Sasquatch "The Big Foot"

by Stephen Dickinson
(Fort Worth, Texas USA)

Sasquatch Let's Go For A Walk

Sasquatch Let's Go For A Walk

Hi, my name is Sasquatch "The Bigfoot". My (hu)MAN SERVANT, Steve, adopted me from a nice lady when I was about 9-11 weeks old. She rescues cats & kittens that are in need of help. My mother quit nursing my siblings & myself and we were starving to death.

So the nice lady saved us and bottle feed us until we started eating solid food. I do not think I will ever get over not being weaned from momma. When I was still a young kitten I would lay on the side of my Man Servants head while he was asleep and suckle on his ear. I will still climb on his lap and suckle on the inside crook of his elbow from time to time.

I do not believe we are pure Maine Coon, but we are definitely part Maine Coon and we came out with the best of the breed traits and characteristics. My brothers and sisters are orange tabbies but I am the only one that came out looking this handsome. My siblings went to other forever homes.

I am very smart and I have my Man Servant Steve well trained. I like to take him on long walks on his leash. When I am tired or in a strange place where I am uncomfortable I make him carry me on his shoulder so I feel safe. I like riding on his shoulder because I can see the world from a high perch. (I have him well trained). I make him play fetch with me. I have him throw my ball so I can chase it then take it back to him to throw again. (I have him well trained). I follow him where ever he goes all over the house and flop down on the floor right in front of him because I know he will give me toe and foot massages when he has to step over me. (I have him well trained).

I am my own feline and show affection only when I want to be petted by my Man Servant. I also will lie down close to him as I know he cannot resist reaching over and stroking me. (I have him well trained). I do show I like him by giving lots of kneading massages and lots of loving licks with my tongue. I let him trim my claws so I do not hurt him while kneading him, Aren't I nice.

I am also a very "Proud and Regal" kitty so I do not lower myself to using a cat box. I will only use the "Porcelain Throne" in that small room where my Man Servant grooms himself. After I finish, I have an unreasoning passion for watching the toilet flush. I like the swirling water.

I am also very mischievous. I will wait until my Man servant spreads his paper on couch to read then I jump up and lay right down in the middle of the paper. I also will sit and nibble on corners of small papers or objects he is looking at then grab them and take off running. I cannot help it if I am a sneak thief. I live to get into anything I can. I will come running from anywhere in the house when hear him getting ice through the door dispenser in freezer because I know he will toss small pieces of ice for me to chase and play with. (I have him well trained).

I am not sure exactly when I was born so my Man Servant gave me a birth date of 08-08-11 which is close to when the nice lady said she thinks I came into this great world. That makes me 1 year old. I am still very much a kitten at heart. I am just shy of 12 pounds so may not become a gentle "Giant" like most Maine Coons although I know I can keep growing until I am 4-5 years old so who knows. I am very good with all the people and their masters (the other pets) I have met so far including dogs.(Yuk)

Most of the pictures I sent are after I started shedding my Glorious winter coat so I am not at my full majestic best. My Man servant spends hours brushing me to remove tons of fur. We make a game out of it so it stays fun. I do not tell him how much I like the attention. (I have him well trained).

I like looking at the pictures on this site of all my brother and sister Maine Coons. I have learned a lot about my breed here. Keep up the good work.

Well I am ready to go out and take a walk so I am going to stand in front of door so my Man Servant will take me out. By the way, have I said how I have him well trained?

Yours truly;
Sasquatch “The King of the Jungle/well my domain“

Sasquatch "The Big Foot" Update
October 2012

Sasquatch: Walking My Man Servant

Hi, It’s me again, Sasquatch "The Bigfoot". Boy did I have a rough weekend. I had to babysit my man servant’s daughters new rescue dog Lilly. I spent the whole holiday weekend showing her who’s boss. I was a good host and gentleman though, I took her for walks, made sure she felt at home and even let her lay in my favorite spot on the floor.

Sasquatch: One Of My
Favorite Perches

I made all Maine Coons proud by being totally cordial and friendly to her even though she is a dog. Once she learned who was in charge of my house we got along great. I even missed her when she went back home. I would walk around the house looking for her and even sleep on the bed my man servant fixed for her.

I do like my new water fountain. I will only drink out of it now. I ignore the bowl of water next to my food bowl and go into the other room to drink out of my fountain. I like to drink straight from the water stream, it is fun and I play in the water from time to time. I drink a lot more water now.

Sasquatch: Taking Lilly For Walk

I am glad the weather is starting to get a little cooler now so I can snuggle up to my Man Servant and keep him warm when I want to. If he picks me up and lays me next to him I jump down on the floor. I wait 1-2 minutes then I choose when to jump back up and lay next to him. I have to show him who is in charge in this house. He seems to like it but I do it to get him to pet me more. (I have him well trained).

