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So many folks are wondering if their cat is part Maine Coon! Thank you everyone for sharing your treasured family members. There really is nothing like the love of a cat.

Handed in as a Maine Coon Mix

Our lovely boy was handed into a UK rescue centre, as a stray kitten, and while being cared for there, described as a Maine Coon mix.

However, aside from having no lynx tips (which we understand is not always the case with a Maine Coon), we think he seems, and looks like a full, fluffy coon?!

We haven't had the pleasure of a cuddly, loving Maine Coon before, so any comments would be very interesting to hear. Wilf is 7-8 months old in these pictures, and growing all the time! 

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...........purr purr purr
By: Barb S
(Upper Sandusky, Ohio)

She came out of no where, running toward me outside in our front lawn.. all the while crying as if to say wait for me. She has only been here for 2 days but what a character and smart as a whip.

We live in the country and have seen a big cat which resembles her, running in our wildlife lot so maybe her mother or father? We are thinking she was just recently weaned????

She started eating cat food immediately. She shows no fear and not once have we seen the claws come out....has a mind of her own but purrs and purrs loudly. She has stolen our hearts even though we had no intention of taking on another animal.

We will worm her tomorrow with safeguard liquid and then to the vet next week.

Would love to hear the opinions of the experts on this breed and if our little one seems to be a Maine Coon or probably more likely a mix of one....

Maine Coon Mix?
By: Cassandra Hillyer-Fleegel
(Henderson, CO USA)

Our cat Iris I believe is a mix Maine Coon. We don't know what her father was. Her mother was a smaller Burmese.

She does have a ton of Maine Coon traits. So we really think she a mix. Should I consider that into her health? She has a ventricular heart arrhythmia that happened when she was little. She is three years old and proved the doctor wrong. 

Let me know what you think and if their any health tips you have thanks

Lil Nikki

Little Nikki
By: Lisa Moses
(Ford, Virginia, U.S.)

I just rescued this cat a few days ago. A lady had him in Mechanicsville and he's feral.

She thinks he is 11 weeks old.  He is very shy but he is starting to come out of his shell and warm up to me.  He loves to eat and he really loves playing. 

He loves to play in his litter box to.  He is very curious about everything.  He loves to be rubbed on.  He seems to be very intelligent and he is just oh so adorable.  He looks just like a Maine Coon and I'm curious as to how big I can expect him to get. 

I'm assuming he is mixed so I'm unsure if he will get as big as a purebred Maine Coon.  Either way I'm still going to love him as much as possible. 

He has a mane, tufts in ears, big paws, fluffy body and tail, and is very soft.  He enjoys being brushed.  He hasn't made a peep of a meow so is very quiet.

By: Shahama
(Pickering,Ontario, Canada)

My cat's name is Peaches, we got her from a farm. Her mother was a short hair tabby and her dad we presume is Persian by the looks of Peaches long hair around her face.

She is round but not too big for 6 years. About 10lbs. very cute, what I find funny is that she does not 'Meow" instead makes weird vocal sounds like talking...I wonder if she is talking lol!

Very smart and loves our attention. She would climb up on to my dresser and start pushing things to the floor if she wants me to wake up to give her what she wants!

Loves to be wherever the family is! Very playful and I find her funny at times. Runs after the tiniest ant she finds. Loves her food and loves fresh water off the faucet every time.

So I literally have to hold her at the sink and help her to drink water off the tap as she loves doing it. She's spoilt by us a lot! 

When Peaches was about 6months old she was diagnosed with severe kidney infection and was on KD food for about 3 years and later the Vet said that it must have been a temporary infection and now she's back to her normal food.

Loves bananas and cheese. Such a joy to have her around. Can you please tell if I have a Maine Coon? 

By: Camille
(Youngstown Ohio)

My Grandcat who is definitely special I believe she's mixed? 

Is My Maronita a Maine Coon?
By: Maronita's Owner

I've had several people tell me that they think she is a Maine Coon!

She hides unless she knows you!

Loves to sit in my lap with me!

Love to run around the house!

Marvin Gray
By: Lee

Our pretty little boy Marv bouncy and bright at 8 and a half weeks :)

By: Cindy Krabill
(United States, MD)

This is Rupert he was obtained from a flea market in Ohio along with his brother Smokey. Trying to determine if the have some Maine Coon in them?

