!

He's so patient with my 3 dogs (all three are smaller than he is)


A Character

By: Paula in NH New!

Smokey is such a character



By: Kazmyr and Merlyn in New Hampshire New!

Our KAZMYR and Merlyn are beautiful, funny and so loveable.


An Angel

By: PJ Kinann in CA New!

Pookieman was an angel -- the perfect cat! He was gentle, amiable, and beautiful! He was our vets "Poster Cat" for diabetes as he did super with his treatments. I treated him for about a year and a half, giving him daily injections and hydrating him when needed. But his beautiful little self just couldn't deal with the illness any longer and we lost him on 9-11-06. He left us on a date we can never forget. I was hoping to be able to put a photo of him here in remembrance of my Pookie.


Many Reasons

By: Kimi in Nashville TN New!

I love my Maine Coons because of so many reasons. They are so in tune with my moods - from celebrating with puppy-like dances at my happiness to comforting my sadness with gentle snuggles and coos.

Whenever I've been ill, they take vigil at the foot of my bed (as if watching the door like guard dogs.) during such time, they seem to be as undemanding as possible, content with an occasional ear scratch when they check on me in turn, and are vigilant in escorting me to the bathroom or kitchen then back to bed again.

As soon as they sense I am well again, their energy seems to kick into overdrive - eager to make up for the fun times we may have missed!


Fat Cat

By: Tamy in North Dakota New!

Where do I start? Fat Cat was picked up from a daughter had just lost her cat to an accident, so I went to Petsmart and looked around...thought I had one picked out....then a worker brought in the ONE. Placed Fat Cat in a cage..he never made a sound, just looked around without a care in the world.

I called my daughter to come to the store...without telling her which cat I thought she'd like, she immediately picked Fat Cat. He was our first Maine Coon...and I'll never have another breed. He loves anything in the shape of a circle. I keep different color/size rubberbands in a ziploc sandwich bag....when he finds the bag he knocks it to the ground and plays with it.

If he gets a band out, he plays with it until he manages to lose it under something. When I come home from work I usually get on the computer immediately. He comes to me and talks to me. If I don't respond, he'll jump in my lap. If he doesn't get an appropriate response, he'll jump on the keyboard.

He loves to groom us, especially my son. If my son (who was 15 when we got him) makes the mistake of laying on the floor, Fat Cat will go to his head, put his paw on his head 'to hold him down,' and proceed to groom him. And if you've ever seen the cartoon "Garfield", he eats like him. He'll lay in front of his food bowl and reach out with his paw and pull it to him....while he lays on the floor. I love his trilling...he talks constantly...

I didn't know a thing about Maine Coons when we adopted him, but he certainly fits the descriptions I've read...what amazed me most was how 'dog like' he was....until I read that the breed is the closest thing to a dog that a cat can be, I used to tell my family he must've been a dog in his former life (kidding of course).


Love Like None Other

By: Trish in California New!

My Maine Coon is quite the cat who thinks shes a dog! Yoda is 12 1/2 yrs, even as a senior she follows me everywhere. Goes outside with the dogs as often as she can, mostly when I'm playing with all three.

We have our morning snuggle time, anout 15 min of loud purrs. Oh, she cam purr, her motor is so loud and comforting. She is so smart and intuitive. Knows when we need her, when sick, sad or lonely, she is the first there. I wish she could live a lot longer, but I feel her pain. Hips, back, and legs. She walks a lot slower now, has her favorite spot by the fireplace. I love her so.

I also have three other kitties that are rescues and two dogs. She gets along with all. In my golden years I may get another Coonie, for the love they give is compared to none.


Sunny Days

By: Connie in Missouri New!

Sunny is able to go out when ever she wants . It is so funny to watch her play with leaves, run up and down the trees. She is such a sweet baby. Our old cat LA loves her. He is with her all the time.


Handsome Prince

By: Teri in Michigan New!

He is always there to greet me when I come home from work. He loves to play. Our living room looks like a 2-year-old child lives here and Prince is just over 7 months old.

We have many games that we play and when he's done, he sits still. I crawl over to him and scratch his head and neck. His purr starts then and he closes his eyes, turns over on his back and eventually falls asleep! What a treasure my Lil' Handsome Prince is to me!

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon

Gentle Lady

By: Karen in Ontario New!

I love my Maine Coon because she is so gentle and laid back! She runs to the door to great us when we get home. to let us know she missed us! She is so gentle with my 4 year old grand daughter, playing with her and sleeping with her.

She truly is an amazing creature. She is 4 years old and seems she will be one of the "dainty maine coons" Such a little lady! We are blessed to have her in our family !


Endearing Boy

By: Diane in North Carolina New!

My Sunny is the cat I've waited my entire life for. So gentle and endearing. 23 pounds of love. He was so worth the wait!



By: Alisa in Kansas New!

He so fun, playful and loving! We bought our black "domestic long hair" from our local humane society. Not realizing he was actually a Maine Coon. We have always said he thinks he's a dog! He loves water too!

He's just absolutely gorgeous to look at! We chose him for our family of three because he was so playful in his cage (at Petsmart--they bring cats in on Saturdays). He is the purrfect addition to our small family. He lets my dad three dress him in doll clothes and he plays with her readily.


Head Butts

By: Gary in Ohio New!

I love that he head butts me to get me to rub his ears! He also follows me wherever I go just to be with me. Maine Coons are truly a great breed of cats!!


Couldn't Live Without Him

By: Michele in Hawaii New!

He is the most lovable, playful cat that I ever owned. We adopted Herbie at the humane society, I had no idea what a Maine Coon breed was and after having his company for 3 years, I could not live without him.


He Understands

By: Sharon in New York New!

He looks at me like he understands every word I say.



By: Basti in Germany New!

He feels when you are sad


Loving Sugar

By: Jill in MN New!

All these ten are absolutely exact to our new baby Sugar!!!!!!!! OMG We r enjoying & loving her!!!! ;-))))



By: Bill in Ohio New!

They're loving and very playful.


Very Smart

By: Thomas Morris in Ont. New!

She is very smart Shelby will go in the bedroom every night at 9:pm & wake my wife up to take her meds

She is like a Little child Sometimes she says words like yes no Shelby is loveable ,she sleeps on my tummy & she is always around me when Iam away & come home she gives heck & meows then she jumps on my lap & cuddles then falls a sleep afters she eats treats.

I have no kids Shelby is my kid and a part of our family wel love Shelby very much


Loves Me

By: Carol in Ohio New!

It loves me...sometimes more than my dog


Best Cats Ever

By: Blake In Texas New!

Athena is the just best cat I've ever had. She is such a SWEETHEART. So affectionate & needy in a sweet way, & vocal with me (her little chirps and silent meows are the cutest thing EVER)...

She loves to have her big ole paws rubbed, and I talk to her constantly (especially when I come in the door and am feeding her). She hides her mice and even plays fetch with me! So funny when I turn the water on too!

I seriously don't think I'll ever have anything other than a Maine Coon again. BEST CATS EVER


Even When Naughty

By: Joseph in CA New!

He can do no wrong, even when he's naughty!



By: Patricia Chapman in Kwa-Zulu Natal New!

They are all what the above has said.. follow me where ever I go... love it when I am outside in the garden then proceed to kill my plants and love hide and seek.


Caring, Loyal, Affectionate

By: Pierre in Quebec New!

Caring, Loyal, Affectionate


Sense of Humor

By: Diane in New York New!

He has a sense of humor and is creative. He is forever creating new games… new ways for us to communicate and new chores for me.


Love Fresco

By: Reina in Massachusetts New!

I love my Maine Coon, Fresco, because he is always there for me. When I wake up he is chirping at me from far away and runs up to me, he follows me in the bathroom.

When I make my morning coffee, he is right there getting his morning snacks. He is confident and smart, and truly is devoted to me and my two daughters. He respects his father, and loves his mother. Nothing could ever keep me away from my Maine Coonie.

Plus I have like 50 different nicknames for him. He is like the softest teddy bear in the world when I give him a hug. He lets my daughters put him in baby strollers and drive him around the house. He is the cat of my life. I love Fresco!


Spoiled With Love

By: Horation in WA New!

He is very much like our child. My husband thinks he is a spoiled-rotten-child, and I guess he is. After all, why else have a dearly-loved family pet if not to spoil and love.


Peekaboo Cleo

By: Dahloan in Florida New!

My Cleo is only part Maine, we think, but she has so many of the characteristics. She knows when I am sick or sad and is there by my side nonstop, as if she can fix things.

She has learned to play peekaboo and will hide behind the couch. We also made up a game she knows by name... Behind the door. I simply open the door and bit and put a string between the cracks.

She will go behind the door when I call the game by name. I ask if she wants to walk and she goes to the end of the sidewalk. I have had cats my entire 50 years and never one as smart as she is. If she is only half, I wonder what a full one is like? Can't wait to find out!


Best Greeter

By: Kate in Texas New!

My Maine fur friend says goodbye to me at the door when I leave and is usually right by the door when I come home.

The most endearing thing he does is when I am petting and talking to him, he will purr and purr and then flop on his side - this is funny and I call it cat tipping because he looks like someone just tipped him over.


Silly Companion

By: Simone in North Dakota New!

...he makes me love coming home to my apartment after a very long and trying day in graduate school and work. He sleeps near the door and waits for me to come through it.

He has a special meow that he only uses with me and for me. He comes when called and even struts next to me when we walk down the hall to the laundry room. He is beyond silly and his goofiness gives me the hearty laugh and feeling of parental-like love at the end of every day.


