by Makayla Defelice
(Jacksonville, FL,US)

When I was about ten I moved in with my grandparents. One day my grandfather saw a mangy long haired cat.

At first that was all he saw. But when he looked closer he saw that the clumpy haired cat arm was almost completely severed from its flank out of his love for animals and the adoption of our mother cat Maxine he followed what his heart said and took the terrified desperate young cat to vet.

They reviewed the half dead cat. It had a broken paw the arm was half torn from its shoulder probably from being run down by a careless driver and it had cuts and infections.

The vet gave her professional opinion... "I don't think it will live much longer." My grandfather said give me a couple of weeks. During those few weeks he poured his heart and soul into the recovery of the severely injured and desperate cat.

While hanging on by its last claw my grandfather did every thing in his power to help it down the road of recovery.

Weeks later my grandfather pulled it away from the edge of death and got it back on its feet. After those few long weeks my grandfather took the cat who was once on the edge of death to the same veterinarian.

At first she probably didn't notice the once mangy, small and helpless animal. My grandfather told the vet of the cats recovery. The vet was amazed... she couldn't believe that it was the same cat.

After the visit to the vet my grandfather took the cat home and soon we adopted her after a few mistakes (my grandfather thought the cat was a boy) Lassie Defelice was then the newest member of the family and of all the four cats that we've adopted lassie is by far the sweetest and prettiest of them all thanks to my grandfather, Vic Defelice.

What a touching story, Makayla! If you had pictures to share, feel free to contact me. I'll help get them uploaded. Thanks for sharing!



Road Cat
by: Kim

One of the most selfish and horrible things a person can do is live on a busy street and let their cat out. Being slowly crushed to death by one or two cars is the worst way a cat can painfully die. I'm glad your cat made it.

by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

What a sweet story! Please send photos in; we'd all love to see this once mangy long-haired cat turned beautiful lady cat! Bless your grandpa for being the cat-loving guardian he is to pull this feline from the jaws of death to a vibrant member of your family. Way to go, Grandpa!

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