Beckett - Possible Maine Coon Mix?!
By: Lauren
(London, UK)

My lovely cat Beckett is 4 and a half, and a very vocal cat. He's also particularly obsessed with running water!

I've had him since he was a kitten but am unsure of his heritage, but people regularly ask me if he's a Maine Coon!

He has the look, and the characteristics, so i've started to wonder if he might be half/a Maine Coon mix. Would love to hear others thoughts! 

Do think my cats are full, mixed or not Coon?
By: NP

When I first got them

A couple of months ago, I rescued 2 littermates, a girl, renamed Brandy, a boy, renamed Whisky. They're about 1.5 y/o now, weighing 7 and 10 pounds respectively. 

I've just been so happy having them in my life that I have never really thought that they were more than DLH or DMH. 

One day I came across this website and saw a picture of a cat that looked like it could be their sibling that you guys deemed to be full Coon.

They have learned more than 10 commands/tricks each. Especially, Whisky can roll over and play dead, which I find hilarious. They are not vocal, enjoy being on the floor, and love being around me but don't like being on my lap.

They both are very polite and welcoming to guests coming to my house. Brandy loves the outside when I take her on walks. They both love going out to the balcony in their pet pen. 

I have my doubles about these two because they don't have the MC black ear tips though they do have a lot of hair growing out from inside their ears. Also, their tails are kind of short for their body (I think). What do you think about my darlings?

Thanks a lot

Is My Cat a Maine Coon?
By: Ali
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

Shadow at about 4 months
Shadow at four months (picture showing his mane)
He sits on the floor beside me when I'm on the couch and just chills. 5 months here.
Shadow at about 5 months.

Hello Everyone,
I am wondering if my cat is a Main Coon. He seems to have all the traits of a Main Coon.

Physical traits are quiet obvious, especially the fact that he is almost the same size at 5 months as some of my friends' 1-2 year old cats.

The fluffy tail, ruff, and long hair on his ears are also there. He has a very dense, thick coat.

He loves everyone in the family. Anytime he is purring and in a cuddly mood, he goes around the house to all the rooms and takes turns cuddling with my family members.

He also follows me and my siblings around. He'll follow us around the house until we sit, and then he will find a spot very close to us, but still on the ground and sit down.

He is also a very vocal cat. His meow's are usually done with a rolling r sound. He loves playing and loves people.

He will always hang out and sleep where the majority of the people in the house are sitting. He is also very friendly with strangers too.

My brother got him from a guy in my area who's Cat had a litter. I have seen the mother cat, and she is an orange/tan color. The mother definitely did not look like a main coon. He was also purchased for about $100, which is way too low for selling a main coon kitten.

I have been doing a lot of research on cat breeds, and he is so much like a main coon, but I just can't believe it as he was given away so easily and only for a $100. His name is Shadow. He just turned 5 months today. 

I have posted some pictures of him. If anyone could please let me know their thoughts on this, that would be greatly appreciated.

Found Kitten
By: Sarah

We found a kitten outside mewing two weeks ago and after contacting emergency services, who assessed the situation, told us to bring it in.

I hadn’t seen the mother in about a week, it was alone, it was hot outside (almost 100°) and we live right next to a large wooden park with lots of foxes, raccoons, skunks and other predatory animals.

The next day the vet verified that the kitten was probably 2.5 weeks old at the time and that the mother cat probably moved the litter and left the “runt”.

I am used to domestic short haired cats and excited to have a long haired cat..! I am wondering if the kitten has some Maine Coon in her/him.

I know it is probably not a purebred, but whenever I click a picture that looks like the kitten, I read that it is Maine Coon. It has the eye mask, the tufts on the ears, large paws, extremely fluffy and very energetic and social.

We have never had a cat this loud before..! The kitten is also obsessed with our three year old and our two old.. She/he will run after them and will get up to see them and me whenever it hears us. We love the kitten regardless, but wondering what breed it is.. or part breed.. 

Titles Don’t Ultimately Matter to This Rescue Kitty
By: Vanessa Fox Gruenwald

Eddie was rescued about 7 years ago after spending literally hours pacing in front of rows of cages at the Humane Society. He was just weeks old and eventually made his selection of me clear.

At the time I knew nothing about Maine Coons and mixes and it wasn’t until months later that he seemed to develop the traits prominent in that breed. We were delighted to say the least.

At 7 years old he hovers at around 22 pounds and is all muscle. Trips to the vet can no longer be done without a carrier, for the safety of all.  We have him groomed in a lion cut once every summer, but have to continue every 8 weeks with a “sanitary cut” to keep things civilized around here! 