Affectionate and Loving

By: Eva in Utah New!

He is so affectionate and loving!!! And to touch that silky fur makes me feel loved and rich:) The fact that he sometimes can chirp like a bird is fascination.



By: Fluffy in Mass New!

He helps me with everything


Lost Without Them

By: Shirley in North Yorkshire New!

We have 3, two males and a female. Our house is their home and we are their servants, entertainers, family and friends.

Misty is the old deaf girl who thinks she is the boss. Shadrach is the ginger and cream hunk. Ted is the youngster who keeps the other two on their toes. The boys come when they are called. Misty comes when she smells food.

All are keen to assist round the house and investigate visitors. We would be lost without them.


By: Bonnie C. Johnson in Florida New!

My Izzy follows me everywhere...shes such a part of my life that I would be so lonely without her...

She sits in my lap and cuddles and always runs to greet me when I come home... I love her little "chirp" when she says "hello" in the morning.. also she's 4 years old and still loves to play!


Quirky Eater

By: Jeannie in Connecticut New!

Picasso is one quirky eater! When he is eating he lays down next to the bowl of dry food and chomps away, however, if the center of the bowl is empty he will not eat until I put more in or move it from the side to the center.

He also loves his plain Greek yogurt for breakfast. He is not crazy about canned food but loves roast turkey (without seasonings, of course). He use his paw as a fork and takes the food that way or drags it onto the floor and eats it. And he gets distracted while eating, and does not always finish his meal unless I offer "room service" and bring it to him wherever he is resting and he will finish it. He has me trained!!


Saved My Life

By: Danielle in Florida New!

He literally saved my life emotionally. If I didn't have him in my life, I'd probably be in an institution!! >^..^< ModdyCat


By: Gail in NJ New!

I went with a friend to rescue her, her brothers and mom. She was hiding behind everyone. I am not sure who spotted who first, but she and I connected instantly.

My husband asked if there was one I connected with (we where debating on a second for our Katy). I told him the connection and the next night went to our friends to pick her up.

Her name is Dixie and she has been part of our family for three years. Been around cats all my life, but never around a coonie. She is so friendly, out going, follows me around the house, such a love bug. Loves to give me head butts. Glad to be introduced to this "gentle giant".


Best Friend

By: Ywonne in Sundsvall, Sweden New!

He's my best friend


She's Crazy!

By: Ruth in Gloucestershire New!

She's crazy! Nadia is the head of the house, in charge of two humans, one cat and one border collie. She bombs the collie when he least expects it and makes him jump, I suspect paying him back from when they were little growing up together and he used to drag her round the kitchen - she loved it, as I said , crazy! Still, a little payback now and again is called for.

She lays across doorways and he won't try and pass u til she moves. Yup, she's got us all where she wants us!!!


Family Member

By: Dilip in Mumbai (Bombay) New!

TinTin aka Mau, is charged with unbelievable wits. The lovable, honored family member, stressbuster and a realtime entertainer.


Sweet Girl

By: Janet in PA New!

She is such a sweet girl! She loves sleeping on my lap, and we often nap together. She is a beautiful girl, with her big white ruff, lynx-like ears, and magnificent tail!

I went all the way to Chester County here in PA to get her from the breeder. There were other cuties, but her pretty face won me over! She has a lovely little trill, very faint, but I can hear her!


My Buddy

By: Theresa in FL New!

He is my buddy, my best friend, my boon companion. Always by my side, smart as a whip, and twice as affectionate. He is simply the love of my life.



By: Monique in Massachusetts New!

Pookins is very sensitive, she sleeps in bed with who ever is upset at the moment. Her dedication to family members is remarkable. I have never been so in love with a pet as her. She is my baby girl. She also loves rid our house of all summer time bugs...Good girl Pookins!


Makes Me Laugh

By: Rachel in Styria, Austria New!

He makes me laugh every day.


One Of The Pack

By: Dawn in FL New!

Because she is one of the pack. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. My main coon is the only cat aloud in my room with the dogs. She loves my dogs and they know it.



By: Annie in CA New!

When he kneads and purrs to make himself a napping spot, he kneads with three paws! He looks like he's riding a bicycle! It's hilarious but don't you dare laugh at him! You'll hurt his feelings!


Special Girl

By: Wendy in Basildon Essex New!

I loved my Maine coon. Sadly I lost her 3 weeks ago, to stomach cancer. It was such a shock. She was so so special. She was always with me. Loved to be cuddled, and loved being with my two German shepherd dogs. She was only 8years of age a tortie tabby. I have another Maine coon, but Fudge was special.


Anger Issues?

By: Amber in North Carolina New!

My daughter really wants a Maine Coon and I can't decide to get her one or not I've been doing a lot of research on maine coons and I've seen that they have a lot of anger issues is this true and could this cat injure my daughter.


Wakes Me Up

By: Deb in NY New!

She wakes me up every morning by curling up on my chest...all 13 pounds of her... and licks my face until I start to pet her.


So Smart

By: Annaliese Happ in New York New!

Because she is so smart and playful and I trained her to sit on my shoulders! Too much fun!

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon

Funny and Loving

By: Elizabeth in Dorset New!

He is completely mad and so funny he loves playing with my other cat Sid who is a normal moggy (sort of) my Sid who is approaching 1 gets on so well with Alex who is 11 weeks old they are just so cute, funny and loving


We Communicate

By: Francois in Ile de France New!

we actually talk to each other, he understands and responds. He is also a gourmand. He eats almost any type of human food.


Reason To Live

By: Jane in Illinois New!

I don't know if my first post made it. If it didn't, I just wanted to say that my Polly gives me a reason to live. Three years ago I didn't want to live. I had some tremendous losses that I still struggle with.

Then Polly got very ill and went into kidney failure. We never really knew what happened. She was at the university for three weeks before she turned around. She is my best friend and I love her and her rescue buddy more than anything in the world. She's my constant companion and gets a bit jealous if I'm on the phone or computer.

She has so much love to give. But every now and then, if for some reason I overdo it on the loving and petting, she might nip or swipe at me just so I will know my place! Her big bushy tail never stops and she loves shredded cheese. It has to be sharp and she prefers the Wal Mart generic brand--I kid you not--she is that particular.


Goofy, Sweet & Smart

By: Judy in Nebraska New!

I love my Maine Coon Tortie Tinker because. She is so goofy, sweet & smart. Jumps to the top of the refrigerator from the counter talking all of the time when it is time for her canned food treat in the evening.


Faithful Friend

By: Rebecca in Illinois New!

My Polly is the most faithful little friend I could ever ask for. While her buddy (a white domestic) is snoozing away, Polly will never leave my side. BUT every now and then when I just can't seem to cuddle her enough, she will tell me she's had it by a nip or a swipe of her paw.

And although her buddy, the domestic, weighs much more, Polly is the boss. She can be a little jealous, I guess. My cats are the loves of my life. I never knew what a Main Coon was until my Polly came along. She's simply the best.


Best Friend

By: Rebecca in California New!

She's my best friend!


Makes Me Laugh

By: Jodie in Michigan New!

Juliette makes me laugh. She loves to run and hide in an open brown grocery bag. She has made a hole in the top and sticks her paw out for me to play with.


Mostly Coonie

By: Susan New!

Shiloh is 4 months. His dad is a very impressive Maine Coon and his mum is half Maine Coon and half Ragdoll. Shiloh looks exactly like his father. He is silver and grey with a beautiful shaggy mane and already huge feet.

My vet was shocked when i said he is 3/4 Coon and 1/4 Ragdoll then laughed and said I was going to have a huge cat that flops. That is the only trait from his mum that he has, he is floppy.

Having read about Maine Coons he is exhibiting all of the examples of a true blood Coon. He is friendly, so loving and so funny. I have 2 Ragdoll cats aged 16 and 18 months old and they are so lovely but Shiloh is showing different types of personality than they do or any other cat I have had. He 'fetches' when I throw toys for him, he lies on me, he sleeps next to me and he is always at the other side of a closed door if I am in that room without him.My other cats are Lollypop and Bobby Blu.

Lolly is a bit of a loner so Shiloh always goes to her but doesn't stay long but he is cheeky and I have caught him many times tripping her up and running off. But he adores Bobby. Always following him everywhere. He lies on his back making 'puddings' with his claws and just generally getting on Bobs nerves, but being a super cat himself, rarely stops him. As much as I would have liked to have gotten a full Maine Coon, Shiloh could not have been beaten,he is truly a lovely cat and I am so looking forward to his growing up and I can be 'wowed' with each phase of his maturing. I will try to send a pic of him so you can see how handsome he is.


So Affectionate

By: Diane in Oregon, USA New!

She is so lovable, friendly and actually makes eye contact like a person.....affectionate and talks to me whenever I touch her. I've only had her 4 wks. and couldn't love her more


Such A Lover

By: Joy in Arkansas New!

He's such a lover!!! He sleeps with me every night and has to touch me with his paw or lay his head on my hand. He gives me kisses and nibbles on my nose and fingers. He is my baby and only 1 year old.


Amazing Ozzy

By: Samantha in Quebec New!

I have no words to express how amazing my 6 year old Maine Coon is named Ozzy! He is just the most adorable thing and is meowing right next to me at the moment(he knows im writing about him). He is always around me and always wants to be petted! He is the love of my life and I would not trade him for the world.



By: Marilyn in Iowa New!

