World's Best Cat Litter - A Thoughtful Review

by MGirard
(Los Angeles, CA)

Why I Prefer World's Best Over Smart Cat and Other Litters

Names like "World's Best" usually put me off a product, and elicit a "yeah, sure" response from me, so I avoided this litter for years.

After trying it, I would say that their name is not too much of an exaggeration. It is the best that I've used.

My three LARGE cats, who will only use one box, are happy with it. World's Best also markets a lavender-scented litter, which my cats did not object to using, although I only buy it when the store is out of the natural scent.

Someone said that "natural" litters require more frequent sifting than clay litter. I haven't found that to be the case with World's Best. Litter should be sifted daily, no matter what kind it is. My cats start thinking outside the box by day 2.

The natural scent is pleasant and stays fresh longer than any litter that I've used. Smart Cat, another grain-based, clumping litter, quickly takes on ammonia odors. I haven't had to dump WB and start over with new litter as often as I have with clay litter or with Smart Cat, which may even "incubate" ammonia smells.

World's Best is easy to scoop and doesn't turn to wet goo and stick to the bottom of the pan. The waste litter is lighter than spent clay litter when it's bagged up. With three cats, clay litter gets so heavy that I can barely lift used litter into the 5 ft. high dumpster.

Tracking isn't as bad as with clay litter, and what is tracked is easier to clean up and not as unpleasant to encounter as granules of clay.

It comes in vacuumed packed bags, rather like coffee beans, and when you break the seal it makes a "whoosh" sound and emits a pleasant natural scent. It has less density but more volume per ounce than clay litter, yet it absorbs moisture and clumps very well.

The company claims that you can flush it. I don't feel comfortable flushing several pounds of grain down the toilet of my rented 3rd floor abode, but I have occasionally flushed small clumps without any problems.

Although I'm on a very tight budget, I consider this brand essential for my cats, because it stays fresh longer, doesn't require vigorous scrubbing of the box, needs less frequent changing and is easier to dispose of. Overall, it's a better value than the cheaper clay litters.

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