All our cats have been trained to stay within a small area of our backyard where they are allowed to go out under strict supervision. They are also lease trained. They all wear collars with ID tags and the word “REWARD” in the event of an accidental escape.

Eddie is definitely Mama’s boy, has his own spot on the couch, and is sometimes mind-numbingly vocal. His only medical issue is Feline Herpes, which it turns out he’s had all along and for which there is no cure. When it’s flaring- often due to household stress - we set up a nursery humidifier with Vicks.

When he was a baby we were able to just hold him in the back corner of a steamy shower. Too big for that now.

By: Elaine

Dave is just over 8 weeks old and is playful, great with children and loves a cuddle.

He comes alive at 10pm and runs wild round the house for an hour or so. 

Floki Our MC
By: Liane Kerting-Vick
(Kuna, Idaho, USA)

Brown mackerel. Over 14 lbs at 3 yo. Long, smooth overcoat, dense undercoat. Long, full tail. Intense eyes. Excessively affectionate, demands attention, vocal (many sounds).

Mellow and good with dogs. Playful. Likes to be spun on wood floor :) Minimal tufts on ears; not upright and somewhat wide set compared to some. Very curious.  In the middle of everything I am occupied with.

Good hunter. Silly and flops himself on the floor several times a day when he sees us. On his back a lot!

Mochi Looks Like a Maine to Me.. What do You Think? 
By: Twyanna
(Bloomington, CA)

Mochi is 3 months old and I've had him 7 days.  I knew nothing of Maine Coons until today but I immediately chose him from the litter because of his look. 

The white eyeliner, I call it. His big ears with all the fur poking out, the ruff on his neck and he is bigger than all of the other kittens in the litter. The first thing I said is he looked like a lynx.

He's very independent and playful but when he ready to settle down he will come cuddle. I happened to see a pic of a Maine Coon kitten that is Mochi's EXACT twin.  I put the pic next to him in one photo that you will see.

I have fallen  in love with the breed and can't wait to hear your opinions and look forward to one day owning a full bred! 

He loves sitting on the side of the bath

By: Jordan

He is so big and is only 6 in a half months. Acts like a dog . Lol.

Will scratch at the door if he knows I'm in that room.

And he will try to get into the bedroom if he hears the alarm go off in the morning.

He is a big baby for sure!

Mr Jack
By: Amber
(Lancaster, PA)

My boy Jack, was found almost 1 year ago (October 1st) so he still much a baby!

He was found as just a tiny kitten wandering a parking lot, and was no more then 6 weeks old. Today Jack is 11 lbs at 11 months, he is FULL of personality, and has a tail so big, I've never seen such a fluffy tail!

He has the tufts in the ears and feet, and mane like a Lion. He's intrigued by water, and loves to chirp when he sees any sort of bug in the house. He is my big baby!

By: Kara
(Coden, AL, USA)

Missy is a playful and sweet cat and is shy until she gets to know you.

She widely accepts the whole family but is especially close to the one who takes care of her.

She has dog-like traits and is loyal and intelligent. She loves toys that has strings or bells and with her having possibly Persian in her playing with this kitty can be fun and exciting.

She is also very sensible and caring for the ones she's most bonded with. Lol, she also loves your clothes and covers and loved playing with you in them.

Is My Cat a Maine Coon Mix?
By: Orkidia Alvarez

She's very talkative but doesn't really meow more like a chirp.

She's very mellow most of the time but can get very playful, she's sweet, she needs company, hates to be alone, she's very curious and nosy. She has a long fluffy tail and Bob cat like ears.

By: Meg
(Jacksonville, Florida, Duval)

He absolutely loves any and all attention. He's very cuddly and sweet.

He has ear tufts. He has hair between his toes. He weighs fourteen pounds and is only eighteen months old. He is goofy and always doing Random things.

By: Sue
(Stratford, Connecticut)

She even smiles for the camera
First ever photo

My Big Beautiful Cat is 13 years old, long to medium haired, with a fluffy chest and luscious tail, and possibly the softest fur I've ever felt.

She talks to me with squeaks not so much meows and seemingly looks into my soul with her bright green golden eyes.

Also she seemingly guilts me as if petting her for an hour was an insignificant amount of time or if I gave her no attention at all.