Our Maine Coon, Hellen of Troy, is a real survivor. In June of 2008, the Cedar River began an unprecedented rise. We thought little of it and were told to leave our home. We thought that we would be back the next day.

We were back in two weeks. We left our two cats in the house, much to our regret. One of our Coonies was rescued and taken to shelter. The second cat, Hellen of Troy, was clever enough to hide even when the National Guard people were in and out of the house and looked for her.

Anyway, after two weeks we came back and found her. She needed hydration and one of her eyes needed treatment. She is over five years old now and in good condition. The second Maine Coon, who was a really stunning beauty, didn't live long after this experience. Hellen is a tough little girl and a real sturdy Maine type of creature! Thanks


She Adopted Me

By: Robi in Ontario New!

She was a stray, lost or abandoned, and she adopted me! She has been an absolute joy, so full of love, a lap cat indeed!


Best Mate

By: Patricia in England New!

Because he is adorable, gives lots of cuddles, when he needs something, he will not take no for a answer, wants it right there and now, but I would not be without him for anything, he is my best mate.xx


Big Furry Cuddler

By: Erika in Connecticut New!

I love my Maine Coone Pretty because he is laying bedside me now purring to high heaven because is as close to his mommy as possible. He is such a big furry cuddler.


Learns Tricks

By: Sara in Iowa New!

Our, LUKE, Maine Coon cat learned to do tricks faster than our Golden Retriever.. his favorite, roll over. He also loves to 'sit up on back paws' to beg for treats. FUNNY ALL THE TIME!!!

Love my big boy..and even tho we are an 8 member family..Luke is MY CAT..follows me everywhere and sleeps ON MY PILLOW at night.. even tho I 'start' him at the foot of the bed..wake every a.m., to me almost falling out of the bed and Luke happily splayed out taking 3/4's of the bed..


True Friend

By: Robert in Ontario New!

He is a true friend


My Love

By: Noshin in Manchester, UK New!

Simba is my love as I am his, he goes everywhere with me. When I come home from work he meets me and leads the way to the kettle. Even when we have visitors he greets them then takes his place next to me.


Precious and Sweet

By: Molly in Morgan New!

Little Oliver is the most precious and sweet cat I have ever owned. He sleeps next to me and when my door is closed he waits by the door until I Come out. He gives kisses and loves to follow me everywhere I go.

The noises he makes and the way he sprawls out on the floor crack me up everyday. He is never in a bad mood and lightens my day everyday.


Helper and Companion

By: Keith in North Carolina; Concord New!

Leo always helps to make up our bed each day! He waits on me every day; when I come home from work at the door. He likes to play and he likes to sleep under the dryer in a drawer.


So Loving

By: Patty in Show Low, Arizona New!

Littleman has been one of the most loving animals I have ever been fortunate to own. We rescued him from between a wall in a barn. He was so little he still had one eye closed. I hand fed him with a eye dropper and he only has eyes for "mom" , who is me.

If I let him sleep with me, he actually puts his paw around me and holds me. He breathes my air, falls asleep then about 10 - 15 minutes later he goes to end of bed. He would lay on my lap for hours if I would let him. This is why I have been looking into getting another one.

We also own an American Ragdoll. Now she on the other hand clearly states, Don't touch me. I'm beautiful and I know it. They are like daylight and darkness. Littleman is huge compared to Emmie but you would never know it. He will always side step around her. Love both my babies!



By: Beverly Carpenter in Branson West, MO New!

My Maine Coon was very loving. HE WAS FRIENDLY. he followed me everywhere. He loved to sleep with me. He was mysterious on things he did.


Unconditional Love

By: Gypsy in California New!

She gives unconditional love and compaionship. We have conversations. She wants to please and learn. So easy to be with. Can't live with out her....


Sweet Boy

By: Paula in Florida New!

"I Love My Maine Coon because he has such a personality and has become a prominent family member and very loving to the kids. He likes his special time with me when I wind down and watch TV or check email in the evening.

I love his unique chirping and meows, nothing like anything I have hears. he also is so clean regarding his large litter box. I love my sweet boy, Mr Kitty


Love To Be Involved

By: Diane in Massachusetts New!

They are involved in everything I do. They eagerly let me know how important it is to them that they can be with me. I just love having conversations with them.


Gizmo Rocks

By: Teresa in Michigan New!

She is so loving and beautiful. I can't imagine our family without her now. She also loves to play and my husband says he never knew a cat could be like her. Gizmo rocks!


Amazing Personality

By: Judi in Pennsylvania New!

She fills my home with her amazing personality.


So Silly

By: Natalie in Ohio New!

He is so silly! He takes my kids' little toys and drops them into our shoes, his food dish, and even the toilet!


Not A Witchy Woman

By: Judith in New York New!

She is smart, and amazes me with a new attitude, trick or behaviour every day! I rescued Sunshine from a shelter, where she had been for six months...and had been labeled "unlovable," "unadoptable," and "bipolar, approach with caution!" They had named her "Witchy Woman."

They waived the adoption fee for me because I was this cat's only hope of having a forever home. On the two hour journey home she only "meeped" a couple of times. When I let her out of her carrier I steered clear of her, letting her adjust to the new environs at her pace...and those eyes of her's watched my every movement.

Within an hour she was up on my lap...and she followed me around like a puppy when I wasn't sitting and she was occupying my lap. At bedtime she claimed the pillow next to mine. I fell to sleep that night wondering if "Witchy Woman" was going to drop her "company manners" and attack me in my sleep.

The next morning as I arose from my bed, there was this chirping, dancing, prancing cat at my feet. That's when I first said, "Good morning, Sunshine!" When people visit, she is right at the door, awaiting to welcome, and be welcomed. Every morning when I mist the Boston Fern over my table she is there, prancing around and loving her daily showering!

And she scared the devil out of me the first time she jumped into the shower with me! A cat that likes water? Amazing! My part-Coonie has some issues from her abandonment. But what a cat! My girlfriend has always had Siamese cats. My father had a Manx. I thought they were "smarties!" Until my part-Coonie started exposing me to her many multi-talented and multifaceted personality!


Best Friend

By: Jennifer Margaret in Mass New!

She is seriously my best friend. Always by my side she's so smart she can cense my feelings lets me hold her hug her pick her up gives me kisses...

I got her when she was already ten yrs old and still able to teach her tricks the love I feel and receive from her is AMAZING. When I talk to her she listens comes when called and knows what certain words mean. Maine Coons really are like dogs. We sleep together every night not to mention spend every waking min together.

She truly has been my guardian angel I love her more then life its self and spoil her to the fullest my Susie q IS THE CATS MEOW


Big Boy

By: Jill in TX New!

Be is big like I am - not to mention cuddly, beautiful, loving, sweet and affectionate!! As a 6'2" female, I wanted a substantial cat that matched me in size!! I really don't think I could ever own another breed now. I am totally spoiled.


Smartest Cat

By: Stephanie in Maine New!

She is the smartest cat I've ever known. Her favorite treat is pringles and she refuses anything seafood flavor. Never have I ever had a cat with so much personality.

She has many different sounds, one for when she needs help (i.e. tried to jump into the cubbards above the washing machine and then fell into the empty washing machine having the lid close behind her.needless to say I keep that closed at all times now.) to right before she throws up a hairball.

I've learned to recognize all of her sounds and what they mean. She has learned how to open drawers and cubbards by watching me. She is now trying to learn how to open doors. It is really quite amazing. And boy when she feels as if she hasn't had enough attention she will get it, by jumping from the floor up onto my shoulders, no matter if I'm sitting or standing.

Did I mention she was a hidden miracle? I went to the animal shelter to adopt a cat one day and found her. In a corner cage where she couldn't really be seen and instantly fell in love not knowing she was not 2yrs old or a Maine Coon yet.

I found out she was a full fledge maine coon when I was filling out her paper work. She had been returned twice already and they didn't want her taken again because someone wanted a maine coon, they wanted someone who would take her for her and not return her when she wasn't what they expected.

Then when I brought her to the vet that week, he told me she was only 8months and not 2yrs old! Imagine my surprise. But I am incredibly blessed by Eleanor. She has her forever home now and she knows it. Loves to cuddle with me all the time and is always guarding me in my sleep. Truly a precious gift from above.


Gentle Girl

By: Rosa in Portland, Oregon New!

Well I think she's a mix but she has many of the Coon traits and I love her because she is always there to greet me when I come home.

If I go to the store during the day she follows to the end of the block and waits for me until I get back home. Cookie walks my son every morning to the end of the block when he leaves for school.

She is gentle and tolerant, she has beed spayed and never been a mother but when I got my chihuahua pup she made sure to care for him played and bathed him( although he didn't quite like being held down for his grooming sessions)they still love each other very much. They are six now.

She likes to hunt/play with both the dogs. They end up rolling on the grass at times which is pretty funny if ya ask me.


Acts Like A Dog

By: Katherine in New Jersey New!

He acts like a dog. I call him cat-dog, he is so funny. Follows me everywhere, sits at my feet, stares at me like he adores me and he comes when I call him. He is amazing to me.

I have had cats all my life and Coco by far is the best cat that I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life. I have two, but unfortunately I think Cody was abused (he was a rescue) because he hides and doesn't like loud noises or strangers. But he's still a beautiful cat and gets along we'll with Coco.


Daffy and Daisy

By: Nancy in Massachusetts New!

"Daffy" (Daphne) and Daisy are Maine Coon mix, born to a feral tabby cat, but they have very Maine Coon tendencies as sisters while having very different personalities.

