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Tattle Tails Valentine's 2012
February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!



In this issue:

Cat Quote

Cat News

Featured For Valentine's Day

Alice's Interview With... Hershey!

Leo's Valentine Tip

"A meow massages the heart"
~Stuart McMillan

Cat News:

February is a busy month for pet holidays. Did you know it's Cat Appreciation Month? Of course, Maine Coon cats usually have a pampered life complete with lots of appreciation. They provide us with so much companionship, entertainment, and especially love.

Cat Appreciation Month is a good time to publicly announce your devotion to your furry friend by wearing something cat-themed, using your cats photo as your profile pic on social networks, or making a donation of time or money to your favorite cat charity or shelter.

It's also National Responsible Pet Owner Month, National Pet Dental Health Month. Today, February 14th, is Pet Theft Awareness Day, February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, and February 28th is World Spay Day!

During this time around World Spay Day, some organizations are offering reduced-cost spay spay procedures. If you or anyone you know has been holding off on spaying their cat due to cost, this may help.


Featured For Valentine's Day:

Our cats love us all year long, and they have no idea that today is a holiday! But it feels good to pause and appreciate the special bond we have with our Coonies, and when better than Valentine's Day?

Here are a couple of my favorite articles on the site:

New On The Site:

Alice's Interview With... Hershey!

Welcome to Alice's Interview! Today's Valentine Cover Boy is Hershey!

"Hi Hershey! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today! I'm looking forward to meeting you today."


"So tell us a little about yourself: How old are you? Are you a purebred Coonie, or mix? Do you have any nicknames, or maybe a longer name? What is your color?"

My mummy cat was a Ragdoll and father was a maine coon so I am half and half. I am called Hershey because although I may look to be a tuxedo cat my black fur has a sort of browny tinge and since both my mumma and daddy were American cats I was named after an American brand of chocolate.

I am afraid I do have certain other nicknames which perhaps reflect a certain "problem" with my tummy caused by the speed at which I clear my dishes. I am known as Gaseous Maximus Zanussipuss (best dishwasher in the county) or Hershey the Hoverpuss.

"How did you come to live with Jill? Are there any other animals in the house? If so, do you love them, torture them, or tolerate them? "


When mummy was looking for me she still had another cat called Portia who was part Scottish Wildcat and very grouchy so she decided she wanted a cat who would grow to be big enough to stand up to the old grouch. I spent my first month in a crate in the kitchen and then 6 more months of us being separated by humans with large cushions. Eventually we came to sort of tolerate each other and I was very sad when Portia left for the Bridge last year so now I am an only cat (although mummy has promised me a new sister soon).


"What is your favorite way to bond with your people? Is there a special game you play, or place you like to snuggle?"

When I was a little kitten I liked to play fetch with my humans. I would let them throw balls for me and sometimes I would bring them back in my mouth - although it was much more fun to make mummy crawl about on the floor after my toys for me.


Now I split my time between human mummy's house in the country and her partner's house in London. (I humour him by addressing him as human daddy - he's a real soft touch and when he is away working we have lots of conversations on my facebook page) I like this new arrangement because I get to ride in my kitty box in the car and I get lots of fuss in both houses.

In Surrey I am allowed to go walkies in our big fenced garden if mummy is with me and in London I go out on my lead.

"Do you have any super-funny quirks? Anything that puzzles or annoys your people? Life as a cat has to include some mischief! Tell us how you stir things up!"

My favourite trick is to open doors. I first learned to hang off lever door handles so my poor humans had to change all of those for round door handles. Humans are such suckers! I had those cracked within a day and to celebrate I went and woke them at 5 in the morning. They both spent ages blaming each other for not shutting me in to my room but I knew that it was my genius in opening the new door handles.


My cleverest door opening trick is now legendary within the family. We call it "Tunagate". I was up in London staying with human daddy and I was rather displeased that mummy had not brought enough of my usual brand of cat food. She only went and got some nasty cheap stuff from the supermarket. Me - a classy cat - eating cheap supermarket own brand cat food? I don't think so! Anyway while all the humans were eating their dinner I jumped up on the sideboard, opened the larder and searched through the cans until I found one with tuna fish in oil. I rejected one that was tuna in tomato. That sounds nasty!! Anyway having found this can I gave a little miaow of triumph and presented it to the humans. I can do most things but I can't do can openers. Within a few minutes it was opened, washed and served in my bowl. Believe me I have them right under my paw!!

I am a big boy - nearly 4ft long from nose to tail so I like to lay on my back with all four paws in the air stretched out on the sofa. I have long outgrown mere cat baskets!!

"Anything else you'd like to share?"

I am also a cat with a conscience. I am currently organising a petition to convince the government to ban private ownership of fireworks so other little kittens won't have to be frightened any more.

"Thanks for sharing, Hershey!"



Leo's Valentine Health Tip:

"This tip is about human health! A recent study in Japan revealed that having a pet is good for your heart! People with chronic heart problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol were studied. Those with pets had hearts that performed better. Good news, just in time for Valentine's Day!"


Happy Valentine's Day!


Be Friendly:

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