She is strong when she kneads or "massages" it's intense. She loves me with all her heart and I with mine no matter if she's Maine Coon or raccoon.

Odin.. Found Outside
By: Micky
(North Carolina)

We found this little guy outside. He was missing half an ear and was cleanly shaven and newly neutered.

We cannot seem to find anyone that is missing him. He has the ear tufts, huge paws with fur coming out from the bottoms, and a majestic tail.

But most of all, he demands attention and won't let us leave him alone!

Padme Maine Coon Mix?
By: Mariuxi

I think she could be a Maine Coon Mix because of her eyes, her tail, ears, but specially her character.

She is very friendly with kids, other pets, and everyone.  Very affectionate and a great companion. She is cute. What do you think?

We adopted her 5 months ago.  The only thing that makes me doubt if she is a Maine Coon mix is her size.  She is small.

Is my cat a Maine Coon? Or Maine Coon mix?

Frisco is about 5 1/2 months and he weighs 6 pounds. He has a fluffy tail that kinda reminds us of a squirrel tail.

He has long ear tufts and toe tufts. He is super loving and playful. He likes to be right beside me regardless of where I am at in the house and is always by the door when I come home. He is a very hefty cat. 

By: C. Clark
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Tiger and Milo
Tiger as a baby

Tiger has a long coat on his back, back legs ( like fluffy pants) , a beautiful ruff, and a slightly curly under belly.

He is not overly vocal, loves to be with people, loves to play fetch with hair ties or his mousies.

He has a gentle and loving personality. He was found as a stray kitten. 

Cali: I Have a Question
By: Lisa

I have been looking through trying to find how to identify mixed cats of certain breeds but can't judge accurately for myself. If help could be given we would appreciate it so much!

This is Cali , she is my daughters cat. Extremely friendly cat, particularly choosing her favorite human and remaining in contact.

She has quite a regal attitude and often accompanies her favorites and indulges in any activities they do and investigates anything they have (including food). She comes when called, liberally uses her voice to request things and ' talk' back to people, and can be taught simple tricks.              

As she ages she continues to be very affectionate and willing to work and rest with her people. She has a VERY fluffy thick calico coat, especially her tail and neck.

She is approx 7 months and is still growing, she has already outgrown our two male cats, who aren't tiny, she has an inch of height on them and she has a very heavy square body. She is a big kitten and still going. Combined with her personality and big size, we have no idea what, exactly, she is. 

Only that she is smart, friendly, accepting, Big, and still growing. 

 She was a tiny fluffy kitty, abandoned by a backyard breeder at a very young age,  whom already showed her extreme attachment to humans at 3 weeks of age. Photos from age of 3 weeks to 7 months, 

We have no experience with fluffy big breeds but wanted to rule out as well as possible her lineage and hopefully an idea of just how big she may get. We tried to pick a range of photos from 1-7 months of age. 

By: Ellen
(Keyport, WA USA)

At 7 months old, Loke is almost 8 lbs.  He is outgoing, floofy, talkative and has the most amazingly long floof between his toes. 

I think he is probably a mix, because while he has a magnificent ruff and tail, I think his muzzle is a bit too delicate for a full Main Coon.

By: Kathy

We are not that familiar with the feline family, but we are always asked if she is Maine coon. She is a quite the character!

She is a 15 lb, very vocal and persistent 3.5 yr old cat and lets us know  what she wants, super active. 

She loves to play hide and seek and loves the snow we go snowshoeing together, she listens like a dog. We go for walks in the woods and she follows us like a dog would, I think she thinks she is.

She comes when called from outside, clap my hands and she responds, if she is walking slow I shout chop-chop and she runs full speed into house. She sits for her treats and lays down when asked to. All the while answering my questions with chirps.

This is the first cat we have ever  had, she is very smart. I don't know if she is mix coon, her fur is not long but she has tufts on her ears, but shorter fur but her belly is very furry. We just love her, She looks very wise.

Her Mom was dropped off to a friend during a harsh winter storm and left. Mom was taken in and later had 5 kittens. We choose Toast, her name comes from the brown square on her side that looked like a slice of "toast" so it was settled to be her name. 

He's the Orange and white one

By: Kabrina

He is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. He's really affectionate, and it's more like he's a dog more than a cat- he even loves belly rubs. 

He has long orange and white fur, with tufts on his ears and cheeks and even his toes. He has blue green eyes (a lot more green, though) 

And he's a really big cat. I don't have any exact measurements, but he's bigger than our Chihuahua. (Not one of those little Chihuahuas. Like a Pomeranian sized one.)