"Daffy" is very petite although she looks pure Maine Coon. Daisy has the build and facial structure but not the long fur. They both follow me around the house and never miss a single change.

They take their "responsibilities" seriously but have a great sense of humor. Daisy adores being brushed and pampered while Daffy prefers the hands-off handling while loving the laser toys and interactive wand toys. She totally surprised me at the vet's last fall when she turned to me and intimated that she wanted me to hold her! I'm hoping that scenario will be repeated at this year's appointment.


Faithful Buddy

By: Bruce in New York New!

Gus is my best, faithful buddy. He has been a rejected cat for many years but I only crossed paths with him last year. I am told that he is about 15 years old.

He took to me and I didn't think he would survive the winter, so I brought him in a couple of months ago. My step daughter identified him as a Maine Coon cat.

I have loved many other cats in my life, but Gus is special. Bruce


Gentle and Patient

By: Kate in Indiana New!

He is gentle with the other house cats and puts up with the rowdie kittens, although ferocious with the barn cats. I do wish he'd let me brush him but he's determined to do it himself.



By: Mort in Nassau County, New York New!

First, I'm his favorite human in the family. No matter where I sit, he is never more than 2ft. away. The chirping is like having a conversation with him. Acrobatic? He can push off his hind legs 5 feet off the floor when my son wiggles his fingers against the wall.

He gets winded easily when chasing the laser for a half an hour. Then he pants like a dog.



By: Karla in Washington New!

He's such a goofball!


Greeter and Helper

By: Leo in North Carolina New!

He keeps tabs on me all the time! He welcomes me home from work every day wanting his usual petting and stroking! He helps with chores around the house and always seems to have time for a game of tag before bed time!



By: Arlene in New York New!

She chirps out a whole conversation with me every morning. Everyday it's different topic. She's the best


He is SO Much Fun!

By: Anonymous

My Coon Cat, Rascal ,is Crazy fun! I rescued him when he was about one year old, he is now, I believe three.

Whoever had him before had his front claws removed, not something I would do, But, I think he forgets, He will come Running into a room and be halfway up the door casing and suddenly look at me as if to say."Rats!, I ahve no claws!", and slide to the floor.

I don't think I have ever enjoyed a cat as much as I do Rascal!


Sweet Sounds

By: Tiffany in Texas

My Boi is deaf, but so vocal! I love my Boi Beezers cuz of his sweet coo's when he see's me or after I wake him up. He even wakes me up in the morning, standing on me & will belt out one big rrrrooww ewwwwwww wow!


Big Little Buddy

By: Gerard in Rhode Island, USA

He's my big little buddy.


The Sweetest

By: Cathryn in PA, USA

Layla is the sweetest cat and has brought so much joy to our life! For someone who didn't want a cat she stole my heart. My son loves her to peices. I love her-she brightens every day.

She waits for us to come home and greets us at the door. She almost talks. She loves to lay beside you but not on you. She makes the cutest little sounds. Loves to play and follows us around the house. She has us wrapped around her little paws including my husbands.



I Love My Maine Coon because...

By: Val in Northern Illinois

He is quite the talker and I love having conversations with him!


My Hero

By: Angela in Munich/Bavaria, Germany

Henry's so affectionate, he's my hero, he's always with me in the house, follows me, cuddles with me, even talks to me. I love big cats... I love his soft paws..... his tender eyes....


Our Baby

By: Anna in Athens, Greece

He is adorable... He runs and jumps on me to greet me when I come home from work, he wants me near him while he eats and for just being close to me on those grey days.. laying by feet or on my bed alongside me.... He is my Coonie..... actually our baby


So Devoted

By: Jo in Ontario, Canada

He is so devoted to me. He follows me everywhere I go. He is always checking out things I bring home, whether its groceries or whatever. He is right in the midst of whatever I am doing. He is just the cat's meow and I love love love him to pieces.

Oh and did I mention how beautiful and smart he is? I get a belly laugh from him all the time. He's my best furfriend in the world. I've had other pets, but I love love love him the best of all. Bar none.


Best Friend

By: Alison in Florida

He is my best friend! He wants to be in involved in everything I do. He is so smart, affectionate and beautiful. He's my baby!


Loving and Loyal

By: Jill in Colorado

My babies love me more. They cuddle with me when I am sick and give me kisses when I am sad. What I love most is that they always there waiting for me when I get home.


So Entertaining

By: Joanne in Manchester, UK

I love my Maine Coon because he is highly entertaining. He loves to play with paper. He growls like a dog. He jumps on my back when I am exercising. He is beautiful, affectionate and a great companion.


They Give Happiness

By: Theresa in PA

My Maine Coons kittens give me happiness! Got them from my daughter as a Christmas gift!! Her knowing I needed something in my life for I have depression and anxiety!

The kittens have made me feel so happy and have not felt sad and has made my anxiety much better. I have 2 Sara and Simon they are the best medicine, they are loving, make me laugh, they are my best friends!!


They Are The Light Of My Life!

By: Amber in Montana

I love my maine coons because - they are the light of my life! First I have Mouse (called Mousie normally) a pure white maine coon with hazel eyes.. and bright pink ears! XD He is nearly 8 months old and 11 lbs of pure love XD.

This boy has been the light of my entire life .... filling up the house with such a presence. I had no idea how much personality a Maine Coon could have. I have owned only Persians and one tabby before in my life - I had no idea what I was missing. <3

Mouse has such an amazing personality, and continually every day finds new ways to delight us :) I think he is crazy ... he loves everything . Box duty (making sure the boxes are easily jump-in-able... making sure the traction is good .. can't be sliding around all the time when you jump in now can you?), helping us put away groceries (he thinks he is helping when he touches everything *nods*), helping us cook (gotta get on the counter and watch every movement to make sure we do it all just right), and other general zany things.

He also has this out of ordinary fascination with his water fountain. Yes I have heard that maine coons love running water - but he likes to sleep on the bowl. It gets his fur all soaking wet and ... knatty but he really loves it. It seems like it calms him - and he has been doing it since he was very little :) The thing I love the most about this little guy - is our special relationship. My husband said it doesn't happen to him at all, so it must be something reserved just for me.

When I am sleeping in the middle of a night , all of a sudden out of nowhere mouse will get on the bed, find where my arms are and FORCE himself into them so I'm cuddling him tight .. he will always place his head under my chin and continually move and squirm so that his head is against my heart or near my face in multiple ways XD This cuddle is such a strange thing - but so amazing to me XD And then once he has stopped moving around so much .. he falls fast asleep cuddled in my arms like a child. :) I talk so much about Mouse - that I can't forget Foxy :)

Foxy is our 8.5 lbs 6 month old Tortie colored Maine Coon that we bought as a companion for mouse. He just seemed too lonely, and sadly the other occupant of this house is a 10 year old persian who is very standoffish and won't have anything to do with him. So after we talked to Mouse's breeder, we decided to bring in another little girl from a different litter to grow up with him. She is a sweet heart XD She has quirks of her own, thought she does seem more 'normal' and laid back like other cats I've know. One cute thing she loves to do is play with her food. She will nab a piece out of the bowl with her paw and then play with it for a bit - batting it like a toy before gobbling it up. Rinse and repeat XD Hah XD She is also a big cuddler, but we don't have the special cuddle times that Mouse decides is a routine now. <3 I think she is mostly a daddy's girl - choosing to spend all of her time with him all snuggled up.

Every night she comes up .. walks up his leg, into his arms demanding for him to reposition his body to be perfect for her to lay down :) Both kittens love eachother. I'm so glad for that - they really really love each other! Grooming, playing, sleeping cuddled up together. It is a perfect relationship for them and I couldn't want more :)

(Note from editor: Hi Amber, your tribute is lovely! However, the form you used doesn't accept the photos you tried to send. If you see this, feel free to contact me on my contact page and we'll get those photos added.)


They are the greatest breed I have ever been blessed to be owned by smiles

By: Maggie in Cape Cod , MA

Each of my coon furkids have been rescues. Milky Toast made me so fall in love with him, and I got a great bond going from the time he was born. His mommy was a feral or wild kitty that came in to bless us with Milky Toast and his sister (who I stupidly admit I found a home for) not really knowing the breed at all at that time.

Milky has so opened my eyes to the awesomeness of the breed. I consider Milky Toast to be a feral throughbreed as he is the 3rd generation of them that occupied my yard when I got him. To make a long story short, his mommy had been attacked by what we think was a raccoon and had the whole back of her leg torn up. She found her way into our basement and when we found her she let us help repair the damage to her leg until she was totally better.

When she gave birth to Milky Toast and his sister she really didn't know what she was doing as she didn't take the birth sac off of them which I did, tied it and then cut it off, so that is where and how Milky Toast and I got so permently bonded.

Milky Toast was also born with a birth defect that I have been told by vets that is very common of the Maine Coons which is his eye balls are too small to kick the third eye lid back so Milky Toast only sees out of the top half of his eyes.

It was suggested that i had the third eyelid cut out but I declined as the vet told me that he was light sensitive, so I felt that God made him that way for a specific reason and Milky Toast gets along great, the only thing is he don't like little things touching his toes. He has so stolen my heart with all his antics and loveabilty to the max.

I am 55 years old and have had kitties my whole life and never had met one like a Coon. I also worked in a homeless kitty shelter for over 7 years and although I loved each of them, none stole my heart like the Coon did. I am now a proud ower of 6 part or full Coons that I have rescued, which one day I will share about each of them with all your readers along with their pictures. They are all such remarkable lovebugs to the max.


