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Tattle Tails, Issue #001 -
December 11, 2010

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"Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat."
- Mark Twain Notebook, 1894

Maine Coon Cats in the news

Big, big news! A new record has been set! For roughly the last four years, Leo Leonetti Reserve Red of Verismo has held the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest cat.

But, as of this past October, there is a new cat in town! Stewie the Maine Coon, of Reno Nevada now holds this honor.

At 48.5 inches, he’s ½ inch longer than Leo was. Way to go, Stewie! To see a picture of Stewie, visit our page all about big Coonies.

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy held the largest cat show in Europe in November. Julescoon Dexter, a magnificent Maine Coon Cat, was the winner of the Supreme Cat Show, of course!

In case you are on the fence when it comes to letting cats outside, this news story puts it well in perspective. 5 year old Terry is, miraculously, back home and alive.

Source: http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/322784

big fluffy tabby and white maine coon cat sleeping curled up

Tis The Season

The holidays are fast approaching! It’s a super busy time of the year for most families.

At our house, we have two young children and a young dog as well as Alice and Leo, our beloved Maine Coon Cats.

And, even with everything there is to do, we try to include the cats in our family holiday traditions.

At Thanksgiving, we give the cats a plate of Turkey, of course! And at Christmas we have a very special tradition.

Not only do our kids get stockings, but so do our pets. (Though smaller, of course!)

white and brown cat sitting neat christmas tree

Last year the puppy received a huge bone to chew on for the morning, which was perfect since we didn’t have much time for her.

The cats each found some new toys and catnip in their stockings.

Santa knows just what they like, too! Feathers for Alice, and a big catnip bag for Leo, among other things! What pet holiday traditions does your family have?

What’s New on Maine Coon Cat Nation

Maine Coon Cat Pictures! There are some lovely new additions in the photo album. Meet:

Kit Kat
Little Kitty


  • Cat Christmas Tree Olympics- Just today Alice decided she couldn’t resist batting around at a few ornaments! I thought she had grown out of that! They are just like dangling cat toys. Who can resist?
  • Cat Christmas Cards- It’s not too late! Here are some cute choices for Maine Coon Cat-themed Christmas Cards.
  • Diarrhea in Kittens- Are you getting a new kitten? Diarrhea in kittens is not at all uncommon. But no need to panic; this page will give you some tips.
  • Different Kinds of Cats- Okay, we are all Maine Coon Cat fanatics. But, there are some other lovely cat breeds out there too. This page takes a look at choosing the best breed for you.

New Visitor Questions- Do you have an answer, opinion, or tip to share? Here are the latest cat questions:

  • Judy asks about: Recognizing the onset of obesity (in Maine Coons)
  • Judy asks about: a deep litter tray being sold in England
  • A visitor asks: How long will it take Sophie's fur to grow back?
  • How to prepare for a visit from a Chihuahua?
  • What does it mean when cats shake their tails during a greeting?
  • Why has this Maine Coon kitten started growling?
  • This Maine Coon kitten kneads and suckles constantly!
  • Is there such a thing as grumpy cat syndrome?
  • Steve asks: Why does my girlfriends Maine Coon cat hate me?
  • A popular question: How can I stop my Maine Coon from waking me up at 3am every morning??

Alice's Spotlight:

black maine coon cat

As an ongoing feature of Tattle Tails, Alice will be getting to know her fellow Maine Coon felines a little better.

She’s going to be interviewing one or two Maine Coons regularly. If your cat would like to be featured in an upcoming issue, just contact Alice

This month, it’s Alice’s Spotlight is On: Mishi and Ozzy!

Mishi's Interview:

Alice: "Hi Mishi, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to Maine Coon Cat Nation! We all love to meet other cats; we're a very social bunch!

smoke colored longhaired kitty

First, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what color are you, are you a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix? Do you have any nicknames?

My name is Mishi Ganush, lovingly named after my family’s former Maine Coon Babaganush. I am now about six months old ...I think.

We're not sure, because I was left outside at a rescue shelter. Thank goodness for that, because my owners are so blessed now to have found me!

It does appear that I am a full Maine Coon, and I am a beautiful Smoke Black. My owners think I am the most beautiful kitty in the world. I have many nick names.

Some of them are Meesh, Mishka, Mishkita, Meesh Mash, Mishita, Mishi Mama,just to name a few.

How did you come to be at your home with Mic? Were you rescued, adopted, or bought as a little kitten?

I was rescued at about five months old at Love A Stray in Ohio. My owners were so glad to have found me!

