Our Buried Treasure

by Muriel
(Ontario Canada)

Amazing What You Might Find Inside Your Walls:

This story is about a little miracle kitty name "Chance." My husband Tim was in the washroom one night and called me in there.

He asked me if I could hear a cat meow. I listened and I heard a few different meows coming from the vent. We went downstairs and listened quietly to see where the sounds were coming from.

cute fuzzy gray and white kittenOur Little Miracle

Unfortunately we didn't hear anything. We thought they might have heard us coming down the stairs and went quiet because we spooked them.

I went to bed thinking about this poor little cat stuck in one of our walls and I wondered if it died and that was the reason why we didn't hear it anymore. The next morning Tim decided to get a start on the laundry.

As he finished loading the washer he felt something sitting on his foot and when he looked down he saw the tiny little ball of fur with the biggest set of blue eyes he has ever seen on a cat.

He picked it up and looked around to see where it came from and if there was any evidence of other kittens around.

He notice wood chips by the bottom of the stairs and when he put his ear to the wall he finally heard a chorus of "meows" coming from within the wall.

After a while I was wondering where Tim was and why it was taking him so long to load up the washer. I decided to investigate and what I saw made me speechless!

Here was a mother cat laying in our insulation inside our basement wall with 8 of the tiniest little fur-balls I've ever seen.

We gently approached the mom and took all the kittens and put them in a box. The mother did not stop us not even a growl or scratch from her.

We then called her out and put her with the kittens. She was starving she ate a whole can of cat food by herself in no time flat.

We examined the kittens and notice their eyes were open therefore we figure they were at least two weeks old. She looked to be either half Maine Coon or pure Maine Coon.

She had the ear tufts, the long mane and the hair between the toes. We ended up losing three to "cat herpies" which they call cat flu.

The runt of the litter who was half the size of the others had a massive eye infection We thought he was going to be blind due to the severity of the infection.

A few days later I notice the mom kept pushing him away refusing to feed him. When a mother cat refuses her kitten it usually means it's about to die.

I took him up to my room and decided to bottle feed him with cat milk we bought at Pet smart. I'm happy to report he is now a very healthy cat who has been a constant companion in our home and SPCA contacted pet save they found a home for rest of the litter except for the one who came looking for help to save his family.

We kept both kittens we named the temporary blind one Nico and we called the one who found Tim in the laundry room "Chance" because if it wasn't for him his family might have not had a second chance.

All kittens and mom are doing well and were all adopted minus the two we kept. Chance is my kitty, he attached himself to me automatically and Nico is Tim's cat.

They both sleep with us at night and we consider them our kids. I'm glad God sent them our way.

They have been one of the greatest gifts we ever received. We found the hole under the porch where the mom crawled in when she knew she was about to give birth and we fixed it so that this doesn't happen again.

awww...so sweet!
by: Jodie
What a wonderful outcome for Chance and Nico, and their humans!

by: Anonymous
What a wonderful heartwarming story. As a cat lover, and the parent of a Maine Coon, I don't know who is luckier, you or your babies!

Thanks God this little ones found you!
by: Heidi Mathias
Your kittens are blessed! And you too!!

by: Anonymous
Thank God for people like you.. A beautiful story. With Love Joy

God knows where to send them!
by: Jayne Brown
What an incredible story! Perfect name for the kitten who got out and found help! WHAT A SURPRISE FOR YOUR HUSBAND!

A mother cat did that to my Mother-In-Law and we took apart a STONE FOUNDATION to rescue them. My daughters where little and could MEOW really well, so they kept meowing so the Mother (or babies) would respond and that's how we found the correct location in the foundation.

THEN came the repairs to the foundation! Once a CAT LOVER **ALWAYS** A CAT LOVER!

Beautiful Kitten! Love the blue eyes! LUCKY MOMMA AND BABIES~

by: Sharon M.
Awesome!Those kitties were lucky there momma picked the right house(home)...

by: Katie Jo
This was a super cute story. I'm glad for the majority that they were okay and now have homes. That had to be pretty awesome finding all of them. I can only imagine.

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