She's Loyal and Proud

By: Deborah in Beaumont TX

I Love My Coonie. She lies nearby, she sleeps on the top of her cat tree and I had better greet her when I see her after we have been apart. She runs like a little Kitty, she weighs 17 pounds, and if I am not around she is a scoundrel to my daughter. Ha, she's the best cat ever.


He has even made my grouchy, don't touch me cat a little more affectionate.

Sam & Susie

By: Kellie in Jasper AL

We have an old cat the doesn't want anyone to touch her at any time.

Since we got Sam he will not leave her alone wanting to snuggle and play with her. She has finally come out of her grouchy self and started being a little loving and playful.


Close Bond

By: Bonnie in Indiana

Gia is 15 years old and has definitely bonded to me. I adopted her from a shelter. However-due to economic situations I had to move in with my parents for a few months. The first time I left her alone with them she pretty much went ballistic if they tried to approach her. I never realized before but she just loves to sit and stare at me and purr. Lovely little girl-her bond to me is amazing!!!


Snuggle Buddy

By: Emily in Connecticut

I love my Maine Coon because she is as devoted to me as I am to her. Every day when I come home from work all she wants to do is get in my lap and snuggle. (Unless of course it's snowing out)



By: Kathy in Alberta, Canada

He was my buddy, my pal and even a best friend. He sadly passed away at 16 1/2 & I don't believe I will ever truly heal. He meant everything to me. We felt so empty without him that we went out at purchased a pure bred little gal & named her Emily. We see an awful lot of similarities at 2 months old already!


So Friendly

By: Mary in MN

My Maine Coon is so friendly, but has a hard time parting with me when I am done with His massages. He talks to me and sometimes I think (if he was human he would be a awesome friend)


Bear Is So Sweet

By: Lois in NY

Our probably Maine Coon, Bear, is such a lovely big sweetie. He's curious, wants to be in the center of the action, and pretty spoiled having chose our home last year.

I had a cold last winter, and Bear posted himself by my shoulder the entire night for about 4 days. Sometimes I would wake to his paw on my cheek or forehead. My husband has been enduring an ordeal with his family for the past few years, and when he is particularly upset, Bear leaps at him and forces him to sit (with 20# Bear in his lap) for an hour or more. Bear generally has good table manners, but he can be a little stinker.

Today, he wanted to change seats at the table. Instead of jumping down, walking around and getting into the chair across the table, he looked me in the eye, walked up onto and across the table and down into the opposite chair. Defiant boy pushing the limits but so cute and cocky that we just ignored it. Trouble ahead? Probably not, because he is such a real sweetheart.

We love his tiny voice and chirping like a bird even though he is bigger than our neighbor's dog! We are glad he claimed us as his people and our home as his.


I love My Maine Coon because.......

By: Robin in New Haven, CT

Robin's Cat

He is the most lovable cat I've ever had. I adopted my MoMo August 2012, I was a bit concerned, because he was 5 years old.

But, the bond that was there from day one of meeting him, was amazing, it is like I've had him since he was a kitten. There is more of a loving bond, than I had with my DSH that passed after 14 years.

If I'm sitting, he's on my lap, if I'm laying down he's cuddled right next to me (if not on me), he follows me all over.


She's a Diva and she loves me

By: Deborah Stevens in Beaumont TX

Tippy was my mother's cat. I inherited her this year. She is the BEST. Not a lap cat but always close by. Very smart and I had better speak to her when we've been apart she always acknowledges me with her Coonie Chirp.

When I don't wake up early enough she stands by my bedroom door and puts her paw underneath it and reaches into my room. I Love My Tippy.


Through his amazing eyes, My Beannie's wonderful
spirit seems to look right into my soul

By: Helen Parker in San Francisco, California, USA

Beannie out like a light!
This photo is from 1 yr. ago,
at age 4 yrs. he m,uch bigger!

Beannie was found in a rough neighborhood, the Tenderloin in San Francisco. I was born and have, always, lived in the City by the Bay. He was 3 yrs. old, unneutered and was with a 7 month old male unneutered cat.

Somehow they made their way to our City's animal shelter and they felt the younger one was his son because of how my guy was taking care of him which is very unusual for an adult male cat. This is so indicative of his, incredibly, SWEET nature.

I adopted Beannie within the week of my Macgregor Cat-part Maine Coon, also, being put to sleep at 17 yrs. I adopted Beannie from the SPCA where he had been transferred over to the SPCA Maddie Adoption Center from our city shelter on that same day Macgregor was put to sleep. Another person adopted his son the same week as well.

Beannie is just as is described in this article, bonded with me, completely from the beginning, I AM his mistress, he does not have an aggressive bone in his body, he is my gentle giant all the way! He's gray/white, bushy with the round yellow eyes that look right into my soul as if he knows everything I think and feel! I believe God and my Macgregor Cat sent Beannie to me and me to him to make each other happy! He's timid with strangers and hates the doorbell, but VERY curious and WANTS to love everyone I feel-in time he might let others close to him as he, immediately, did me!!!!!!!

We have an amazing bond. He sleeps right next to me when the light is out, but by my legs when I'm reading, watching TV in bed and no he's not a lapcat, but LOVES to be near AND loves to play even on his own!!!

Merry Christmas, God Bless and Happy New Year to all and a big thank you for this website!

Helen and and my silly Beannie/MacBean, but now always Beannie means LIFE in Scotch/Gaeelic SND I am 1/2 Irish and HE is "full o' beans"!


"I Love My Maine Coon because..."

By: Lisa in Bedford, VA

being her usual silly self

She is very affectionate, she is my best friend and companion when i am home by myself... We snuggle on the couch and she will lay with me for hours watching TV..and to watch her play with my other cat or by herself is so comical...


He is patient and playful!

Every morning after my daughter leaves for school he jumps in bed and snuggles until I get up. After he eats his breakfast it's anything goes when he is playing, constantly finding a new thing to play with unless I tell him no. They are smart cats and learn quickly!!


"He makes me feel special and needed"

By: Debbie Allison in Douglasville, GA USA

Every morning when I get up and go sit in the bathroom. Monkey hears me and comes running, landing on my lap. He starts his marching and purring.

Then he places his paws on each side of my shoulders commencing to nuzzle each earlobe while drooling. This is a every day ritual, several times a day. And if he hears me moving around in the bed. He'll come peek around my head to see if my eyes are open. Then he will get on my chest and start his ritual while I'm laying down. He even does this when we ride around in the car. He is a mess, my mess.

However, he isn't much of a lap cat. Except when he was a kitten. He sleeps downstairs on the couch and with those radar ears he can hear me move and comes a running. I get kisses and hugs. Have you been hugged today? =^.^=


She's a Cool Cat

By: Vickie in Texas, USA

Unbeknownst to me, I came home with a Maine Coon. Had cats my whole life, mine little stray died about six weeks before. Went to Petsmart were Kool Kats were adopting cats out.

No intentions of getting another cat anytime soon...but here she got interested in breeds of cats and saw descriptions and pics of coons. Thought she looks ans acts just like her papers out and right there at the top under breed was Maine Coon.

She is without a doubt the coolest cat I've ever had. As I write this she's playing with her toy on a stick. Carly is amazing.


She's The Sweetest

By: Ashley in Texas, Australia

She is the sweetest, most love-able cat I have ever been around. We found her when she was about 3 or 4 weeks old, about starved to death. Now shes the center of attention, super playful, and not to mention her beauty. Soft like a rabbit too. Her name is Yuna, and shes the love of my life, my baby.


So Silly

By: Debbie in NV, USA

Lucy Goosey is so silly. As said, she trys to fit in any dark and small places, but of course she doesn't fit very well in most of them.She also knows if she "faints", fall over, she will get her belly kneaded and scratched by my husband or I. So it's almost everytime we walk up to her.


She's a Great Friend

By: Jennifer in New York

She is the greatest friend I have ever known. She is kind, funny & oh so talkative. She comes when called.& calls me when she needs me. She is always purring & loves to be hugged. I am obsessed with her!


He's Spunky

By: Donna in SC, USA

When I first meet him as a kitten he was the smallest of the litter and showed alot of spunk. He also climbed on my shoulder to snuggle very close to me-thats when I made plans to get my first cat...Mr. Frodo


She Acts Like A Dog

By: Myris in Puerto Rico

She acts like a dog, except she doesn't mark her territory. I know she is a mixed coon, just because I am in Puerto Rico & Maine is a long way away from where she was born.

She even likes car rides, she looks in the window just like if I had a poodle in the car or any breed of dog!


Tucks Me In

By: Joellyn in Kentucky, USA

He tucks me into bed at night. Once I snuggle in, I usually sleep on my side. Manfred comes walking UP the body, flops like a big furry blanket with all four paws hanging down, and shoves his nose under my chin, purring madly.

If I nuzzle him, he nuzzles right back -- usually with whiskertickles right in my ear, which of course means no sleep! I have had Maines for 30 years, but this one takes the tunacan for originality in guarding and caring for his Momcat


He is always up on me when I am trying to do something

By: Lyndon West in Corner Brook, NK

What can I say about my Coon OZZY? He is my boy, if he is not sleeping, he seems to investigate what I am doing. He is very territorial when we are outside, and he loves the new outdoor enclosure that I built for him.

He can go out in his enclosure in the night time when I am sleeping at night with no fear. He cannot be harmed when he is in his enclosure, and he knows that. I LOVE MY BOY.