Maine Coon Mix
By: Johanne

Very energetic, like to play a lot. She is 4 months old. Her name is Abby.

When I bought her the girl said she was 100% Persian but I think she is a Maine Coon. What do you think? Thank you. 

Maine Coon Mix
By: Jill
(Oregon, USA)

Yoda and Obie are six month old male orange Maine Coon Mixes. 

They  are in the 8 lb range. I have had them since the were 4 or 6 weeks old (not sure which).

The father is a full coon, the mother is 1/2 coon and. Both parents are very large around 10 to 15 lb. They are brothers from the same liter.

They are a wonderful addition to our family. They have a  loving, funny and sweet personality.  We did not know what we were missing till Obie and Yoda became part of us. 


Trouper was given to me as a gift. I was told he was a Maine Coon.

He came to me sick with a cold and eye infection. He still has the infection. He was aloof, but is better now.

He likes to sleep on beds and laps. He is small I think for what is a Maine Coon, he has slinky fur no fluff .

Maine Coon
By:  Michelle

She sleeps with me under sheets she meows for constant attention plays through the night very viciously wants food at 6 am she taps my shoulder.

By:  Marie

5 years old, took this cat from a family member, she was 2 y/o. She was apparently bought in a pet store.

Extremely vocal and friendly, everyone tells me, and I had other cats before. She has a mane-like fur but I don't find her really big compared to other cats.

She is around 8-9 pounds. I've been told she looks like a Maine Coon but really I don't know.

Hello, is He a Maine Coon Kitten?
By: Maia

Hello, well we found him next to the garbage, he was super little now: he weights 13 pounds and he's only seven months now.

Black also is 36 inches from nose to tail, and 12" height.

Is Koko a Maine Coon?
By: Hailey
(Florida, USA)

I adopted her last year around this time and I always wonder where she came from, because I have no details on her background.

She is chocolate colorpoint, but she has tufts between her toes, long fur, a bushy tail, and fluffy whisker pads. She even has tiny tufts on her ears, but their not as prominent as the other details. So is she one?

Oreo Rescue
By: Mary 
(South Central Texas)

One night (it will be 3 years next April) I was awakened by a thunderstorm and the sound of a kitten screaming.  Everyone told me I was dreaming, but the next night others in the house heard it, and my grandson crawled under the house to find this newborn kitten!!

So there I was being a Mama cat...teaching the little guy how to be one!!  Success, he grew into a wonderful, loving Kitty.  I think he thinks I'm his Mom.

He is standoffish to others, but gives me kisses, follows me around, and "talks" to me.

He truly lets me know what he wants.  

As soon as I can get him to sit in an appropriate position to as to see what he truly looks like, I will send photos.

I Think I Have a Maine Coon Mix
By: Justine
(United Kingdom)

My cameras broken at the moment so I can't upload a photo!

From reading this site I think I have a MC mix. I rescued this kitten from not a caring responsible owner!

My kitten is 6 months old and is as big as my fully grown cat. He has the ruff around the neck and has furry very large paws and ears. He has long hair which needs regular baths and grooming. His tail is amazing it just looks like a raccoons tail, its as big as his body and really fluffy it is his pride and joy.

His personality is so different from any other cat I have owned. Whenever I am washing up or doing jobs he's there watching everything I do and wants to be involved with everything I do.

He even steals my washing up sponge when my backs turned and runs off with it and then growls and hisses when you try to get it back. He is not nasty though this is like a game to him as overall he's so lovely and so laid back.

He's fascinated with water and I always find him in the bathroom sink watching the tap drip. He also reminds me of a dog and brings a ball back to be thrown again!

Another thing I have noticed is that he will just collapse and go to sleep anywhere which all the other cats I have had over 30 years have not been like this.

It's his personality which really stands out and is totally different to any other cat I have ever known he also does not like been left and prefers company so what do people think? Could he be a Maine Coon mix?  

Poo-Tat Abandoned 
By: Samantha Albright 

Antisocial but has to check new people out and NOT shy. Would rather sleep on couch by himself than by us humans...

Definitely gets his wants known vocally or just by tramping his 20 pound body on us. Loves the closet, moths, boxes and stretching out his long furry feet.

Also likes the bathroom for some reason.

 He thinks he's the boss and nobody better disagree!!

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