Taking a Cat to Safety

by Melissa Sabo
(Johnstown PA)

You can see how small to how big and happy

You can see how small to how big and happy

We got our Itsy from a friend of a friend, realizing while there for a first time it wasn't quite safe for a human, let alone an animal.

So here comes this itsy baby furball, gray and white, so lovable and kept wanting up. It didn't look malnourished, however they had no food. They ate whatever they could meaning garbage ect.

So partner and I said we want her and took her. The people didn't care. They were addicts that only cared about themselves.

We got home, got food for her and water. We also have another rescue so we had everything. So when itsy drank water she drank for so long it was sad.

I saw a hair in her mouth and when I pulled it out it was so long it was gross as all hell and sad. Now she ate a lot and got comfy and now she loves and gets along with her big sister Jezzebelle. We named her Jazmine.

Happy and loved of course. Went to the vet and remains taken care of. She is my itsy bitsy baby lol

She's not itsy anymore, though she is part Maine Coon and she got huge and that tail. She's beautiful.

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Mar 22, 2023
So happy for you!
by: Lisa Buoncuore

I'm so glad that Itsy found her furever home with a family that will love and care for her. Such a pretty kitty - I am sure she will bring a lot of joy into your home! (And that fluffy tail!!!)

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