Still Play Like Kittens

By: Susan in Wisconsin

They love to play with me, but when they play on their own it's like two little kittens. They completely forget that they are big cats.

I just love watching them jump around, it's hilarious!


Loving and Sweet

By: Cheryl in North Carolina

He is soooo loving and sweet! He is curious to a fault, and has caused a few accidents throughout the house. He is beautiful to look at and sooo soft! He is very affectionate and cuddly.


Plays Dress-Up

By: Traci in Yorkshire, UK

He's beautiful and my little girl dresses him up in a mop cap and dress and pushes him around in a buggy!


So Much Fun!

By: Patti in Arkansas

My little girl, Willow, is my alarm clock. She gets up by my face in the morning and pats at my check until I get up. She is also a talker and we seem to be having regular conversations.

My big boy, Timmie, is so much fun! He isn't a lap cat, but he will head butt me when I sit down to get my attention. When he thinks I've been at the computer too long, he jumps on the table and rubs his head against my face.

Both of my Maine Coons are loving and gentle. I only see their claws out when they are climbing. They are so much fun to watch and interact with.


They Are Both So Companionable

By: Marjie in the UK

Both follow me round the house all day, where ever I am there's a Coonie sticking it's nose in. I look after my disabled husband 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Which can be stressful at times.

But both my Maine Coons are happy to listen and chat when I feel like talking to someone. I love them both very much.


I love my Maine Coon because...

By: Cat Williams in KY

Every morning he waits outside the shower for me to emerge and don my robe and then he requests to be picked up and held like a baby (burping position) so that we can rub our faces together and snuggle for a minute or two before I brush my teeth and do the rest of my morning ritual.

It's the only time he wants to be picked up and will turn away if I try it any other time. He looks me right in the eye and talks to me with his teeny little voice. He makes a sound like mimicking an old style telephone.

He has a thing for string but especially loves red string. His favorite toys are hair scrunchies. He plays soccer with them and will pick them up and carry them around the house in his mouth like a dog. I love him because he picked us!


How Can I Count The Ways?

By: Theresa Welty in Jacksonville, FL


My special boy, Max, is the 4th Maine Coon I've had in a row. I just adore this breed! He's smart as a whip, funny and SO very affectionate.

He's my buddy, my pal and my best friend. I just adore him!


My Maine Coon Loves Me And Only Me

By: Sarah in Ohio

Sweet Beast

Beast has been in the family for a decade. She hung out around my parents but never cuddled. I recently moved in with them and spent a lot of time in bed due to illness.

At first, true to her name, Beast bit me a lot and wasn't immediately friendly. She would come for treats and play but when it came to touch, she would purr and seem like she wanted me to pet her but then soon she'd hiss and bite me. That has been her reputation in the family for years.

After a number of months of being together as I've recovered from a major illness, it's clear she's chosen me as her person. She's never cuddled with anyone until now. She lets me brush her and rub her belly. She purrs at me and yowls for treats. I feel so much satisfaction from our progress because it took time and effort to get to know her body language and now it's very rare that she will hiss or bite.

She's gone from being in the room near me but not on me to climbing all over me. I needed a friend and it feels like she really loves me. We have a special dialogue and there's so much non-verbal communication and time that's gone into working out our relationship.

I've had lovey cuddly cats and seen other people with cats that are just love sponges. My Beast is just for me and no one else, even though my parents got her about 10 years ago. She doesn't snuggle with either of them and it's nice to feel special.


Marco Polo, The Gentle Giant

By: Nicky in Connecticut

I love my Marco Polo because he's goofy and amazing at the same time. My big boy knows how I feel. He's there to lick my tears when I am depressed and cry or he is happy and playful when I am happy.

He gives me the best facial every night and he likes to have a chat every time I come back home. He comes where I am (even when I need to powder my nose. He learnt to open the bathroom door).

He's also my baby and every night he wants to be picked up and taken to the sliding door and we watch and comment together the wonderful view outside. That's my Marco Polo, my very gentle giant.


Love From A Deaf Coonie

By: Randy in British Columbia

My Coon is special because she is about 95% deaf. She is a tortie with all of her toe leather being different colors. Training a deaf cat is a challenge, but I love her dearly and I know she loves me back.


Independent Boy

By: Arlene in Florida

I dearly love my handsome Coonie! He is very vocal and laid back, however he does not want you to pick him up and hold him. He's very independent and prefers to be loved. on only on his terms!


Love Him With A Passion

By: Muffy in Florida

He's so sweet, I love him with a passion.


Loves To Talk

By: Rosie in The United Kingdom

She loves to talk and has us all wound her long paw! She relates to all of us in different ways, even the dog (who was part of the family first)


Unconditional Love

By: Sarah in California

Because he loves me back-unconditionally! No matter where I am in the house, he's never far behind. As a kitten he used to insist on being picked up and carried around whilst doing chores- I even sat him in a hoisted baby carrier on my chest so I could get the wash done!

If I make a sad sound, am crying or sick, he will run to me immediately without being called and sit with me until I am well. One night I had food poisoning and I was stuck in the bathroom all night. When I awoke the next morning, he was still there, half laying on me.

Maine Coons will love you deeply and forever, so do the same to them. Take care of them and protect them and they will be your best friend, confidant and protector for the rest of your life.


Greeter & Helper

By: Tawnya in California

He's my best friend, my helper, he greets me when I come home every night, he watches as I drive away each morning. He plays fetch with me. And the best, he snuggles me!


I Love My Maine Coon because...

By: Anonymous

I have had the pleasure of being owned by a blue-grey & white Maine Coon. I got him when he was 1.5 yrs old. He was the sweetest cat; loving, affectionate, greeted me at the door and wanted to be in the same room with me always. He was so giant and fluffy but had the quiet, higher pitched meow of a kitten.

He was completely unaware of how large he was and had no concept of where he could fit. I gave up keeping anything on my coffee table. One stretch or flick of his tail and everything would be on the floor.

He liked water and would lay in puddles on the floor after I showered. It was like his fur was water resistant.

He was not independent or fickle like other cats I have had. He was friendly with guests but was most definetly a "Mama's boy". He was not a lap cat but always laid up against me or at the very least, with his head or paw resting on me. He had a great motor-boat purr!

If you want an independant cat you can leave alone, this is not the cat for you. Maine Coons need to be near their person/people.


Exfoliates My Face

By: Tory in Portland, Oregon

Zephyr's first Halloween 2011

She greets me every morning on the toilet! Her trills, and big cat stretches show me her happiness. We rescued one another. She was found in a family members backyard, only weighing a pound. After having a Siamese Himalayan for 16 years, Tootsie. I could not bear to bring myself another lovebug, nobody could live up to her. Five years later, my cousin, a vet tech in Sacramento called explaining she was on a mission to find her a home. She drove her 10 hours up to Portland, and of course I feel in love immediately!

One year later, she is spoiled rotten and her best friend is our American Eskimo, Roxy. She is strictly indoor, but a great bug hunter! Compared to Tootsie she is extremely active and isn't much of a lap cat. I love her just the same, she is who she is! And she constantly makes of chuckle, especially when she watches cat videos on youtube!

Zephyr's unique Maine Coon trills, are delightful and such a distinctive trait. She must have her fresh grown wheatgrass too! In short, she has been such a blessing to have, she is my little Boo-Boo.

Cheers to my Zephyr!


He Is My Best Buddy!

By: Merna Maxwell in Tucson, AZ

He is so different from any cat I have owned. He is creative, smart, can open any cabinet in the house. If I leave a package of treats (Temptations) out in the open and he finds it he will pick up the package in his mouth and bring it to me to open.

Before he found out I would open them he would grab them and run into another room and then lay on top of them so I would not know!

He also follows me room to room and is always by my side somewhere in the room. He talks a lot - we hold complete conversations. He is also a jealous guy and will pounce on my other cat if he sees he is getting too much of my attention - we are still working on that one.



She Is A Kissing Cat

By: Barbara in Massachusetts

When I come home she jumps up next to me when I sit down and gives me a kiss on the cheek and then she turns around and wants a massage LOL!!


Spunky Guy

By: Denice in Nevada

I love my MaineCoon mix, "Velcro" he is such a spunky little guy. He is a beautiful black and white tuxedo. I love how bushy and beautiful his coat gets in the winter..

Little story, Last fall it had been raining most of the day and they driveway had a siver runing down it. Velcro was walking straight down the middle of this little river. Batting at the bubbles the rain drops made in it. He seems to like the OUTSIDE water. He is soo playful and loyal. And super talkative. He diffently tells me what he wants. And his tail,..WOW it is long and beautifully full.So very proud to have him in my life. Even when he tends to be a bit moody...ha ha ha


Gentle Companion

By: Anita in Arizona

I love my Maine Coon Cat because he provides perfect gentle conpanionship. He always gives me a reason to laugh whe he requests weird food or is clumsy getting up into bed.

I love that he's so huge AND gorgeous! It looks like he has white eyeliner around his eyes! He will eat almost anything I eat so we enjoy meals together! I helped his mom deliver him so that made me almost a relative!!! Haha! What a fantastic guy he is!


