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This is Jack

by Laura
(Madison, WI)

Jack was found in a garage. The rest of his litter died, and his mother was never "tamed", so I know nothing about his heritage.

I'm almost positive he's at least half Maine Coon, but I'd love some validation.


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Jun 20, 2016
he looks like my car strippy NEW
by: Anonymous

He does look like my cat strippy doupt my be fyi BLOODED probablyb I donthinknhe u s part . After my cat had kittens And we got strippy that way I seen a cat I guess he had just got hit by a car and g e looked just like my strippy. Sorry to say . So we decently keep our strippy in. He is very gentle and got that tail and I not sure of that m but it's look m ish he gitb thevpaws very different his ci at very it semi long med but he's so cute and living we set worried if he pure breed know he's not . But used those paws differentbtg th the other cats had different to all th e cats never tryscto fight tb a rest sometimes pick fight he not like thstv sleeps in my bed next to me asking me up have the night to kiss me and just b avail over me.

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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