One of my favorite games is to crawl under the couch and sneak attack my Man Servant from behind the back. I stand up on my hind legs and reach over from behind the couch swatting him when he least expects it. It is funny to see him jump. We play like that for awhile. He swats my paw and I hide waiting for him to turn back around then I jump up and swipe at him again. It puts him in his place.

Sasquatch: Being A Good Host To Lilly

I like chatting to my man servant. I can be very vocal when I am commanding him to do something. I get my point across using various words and sounds like chirping, trills and low guttural voices. He laughs at me because some of my utterances are very comical. We carry on some long conversations. I can even recognize alot of his uncatlike words.

This is for Alice and Leo, I read where you are trying to learn to use the “big boys and girls litter box”. Good luck learning to use the toilet. I know you will make Carrie even more proud of you. It is nice because you do not walk around in the dirty litter box, plus it smells better, as everything sinks to the bottom of the bowl. One flush and cleanup is done. I have been using it for a long time now and I am very happy using it. Don’t rush it though as each of us take to it at a different pace.

Well I am going to close for now; it is time for one of my many naps. Again good luck Alice and Leo.


Sasquatch "The Big Foot" Update
February 2013


Is It A Feather Duster? No-

Is It A Christmas Tree? No- It's Just...

Me. Peek-A-Boo There Is A Cat Behind That Tail


This is for Mr. Brady. (above post)

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Re: Mr.Brady
by: Sasquatch and Steve

Hello my brother in feliness, I saw your new update as well as your October listing. Yes I am taking care of my man servant, putting him in his place when he needs it. (Most of the time) He is good though. We have a good working relationship, He works and I relationship. Lol I see you like laying in the sink like lots of coonies. Me, If my man servant can’t find me he pulls open the shower curtain and there I are, in all my glory in the tub. It must be something about Porcelain.
I like sitting on the window sill watching the birdies too. My man servant knows when I am watching something special because my tail sticks out from under the curtains and starts going a hundred miles an hour. One thing I hate. There is a very large pecan tree less than a foot from my favorite window and some @#&*? ~ Squirrels sit in it and tease me mercilessly. One day!! One day!! My man servant thinks it is funny. Well time to catch some rays and warm in that window. Have a good day. Sasquatch

Hello Sasquatch!
by: Mr.Brady, and my humans

Hello Friend! I did so enjoy ur pictures! Ur tail is bigger that mine! I hope all is well and u r taking good care of ur human, u seem to have him right where u want him :) I am sending u a few pics of me because I too am a handsome boy, our people are so lucky to be in our presence. I have been enjoying this big NH winter because I love watching the birds on the deck although I am ready for open doors and the warm sea breeze! I live near the NH seacoast. Kinda having a confusing day today, these guys in a big truck came to work on my basement and they r making alot of noise! I will kick them out shortly. Gotta go, its time for my dinner to be prepared for me! Its so nice to be waited on :) Have a good day and write back with more pics anytime! ----Mr.Brady

re. Mr. Brady,
by: Sasquatch & Steve

Hello Mr. Brady, I am glad you liked my story. I'm sure you got Sarah and Patrick right where you want them. Lol. As far as my boots go, that's how I got my name. The lady that rescued me named me Big Foot because of my four white feet and big paws. My man servant told her when he adopted me he would keep that name but when he got me home he thought that was too much like the common name socks or boots. So after he had me for a few days and got to know my personality he decided that Sasquatch was a better name for me but that also stayed with the same idea. So he renamed me Sasquatch "The Big Foot". That way he kept his promise. If you liked my tail in these pictures, check out my new update. Thank you for your comment.

re Max
by: Sasquatch

Hi! Max, I know what you mean about trick/games. I have my man servant trained to do a lot of tricks, mostly like you said, to get him to give me treats (the best trick of all). My favorite game is fetch. I get him to play with me for awhile, and then when I get tired, I hide the ball. Then a few days later or when I am ready, I go find the ball, jump up on the couch and lay it next to him. I will sit there looking at him until he gets the hint and then GAME ON. I will also sit up on my hind legs and "beg", as well as give Ram goat quality head bunts/butts on command. I will start out standing on my hind legs and getting a running start to butt his legs to force him to give me something good to eat. We have all sorts of fun.
Thank you for your comment.

Hi Sasquatch!
by: Mr.Brady

Nice to read about u and your human, I love ur pics! I too have my own people, Sarah and Patrick, who have had me for 3 years (Iwas a Christmas Baby!) I can tell from ur photos u r a Coonie because of that tail! Only we have those thick gorgeous tails, also u lay belly up which I love 2 do! I love the fact that u have boots on too, where did u get those? :) My name was originnally Brady however after a few weeks here it was clear to them who runs things (I too have them well trained!) Thanx for sharing ur pics!-- Mr.Brady PS- I use my litter box for now, I try to use the toilet at times but I always seem to fall in!