What is your home like? Do you share it with other cats or, ahem, dogs? If so how do you tolerate them? If not, how do you take advantage of you "only pet" status?

I have two human brothers, a Mommy, a Daddy, and three dog siblings. The dogs aren’t allowed to be around me yet, but I am very interested in them and the noises they make.

What is your favorite way to bond with your people? Favorite time of day or place to snuggle?

I sit on my Mommy’s shoulder or right next to her. I almost always jump up with a trill sound, announcing that I’m arriving.

I really like to snuggle a lot, but early mornings and midnight are often Mish Mash Crish Crash time.

My Mom made a song called the Meeshy Mash after the Monster Mash due to her being on looong bed rest after surgery... I was her healing kitty.

Anyway, it's because I make crashing sounds when I jump off the bed and do many Olympic activities loudly in the bedroom at night. I also attack feet and am very interested in eyelashes and hair.

Do you do any things that totally annoy your people? Life as a cat has to include some mischief! Tell us how you stir things up!

Well, like I said, I love eyelashes. I still have claws, and I have clawed my Mommy on the eye lid twice so far.

One time was when she was sleeping. It was just too tempting for me. I had to snag those eyelashes. I also steal socks and toss them around the house.

Anything else you'd like to add or share?

I know that I am very special from all the spoiling I get at home. I'm glad to see all the others her who love their kitties so much too.

”Thanks so much, Mishi! It's fabulous to meet you!” ~Alice

Spotlight on Ozzy!

brown tabby maine coon cat

Hi Ozzy, Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what color are you, are you a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix? Do you have any nicknames?

I am a full purebred 5 year old Coonie.

I was originally an award winning show cat, but when I was one year old, I decided that I HATED being shown and started to, well, shall we say “act out” at the shows.

So my breeder decided to put me out for adoption. My human rescued me when she came to see some new kittens.

Love at first sight, I guess. She immediately forgot about the kittens and took me home that day! I’ve been ecstatically happy ever since! I’m sort of grayish-brown with white mittens and belly. (She loves my belly fur…really, so undignified!)

What is your home like? Do you share it with other cats or, ahem, dogs? If so how do you tolerate them? If not, how do you take advantage of you "only pet" status?

I OWN this home!!! I own my human mom, too. Just me and her, so when she’s home, we’re together constantly.

She babies me (I love that) so I follow her around, sit on the bathroom vanity when she’s in the shower, take over her bed, you know, typical human ownership!

I’m very social and lovable (if I do say so myself) so I like her friends and family, too. I am a BIG coonie at 22 pounds, so I take up the entire chair when I push her out of it. (heh, heh…)

What is your favorite way to bond with your people? Favorite time of day or place to snuggle?

Oh, I love to snuggle all of the time. When she comes home, I jump up on the dining room table, and then jump on her shoulder.

We curl up on my favorite chair for about 20 minutes while I drool on her. (It’s a Maine coon thing, drooling when we’re happy.) When she gets the chair first, I sit on the back of it with my big paws on her head, and of course, I sleep next to her at night.

This, I might add, makes it easy to wake her up at 6AM every morning. EVERY MORNING. I can’t help it, I’m a creature of habit and I love an early breakfast!

Do you do any things that totally annoy your people? Life as a cat has to include some mischief! Tell us how you stir things up!

Well, I love my treats, and I love it when she throws them and I chase them. I’ll start by staring at her for a while, and if she ignores me, I’ll nip at her.

Oh, she REALLY doesn’t like that, so she has this squirt water bottle… thing is, though, I ALWAYS win.

I’m not too fond of having my claws trimmed, either, so I make her chase me for a while when I see the snipers come out. I give in because I know I’ll get a treat if I’m good!

PS- Anything else you'd like to add or share?

Yeah, I can catch treats in my mouth from across the room! Really I can! Takes practice, but I can jump pretty high. And, I love my mom. Lots!

“Wow, I’d really like to see that one, Ozzy! That takes talent and smarts! Thanks for stopping by. It’s been great getting to know you!” ~Alice

dreamy eyed maine coon cat gazing into camera

Leo's Health Tip:

Leo: “I’ve been feeling a bit frisky lately. But, my people have noticed that I lumber along and have lost some of my agility that I had in my former years. I think I need more canned food.

Did you know that cats who are fed dry kibble only are more prone to obesity?

It’s packed with good stuff, but I have to eat more to feel full.

Canned cat food, with it’s higher moisture content, fills me up quicker because it fills me with its moisture, too. So I can eat less calories and still feel satisfied!

Off to go explore under the Christmas tree! Happy Holidays!”

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