I Love My Maine Coon... because of

By: Allyson in Alabama

of his wonderful personality. This is so out of character for my husband, watching him get on the floor playing and talking baby talk to Cubby. (8 weeks old)


So Smart

By: Danielle in Missouri

I love my Maine coons because they're just so smart they even know how to turn on an xbox and even unlatch a screen door


They Are Dog-Like

By: Robert King in Maine

I do not have one....but I did. Yes, they are a unique pet. Why? You have already listed why here. But I will do it again in my words: 1. This is the only breed of cat I have known that demonstrates a want and need to interact with their people. By “their people” I mean the people they are with. 2. They are dog-like 3. Maine Coons are the only cats I know that will actually come to you when you ask them to. The may not. But they are the only ones that are likely to come when beckoned. 3. They give love and enjoy doing it.


He Is So Funny

By: Lori McDonald in Manitoba, Canada

He is so funny. When I play with him, me will hide and jump up when I am not looking. He is really friendly and sweet. He is so attached to me and wherever I go, he follows me.

One night when it was raining, he was dragging in all of the stuff my 2 twin daughters were throwing out the window. I love my Maine Coon cat! (:


Like Petting A Dog

By: Tazkia in Indonesia/West Java

She's make me fell petting a dog .. but do not bother :D


She's a Clown

By: Kylie in Waikato, New Zealand

She goes out of her way to let me know she loves me! The first time I was walking to the mailbox and she walked on hindlegs to nudge my hand gave me such a shock, but she's adorable! And what a big clown...


So Caring

By: Trish in New Hampshire, USA

She is so caring. After an unexpected divorce from a 30 year marriage followed by my Mother passing away only weeks afterward, Angel did all she could to take care of me.

Although she had always been nearby (or on) me like most coons, she's taken to rubbing her nose on mine when I'm laying down while she also makes her cute chirping sounds. If I sleep on my back it's not unusual for her to sleep on top of me with her face nuzzled on my neck.,

If I am particularly sad one day, she knows it and makes every effort to console me. This is a whole lot more than I've received from most humans in my life.

Due to extended life challenges (Mom had dementia & I was her caregiver) my journey proved too long for many friends to stay on the path with me. Angel is completed devoted and I hope I add as much love and happiness to her life as she adds to mine.

BTW, I met Angel at a local shelter and of course she chose me. The first time I picked her up she wrapped her front legs around my neck and had to be peeled off so I could complete the paperwork. That was 14 years ago and little did I know when I named her Angel that she truly would be one to me. I love my Maine Coon! :)


She knows when I am sad

By: Bianca in Texas USA

She knows when I am sad or in physical pain. I have never known such a compassionate animal.


Love of My Life

By: Daniella in Florida, USA

He is the biggest, fluffiest, smartest, talkative, loveable, prettiest ginger colored, goofiest, irreplaceable, love of my LIFE that I will ever have. His name is MODDY!! =^..^=


He loves to snuggle and purr and talk!

By: Darlene in Alberta, Canada

He loves to snuggle and purr and talk! Smokey is so interactive and expressive... he's always ready for a conversation and a cuddle!


"I know my Maine Coon is special because..."

By: Jean Hensley in Aiken, SC, USA

"Since I adopted Tiger three months ago, I never feel alone, because he not only entertains me, but I get more than my daily dose of true love, he is at my side (or feet) all his waking hours. My daughters are amazed at this cat, and how much he wants attention.

He wants in my lap when I'm at the computer, which isn't easy, and he is still in awe of the printer, the commode, and the scrolling on TV.

I cannot get enough information that helps me understand him more."


Leash trained & loves to go camping!

By: Jim & Barbara in San Dimas, CA

We have had our "El Gato" since he was 6-weeks old. My husband started training him at about 3 months with a tea-cup poodle harness. As he grew, so did the harnesses!! He now wears a dog small or medium. We also have swithched to the kind that velcro on and are made of cloth. He seems to prefer them & nothing really bothers him.

We take him in our motorhome & have been on the road for sometimes as long as 6 to 8 weeks. We take him for walks at each campground -- some he seems more comfortable at then others. So, as his comfor level raises -- he is a CAT after all -- he will stay our longer & enjoy the sights & smells.

There is no better breed for RVing than a Coon!!! We talke to people while we are out & they say their cats either get car sick or hide in the closet until they get home. They wish they could get theirs to camp like ours. We tell them to get a MAINE COON!!!!

Well, that is enough bragging about our boy -- thank you for letting us share our story.

Jim & Barbara & El Gato


He Is Funny And Entertaining

By: Cheryl in Brighton, CO

Merfy likes to be the ball of the party. He is my shadow and each time I leave the room he will meow on the top of his lungs till he finds me. He loves to snuggle and lay by my pillow and purr all night. He is entertaining, funny, loving and crazy.


Sweet Casey

By: Susan in Arizona

He is sweet, loving, beautiful and so affectionate. I rescued Casey last August - someone moved and left him on the doorstep. Every day he shows me how happy he is to be with us. He is just the BEST cat! He has brought us so much joy and happiness - always on my lap or on my computer desk - mainly on the keyboard! Just love this big guy


Lunabella Was In My Stars..

By: Laura Weber in NYC

I love my Maine coon because she was it the moment I saw her, rolled over backwards after a long sleep on her perched caged at the shelter. Looked at me with an oiled coat and huge green eyes, I took her home and she has been the most amazing companion I could ever ask for. As a single girl in NYC, she is my greatest love! We care for one another and that is most important for me.

One day, I had a scare the week after I had brought her home thinking she had gotten mis-tested for FeLV. The shelter results Neg and vets test Pos. I was ready for action, but how could this be? It is horrible I thought. I had a nagging vet to wait and have her re-tested later that week.. I educated myself, waited 28 days and brought her to my hometown vet in whitehouse NJ. They preformed an IFA test, results came back in a week. And she was NEG. I was so relieved, so blessed we celebrated that night and continue to on occasion! Between that time, I was taking extra special care of her, vitamins, she would drink water when I would, I was giving her a home made diet which we continue and she loves me for. I eat simply and many times we eat the same things. Organic sweet potato, fresh turkey, organic chicken, pumpkin, yolk, carrot, rice, oatmeal, plain yogurt, shrimp, mackerel & salmon. Sounds pretty luxury? Well we have a nice time and we certianly bond that way. I've had many animal food discrepancies and so this is what I enjoy doing for her.

I also, after much food research, found the honest kitchen, dehydrated food that you just stir and mix with water, so this is my base and I work to make her meal from there. She is very appreciative. Wrappa her tail around my legs, I place her food down she looks up at me and I say, your welcome Luna. And she starts.

She has many precious mannerisms, which include dropping to the floor and rolling over for me to kiss her belly, everyday she makes me smile. I'm so lucky to have come across this site, it is wonderful.

That's my story so many more to tell. ...I've only had her since January. :)


Lovable and Handsome

By: Pam in California

He is so lovable, gives me lots of kisses, loves to play fetch and is so darn handsome!


Cleo Converses

By: Elaine in VA

Our Cleo converses with us. She has so much expression, and it is appropriately emoted, with "human" inflection. When I tell her how much I love her, she softly narrows her eyes and looks right into mine, purring the whole time.


Unconditional Love

By: Jahnie in Nebraska

I Love My Maine Coon because he loves me as much as I love him. He gives me all his love and affection unconditionally!! Rain or shine, he is my best friend!


I love my Maine Coon because...

By: Kathy in Allentown, PA

He is so unique. I enjoy all of my cats but Fredi is nothing short of being special. My son found him in a field near our house last June and Fredi was starved for affection more than food.

We could not find out where he came from so we kept him, but really, he claimed us as his family. He brings nothing but joy because he is such a kind and gentle cat, who loves to be held (hard as it is to do so since is quite big!) and hugged, especially in the morning--almost as if he is trying to show how much he missed us while we were sleeping.


They are both so affectionate in their own ways

By: Maggie in Suffolk, England

Ebenezer is the path finder, I think he must have been born before his little brother Midge, so he is the Alpha cat, not really appreciated by his brother all of the time.

If I didn't know better I would have said that Midge was a girl because he always has to be up close and personal were as Ebenezer is more like an only child, he will play quite contentedly on his own only to be attacked by his brother when Midge feels like some company.

Ebenezer is far happier just surveying the world from his perch on top of a cupboard or watching historical films on TV - sword fights are the best. I am studying History at University and the film 'Cromwell' has lots of very good fights if you are an Ebenezer!

Both boys love Cats Of Claw Hill a TV programme on Animal Planet and if they are being a pain sometimes I put it on TV and they both sit and watch through the whole programme. Watch it if you can and record it for your Maine Coons, it's great and they love it!


.... Because She Is Sooo Loving & Totally Loves Me Sooo Much.

By: Bobbie B. in Hartsville, SC, USA

Gizzy was a shelter cat, and came to me by a friend... She is sooo sweet, loving and wants to be near me or on me most of the time..

We have two more cats that Gizzy loves too.. she plays with them and will just fall down on one (Footie) when Footie is sleeping.. she wants to be close all the time.. to us and to her '''sisters''' in the house.


Constant Companion

By: Annabeth in Illinois

We rescued 2/yr old Frankie, and in return he rescued me! He's my daughter's cat, but when I lost my cat, Frank became my constant companion, and what a comfort that was! Maine Coons are THE BEST!


Little Guy In A Fur Coat

By: Patricia in Maine

He's so much like a little guy in a fur coat! He is demanding, comes to "get" my husband when he wants food, or howls from the kitchen until someone shows up. I guess you could say he is fed on demand -also, he know when I say lie down, I mean it! He does! He also has a habit of smacking one of us when we don't respond immediately. In general we think he is a "pupcat"!