My name is Max.
by: Anonymous

Hi! My name is Max. I know I am at least part Maine Coon. And I have my lady servant well trained. She pretended to teach me a "Trick", which entails rolling a green ball out of a small paper bag. I do it to keep her happy (and to get treats). Then, I turned it around on HER! snicker. I lie next to the paper bag, and get verbal in giving her the orders to put the green ball into the bag, so she tells me simply to "Get it out" and I do, so I can get more treats. Humans. What can we do with them. But I have just about got her really trained now, and I enjoy playing games with her that I make up. She always goes along with whatever I want to do.
Well, my nap time has come again, so I will close. Oh,yes, I have the dark markings as you do, but no white. My lady adores me, of course. Love, Max

re Susan T
by: Sasquatch & Steve

Thank you Susan. Just out of curiosity(cats are not the only curious creatures)is Sammy one of your the masters? If so he is almost a twin to Sasquatch.

Re Katie potty training
by: Sasquatch & Steve

Hi Katie, It is a long process but the rewards are worth it. Not all cats are potty trainable. When I read up on Maine coons when I got Sasquatch and saw how smart they are I had to give it a try. I trained my last cat to do it about 30 years ago. Just search, how to toilet train a cat, and you will find all kinds of info including a special toilet insert you can get to use. I used an aluminum turkey pan & it worked great. As you can see in one of the photos he is just about finished & I am trimming it down a little at a time until he can no longer stand in it & has to stand on rim. It does take a lot of patience. Good luck.

Re Jessy
by: Sasquatch & Steve

Jessy, I am sorry for Sasquatches Narcissism. I know he did not mean red (orange) tabbies were not good looking. He just meant he was the only one out of the whole litter with the dark markings and you know how vain Kitty Kats are. I know of all the photos I have looked at on this site and other sites there has not been one that I do not consider beautiful. Sasquatch told me to apologize to your “family” for him. :)

Toilet trained??
by: Katie

How do you manage to get your cat toilet trained? That's amazing!

re Sasquatch
by: Jessy

Squawk! (That's my two red tabbies protesting!

In training
by: Anonymous

I am just in training as my Maine coon is a baby and does not like my Bengal or Savannah which are also babies and trying to train me as well,just loved your story.

Kings & Queens
by: Susan T

As I've said. We live to serve in a cat world! Have 2 of them myself. I wouldn't have it anyother way. The bigger the better! Very appropriate name. Adorable!

by: Steve

From all the other stories I have read we are not alone being owned by and well trained by our Maine coons.

by: Anonymous

love your story! I love maine coons I belong to two of them and they have me well trained also.

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Sasquatch: My post Christmas Update

(Fort Worth, Texas USA)

Me, my man servant, and his sister with her dog at Pet's Mart class.

Me, my man servant, and his sister with her dog at Pet's Mart class.

Hi, It’s me again, Sasquatch "The Bigfoot".

I went with my man servant and his sister with her Doberman pincher "puppy", (if you can call him that, he is 7 months old and weights 80 lbs), to several of Pet's Mart obedience classes for dogs. I had to put him in his place one time and he did not mess with me again, dogs are so easy to control and boss around. :)

I went so I could show all the other dogs in the class how a superior feline can walk on a leash, do tricks, and follow commands. I really showed them up. I had a great time at Pet's Mart. I would ride around on my man servant’s shoulder teasing all the dogs. It was Christmas time and there were a lot of them. I really liked going up and down the aisles with the birds and mice. (Yum) Strange, I was the only Kitty Kat there.

It was so funny, my man servant could not walk more than a few feet before someone had to come up to admire me, wanting to pet me and ask questions. I loved all the attention. Especially from the little kids, they are so cute. Several people had to take photos of me. (See my first three photos) Even several of the Pet's Mart employees had to come up and meet me and were surprised how I would sit so contently on his shoulder.

The store was having an adoption event for cats and dogs, so I visited my feline brothers and sisters to let them know I cared. I also wanted to let them know there are many good humans with ‘purr’manent ‘fur’ever homes out there for them to go home with, rule over the house, and for them not to give up. I fell in love with all of them and wanted to take all of them home with me but my man servant said not this time. Oh well, I tried. Maybe I should become some sort of ambassador.

I also got to babysit Lilly again for almost two weeks. We had fun and I am so glad she remembered who was boss in this house. I spend a lot of time with dogs I guess because I think I am one (or at least act like one). Well my paws are getting tired from typing this, so am signing off for now.

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Sasquatch duz all MCs proud!!!
by: Susan&JC

Sasquatch, you are really amazing, even for a Maine Coon! Your participation in DoggyObedience classes would make an internet sensation - you should be on television. I hope your fame spreads because all the cat world would be better because of it. JC has converted many a "dog-lover" over to our camp. You are doing an excellent job of winning over the dogs themselves - keep up the good work!

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