Kitty Hawk in his prime!

by Van & Ginnie
(Tannehill, AL USA)

Kitty Hawk was born on April 3rd, 2003 as we were beginning to plan our family trip to the 100th year of flight event in Kitty Hawk, NC.

Kitty Hawk was on our minds so the name was just a natural. He was always call by his first name. He was a great cat and grew to 20+ pounds in his prime.

He was mostly an inside cat because he could over heat in the hot summer months because of his thick fur (more like thick down instead of hair).
He did a lot of chipmunk hunting when he could go outside in cooler weather and would bring us presents we would leave at the back door until I could get out by myself and bury them. He had long tuffs of hair between his feet pads and a beautiful long thick mane.

He is a tornado survivor of the April 27th, 2011 tornado which blew away our home. My wife Ginnie had him in our safe spot which was a central hallway (no basement) as I went to the back door to check.

The tornado was approaching quickly and I went back to sit down on the floor with my wife. As soon as I opened the door, out he ran.

I didn't have time to chase him down so I closed the door and sat down with my wife. Where he went we always wondered - our house was open at both ends and the 2nd floor and roof were gone.

Kitty Hawk showed up about 3 hours later and for months was a nervous wreck when it thundered and would go hide.

He was great with kids and everyone who came over wanted to pick him up and stroke him or carry him around.

Of all the cats I've had, he's the best and most beautiful.

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