Maybe She's A Maine Coon Mix?

by Cait
(Manchester, UK)

Magrat at about 6 months

Magrat at about 6 months

Magrat is around eight months old - we got her from a shelter in August 2010 when she was about three months old.

She had been left in a box on the shelter's steps (not a whole litter... just her, by herself) so we've no idea where she originally came from, and she doesn't have a pedigree.

She's super affectionate and friendly - she runs to the door to greet my boyfriend when she hears him returning home from work, and likes to be with people all the time if possible.

She is extremely playful - she will 'hunt' any small object she can reach, chase it around the floor and carry it around in her mouth - she'll also hide around corners and 'hunt' people's feet as they walk past! She doesn't really meow - she chirps and squeaks and sometimes does a sort of silent or whispery 'mew'.

She's quite distinctive looking, very soft and fluffy fur with a 'ruff' around her neck - when she was a little kitten we called her 'little lion' because of her fluffy mane :)

She has a huge fluffy tail and very long fur on her chest and tummy. She has small ears and no noticeable ear tufts, but does have tufts of long hair between the pads of her feet.

Originally I wondered if she had some Persian in her, but then I stumbled across some pictures and descriptions of Maine Coon cats and wondered if that might not be a closer match...

Hi Cait,

Magrat! What a cute name! She certainly could be a Maine Coon mix, or a Maine Coon look-a-like. It's so hard to tell for sure.

She has all the same personality characteristics that a Maine Coon does, classic tabby coloring, and some physical resemblance, too.

Magrat was such a cute kitten! She reminds me of my cats as kittens. Hmm, let see what others think!

Thanks for sharing her,

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Jan 13, 2011
by: Cait

Thanks for your comment! I doubt she's a full Maine Coon if only because I don't think pedigree kittens usually get abandoned in boxes (and she doesn't have ear tufts) but it's interesting to wonder what might be in there and she does seem to have the personality. She's definitely a special kitty, heh ;)

Jan 13, 2011
coon or not coon?
by: Anonymous

most likely a coon.

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