New Photos of Presley

by Cathy
(Grand Rapids MI)

Presley was in need of a forever home. My friend took a little orange and white from a neighbors litter and took a picture of Presley to show me.

He was the only one in that litter who had the extra long bushy tail. Tufts of hair shooting out of his ears and between his toes, and the only gray and white tabby. Our vet said he is part Maine Coon. Please let me know what you think? I have had a few cats and dogs in my life time but never one like him.

As you can guess by his name he is very vocal. He also has to be the most affectionate cat I have ever owned. I am looking forward to your opinions.

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by Cathy
(grand rapids mi)

Presley is a new addition to our house. We got him from a friend of a friend. My vet thinks he is a Coon cat. She said time will tell, wonder what that means?

So I did not see his mother or siblings but was told he was the only one in the litter like him so of course I wanted him for my sister who later changed her mind so now he is mine. Yeah!

We currently have three dogs, a Golden Retriever Max 8yrs, a Brittany, Maggie,14 yrs, and a Springer Spaniel, Gracie. We also have a Tortoiseshell cat named Trouble, who is 11 yrs old. She doesn't care for Presley much, and will remark everything he touched. Hopefully they will become friends. Max, the big Golden, loves him. Maggie, the Brittany is OK with him.

Gracie, who is just a year old, wants to play and is to rough, so I have to watch her. So let me know what you think - if he is a Maine Coon or not. He has a bushy tail, gets bushier every day, has tufts of fur between his toes, and long hair sticking out of his ears. He likes to play in water, and is very very affectionate. He has several different sounds he makes - he is very different than my older cat.

He is also quite vocal - thats where he got his name. I am looking forward to watching him grow.


Welcome Presley!
by: Wendell

Our Maine Coon Frodo did not have a huge tail when he was tiny but boy does he now!!

look for Presley to grow large, lots of fur in the ear and around the cheeks. You cat looks a lot like Frodo when he was tiny!!

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by Carrie
(Sanger, Tx)

Cosmo is my peace love and happiness baby. He is so loving and he loves to cuddle and be hugged and held snuggly and kissed he puts a smile in my heart.

He's so cute when he gets playful spurts, I pretend I'm going to chase him and he looks like Thumper from the back when he runs it's so funny and cute.

He was born May 2006 and I got him neutered at about four months old. He has lived indoors since I got him as a baby, I live out out in the country and I was always afraid the coyotes might get him.

There's not enough I can say about how sweet and dear Cosmo is I've never had a cat like him he's very mellow and he just loves to be loved and he gives so much love back.

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by Carol Tousley
(Reno, NV)

Deck the Halls With Boughs of Moggie

Deck the Halls With Boughs of Moggie

Moggie was born under my son, Justin's bed!! In our old house there was this female who was determined to become our cat. We were having some construction done in our old house so we had people coming in and out and leaving the doors open etc.

Our next door neighbors cat kept coming in our house and she would use our cat's litter box, eat their food and then curl up in a chair and go to sleep!

So I would return her to our neighbors house but she would run in our garage and hide under something in the garage. She really was determined that we adopt her!

Then when we were getting ready to move, there was a really bad storm and we saw our neighbors cat outside in the rain. So I tried to take her home and our neighbors weren't home and we hadn't seen any activity there for a few days.

After picking her up, I noticed that she was pregnant. The poor dear was just a kitten herself! Anyway, I found out that our neighbor had gone to jail for DUI which left their cat pregnant and abandoned. So we took her in.

She had her litter about a month later. One of her kittens was a brown tabby Maine Coon and we named her Moggie. She is the SWEETEST cat I have ever had.

She loves everyone and is so friendly! She loves to be brushed and she very vocally demands to be brushed every morning when I brush my hair.

Moggie is 11 years young and all beauty. She loves to be brushed and vocally demands her daily grooming.

Her favorite activities are sleeping, walks in the snow and greeting visitors by eating their hair.

She is our sweet and loving bundle of joy.


Hair-eating Maine Coon
by: Adele

I have a brown classic tabby with white Maine Coon male. I was amazed when I read the story about Moggie eating visitors' hair.

My cat's name is Hercules, and he is a super-affectionate cat. He will get on my shoulders and chew on my hair; unfortunately he gets my scalp sometimes! I can't figure out why he does that.

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