Thirteen Helpers

By: Heidi in Sao Paulo, Brazil

I love my Maine Coons when they "help" me to make the bed in the morning. They jump around me, hide between the blankets and pillows and behave as if they were in an amusement park. When they get tired and think this is already boring, eventually they let me finish my daily chore routine. So funny! I love my 13 Mainecoons!


Mamas Boy

By: Lindsey in North Carolina

I love my Maine Coon Chester Because Hes Never Short On Kisses and is always there howling with hellos when I get home! He's a Huge Mamas Baby. With A wild odd Personality, one things for sure he's always full of surprises.


The Purrfect Gentleman, Companion, Babysitter, and Entertainer

By: JC in the USA

Ben-Ben is the perfect gentleman and companion. Loves a tum rub, lays up against me and yet will always check on the other cats to see if they are safe and comfortable. Ben-Ben adopts every cat brought home to stay and watches over them. At three feet long, his nickname is "Love Monster".

Ten years young, he plays with the kitten running full tilt up and down the stairs in games of hide and seek and "ambush". He will loudly call out to whomever to come "find me" and quickly ducks out of sight, waiting. Lord help the unsuspecting feline who passes by his ambush cover.

Ben-Ben has the loudest purr of any cat I have ever had. You can hear him down the hall and in the next room. We fondly say that his purr is Class Five on the Purr Scale. Sadly he has asthma or otherwise he would be ever more active. Yet he is our purrfect gentleman.


Sweet Hagrid

By: Camille in Michigan

Hagrid came to my husband and me from my daughter who got him from the local shelter. We lost our two previous cats after nineteen years of loving. I swore I didn't want another pet, but Hagrid has warmed our hearts in such a way that can't be described. He has a sweetness about him that more than filled the loss of Peebee and Squeek.


Little Caregiver

By: Michele in SC

She is beautiful, smart, takes care of my husband, keeps him company, and she loves my husband!


Loyal Companion

By: Linda in Cornelius, North Carolina

Ricky is my loyal companion and helper. He hops in the dryer and helps me fold clothes -- cat style, of course. He also helps with the dishes by making sure his dish is clean each day. His reward? Treats located in the kitchen which he opens for his paycheck -- four Temptations.


Lola The Diva, The Love Of My Life

By: Yvonne in (Baltimore, MD)

Lola the Diva, the love of my life!

I love my Maine Coon because she is very patient with me. As a new cat owner and therefore new to the breed I was not sure what to expect. Lola is a rescue cat and building our relationship has been an experience.

Lola has trained me just as much as I have trained her and it has been enlightening. We have an easy give and take including our after breakfast naps, our shared lunchtime and our alone times.

As a single retired woman I was used to doing pretty much what I wanted when I wanted. Lola has shown me that including someone else in my daily plans is really okay.

We cuddle,usually when she wants to, and we eat at the same time. She has shown me the importance and benefits of a daily nap. We are having a good time getting to know each other.

I also love her because she wakes me up in the morning and after I have taken care of her needs - feeding her, putting out fresh water and cleaning the litter box - I can move right into my day. She is my buddy!


He Gives Hugs

By: Anne in Maryland

He never forgets to give me a big hug, with his paws around my neck, when I pick him up.


He's Funny When He's Naughty

By: Pat in South Carolina

My Maine Coon, Rusty, is too funny! He knows that the treats are kept in a cookie jar on the buffet. When he wants a treat, he jumps on the buffet, then onto the microwave, stand on his bag legs and swats a painting on the wall.

This gets my attention! I hate rewarding this "bad" behavior, but I know why he does it, so of course, he gets a treat! He is the most loving little man with a tail that every Maine Coon would be envious of. I believe it is almost 14 inches and he's only seven months old.


So Sweet

By: John in Pennsylvania

Sweetest cat I've ever known


Coonie Greetings

By: Sassy in Washington

She is always there to greet me after a long day at work. She tells me all that's been going while I have been gone. In her. Pussy cat voice.


He Is Ever Curious About Where I Am And What I Am Doing.

By: Helen from Fife

Billy, my one year old, is just a wonderful companion. He follows me around like a wee dog and rubs heads with my son, age 7 yrs, when he is crouched on the floor playing or reading.

His favourite game is fetch with curled up pipe-cleaners. He is very clever at sniffing them out when they are thrown into corners or into a box full of stuff.

He hurtles up and down the stairs after them and brings them back, dropping them at my feet. He has large, moony eyes with a wondering, intelligent expression and holds you with them to get what he wants.

He is ever so gentle with those huge velvety paws but very dexterous too (if cats can be so!). He is the best goalie ever. All in all I could not imagine life without Billy now.

Whilst not like other domestic cats I have known, in that he does not like to be confined in a hug and he is not very vocal,except when hungry, he is a best, loyal friend.


I Love Maine Coons Because... I Have Had 3!

By: Andrea in South Carolina

I currently have a female. She is 8 months old. I love them because of their dedicated and unconditional love to their owners.

I love how she follows me around the house as I do my daily chore routine. I love how she carries on a conversation to me with that wonderful chirping she does.

I love it when she knows I don't feel good and she somehow just knows to sit on me or by my side. They are wonderful felines I will forever be in love with my Sangria!


She's A Tiny Girl!

By: Lori in Denver

My Maine Coon was rescued by my daughter from an apartment complex. Although we don't know her whole history, we believe that she had been mistreated. She suffered some kind of injury to her voice box because she could hardly meow when we got her. She's gotten better, but her meow is very soft and kind of scratchy.

She doesn't like to be held, but she doesn't fight you if you are holding her. She chooses when to be affectinate and it's wonderful when she is.


I love My Maine Coon because

By: Catherine Cote in Montreal

He closes the light by jumping on the wall, when I don't give him the attention he wants!!

He always surprise me with new tricks.

He doesn't come to me when I call his name !!


He Is Such A Weirdo!

silly upside down cat

He always sleeps on his back, belly up, with paws stretched out behind his head.

His favorite toy is one of my hair bands which he will flip up into the air with his paws and catch in his teeth or on his belly.

He loves to go on walks outside and took to a harness and leash almost immediately.

He has imaginary foes that he stalks and with leaping pounces, defeats.

He stands on his hind legs and talks to me in a mixture of chirps and kitten mews.

He adores long tummy rubs.

He's my little man.


Handsome, Smart, and Playful.
Everything you want from your cat.

By: Connie in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
black cat in a bag
I love going for walks with my family

He is handsome, smart and playful.

Everything you want from your cat. He loves to go for walks in his kitbag with his family.


by: Connie

Bailey was a wonderful Cat. We lost him in April 2010 after 14 amazing years.

He loved to go for a walk in a kit bag strapped to the front of us. We miss him dearly. We have now adopted 2 rescue kittens.

Too Cool
by: Joann & Bubba

That is great, I wish I could get my kitties to do that. I would need the stroller for Bubba,no way would I pack him around, he is just a little too big, Your cat is beautiful.


Our Loving Maine Coon Spenser
Pretends To Be A "Tough Guy"

maine coon cat on fridge

We find our Spenser unique as a gentle giant. He understands a dozen (directions) and pays attention for the most part.

He follows all the Maine Coon behavior patterns plus a few of his own. Such as smacking or gently pushing his paws on you for attention. If that doesn't work, he will grab your ankle or "quack" loudly.

If he wants you to follow, he walks away with his huge bushy tail in the air, and stops every few steps to look back and make certain you are doing exactly that. Generally he leads us to the kitchen or to a shelf in the computer room where we keep another set of treats.

We have learned to live with Spenser's foibles - drinking water with his feet after pawing the ground is one, picking up dried food and hurling it about, to jump and chase the food is another.

We rarely find him in our bed, yet love it when he visits. He faithfully follows Maine Coon behavior such as waiting outside doors, lying directly in pathways, also following one in and out of rooms.

He eats turkey every morning before his official buffet begins. A greater, more loving companion would be hard to find. And yes, he sits beside us at the table, while on the computer or watching TV, and he loves to sit on the toilet and watch his Father shave!

We do not have current pix on his website - these are 5 years old and he is now full grown - from tip of front paws to end of tail, just over 4 feet. Not a record, just a large, loving 23 lb long Maine Coon. You'll find his personal website listed here:


Scrappy my buddy.
by: Carol

Hi, my Scrappy has most all of the same habits. He likes to eat his food with his feet like a spoon, and loves to play in the water...He always paws at the side of his water bowl and he really enjoys his new water fountain...He does the follow me thing too and sits out on the railing of our deck and motions for me to come out with him...He likes to play with our rat terrier mix. I have never seen a dog try to breed a cat. And She is a female. He grabs her head and they both fall on the floor. Too funny...I agree there is no better buddy, he makes my heart happy....

Cool Cat
by: Susan Melching

Your Spenser sounds like a lot of fun. My Chester does a lot of the same things. If you don't follow him, he'll get right in your face and meow and if that doesn't work, he'll pretend to bite your nose! Aren't they a riot?

Spenser Da Man
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

What a cool dude you've got there! That photo seems like he's saying: "Ya, I'm the tough guy around here!"

Judging by your description of his behavior, he's a well-adjusted, independent Maine Coon cat, through and through, LOL! His behavior is the same as my Abby's. If you don't follow her when SHE decides, she'll come back in the room and smack your leg and trill at you or jump on the bed/chair and head butt you until you do. So sweet.


What do you love about your Coonie? Share your Coonie Love Here and we'll add it to this page! It's a fun tribute to these endearing family members.

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