by Christine



Furby was rescued from a bunch of men armed with a variety of weapons. They wanted to kill the big white male that was fighting with their females and impregnating them.

When Furby came to me, looking for protection from the mob, I hid the friendly furry cat. The next day when my boyfriend came to see me, I gave the big affectionate creature to him. "Please save this kitty. They are going to kill it.

We didn't plan to adopt this huge cat, but felt we should have him neutered before finding him a good home. When I took him to the vet, they asked me his name. "Furby", I replied.

A few minutes later the Assistant came out and informed me that "Furby" was a female. It cost extra to spay her, but we did it anyway.

While she was recovering, we fell in love with her. Furby seems to know I saved her life. She is loyal and loving. I am so glad we saved this wonderful kitty.

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Whiskers Kitty

by Nancy Herzog
(Verona, NY USA)



This little guy showed up in our garage one evening in Sept.

Scared, crying, hungry and he climbed right up me. He is the sweetest, cutest guy and we already had three other cats.

No one came forth to claim him & we had fallen in love with him. Our grandson named him Whiskers. He was five months then, now at almost ten months he is eleven/twelve pounds.

He is long with a long bushy tail, beautiful and looks to be at least part Maine Coon.

He is super loving, loves everybody, even our eighty pound lab mix girl (plays with her too) & our other three cats.

One girl cat isn't happy with him yet, but he keeps trying. His tail is 13" long right now, very bushy & he is 11 pounds. He talks & chirps all the time, we love to hear him. Has a beautiful ruffed neck & very long whiskers & tufts on his ears etc. Has to have Maine Coon in him.

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Booger and Louie

by Judd D.
(Somerset County, PA)

Jezebel Booger Shmoot:

I came to care for and adopt Booger and her brother Louie Meow Meow at 2 1/2 weeks old when their mother abandoned them (and 3 others) in my basement.

The mother was a beautiful grey shorthair that showed up one late fall day in 2010 and took to nesting.

An ill-informed employee couldn't keep his grubby paws off of the kittens and the mother left with 3 and did not return for the rest.

I ended up giving away 3 and keeping the 2 best friends I've ever had. Seriously, these two siblings, complete opposites but an absolute pair, have seen me through the worst of times and enjoyed some of my best days with me in the last 10+ years.

Booger is a grey/brown tabby with soft, long double coat and full mane in the winter. She has normal toe count with long paw hair. She has a very bushy tail and belly that she only allows me to rub.

Having bottle fed them from 2 1/2 wks, they are totally attached to, loyal to and trusting of me. And I of them. Booger is the quintessential lap cat, affectionate, loving, gentle, playful and demanding of petting and attention.

Louie, on the other hand, is non of those save for loyal and demanding of attention, especially at night when he takes his place snuggled up tight to my side or chest, paw resting on my cheek, purr motor running loudly.

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My beautiful Lily

by Sharon
(Bettendorf Iowa )

I rescued Lily from a local shelter almost 3 years ago. She is beautiful! I've been told she is Maine Coon or at least part. She's a big girl. She weighs over 20 lbs. She saved me after I had to put down my Yorkie of 13 years.

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