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This is the submission form for our Monthly Photo Album. Longer entries (roughly 600 words or more) may receive their own page, and may be featured in our newsletters, PAWSitive Passages or Tattle Tails. Standouts (referring to photographs - all cats are beautiful!) will be posted on our FaceBook page too!

Maine Coon Cat Nation's Photo Album

Do you have a Maine Coon cat? We'd love to add your cat to our photo album. Take a moment to send us your picture! Who knows, it may even become featured on the home page!

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My Angel Gabriel Needs Prayers My beloved Gabriel is almost 15, and he topped off at 23 pounds a few years ago. Since August, though, he is down …

No Choice But To Declaw? 
"If she can not be taught to use her claws on her cat tree and not the couch, I will have no choice." I have asked multiple times for advice about …

Mishu's Rescue Story 
A year ago I rented a cottage and on the property there was a cat roaming the yard. My landlord said it was homeless for the past 4 yrs and it just lived …

Loki: Kitteh of Mishief 
Loki at 7.5 months - The first time EVER, that he sat still long enough for me to get a CLEAR picture of him. Loki at 9 months old (L) …

Luca and Beppino our Coon-like rescues. 
As you know we lost our Coonie, Elliot, in July. Arthur and Marley are still doing fine! We weren't sure we were ready just three months after Elliot's …

My Man Kitty Pepper I have always had cats, but for many years my ex didn't want me to have a cat. Well the 1st time he went out of town, I couldn't …

Smitten With This Kitten!!  
After seeing a photo of a Maine Coon on Google images, I was SOLD. Before I knew it, I was on the hunt for one of my own. My preference, a silver girl! …

Her royal highness - Sassy 
One day while shopping we stopped in at Petco because the local animal shelter had kittens & Puppies looking to adopt people. My 8 yr. old daughter wanted …

Padme 'Fuzz' and Little Kitty 
Fuzz came to live with us back in Feb 2012 (there's a picture in the album) This spring we decided to get her a playmate so we rescued 'Little Kitty' …

Ramone & Robyn 
My Little Clown In a Fur Coat Ramone was my first rescue from our local super high kill county facility. I had gone in there looking for a cat that …

My Darcy Fluff 
So I'm not 100% sure he's a Coonie, but he definitely has the personality and is massive, with a big majestic tail! I've decided, through research (and …

Bullwinkle (maybe a Coon cat?) 
Bullwinkle is a beautiful boy that I got from my friend and co-worker Peter. About 15 years ago I got a short-haired tabby kitten also from Peter named …

"Joey" (aka: Mr. Fuzz aka: Vladimir Fuzzzzmanovic): Facts, Urban Legends, and Myths of the “Maine Coon” have come true in our home!! Our boy …

Breanna or Bree I adopted Breanna - we call her Bree - from a shelter when she was 7 weeks old. I thought I was looking for a BLACK CAT WITH WHITE …

Sasquatch "The Big Foot" 
Hi, my name is Sasquatch "The Bigfoot". My (hu)MAN SERVANT, Steve, adopted me from a nice lady when I was about 9-11 weeks old. She rescues cats & kittens …

Hayley & Montgomery 
Hayley, My First Maine Coon: This is Hayley, my first Maine Coon. I got her when she was 6 months old and she was the last of her litter, can you …

Dr. Watson 
Carrie and Maine Coon Family, Last month we told you about Sherlock the Maine Coon who adopted us! He is such a gentle giant - full of love and …

The Best Christmas Gift Ever - My Precious "Guaca-Noel-E" Many years ago, I enjoyed breeding and showing Abyssinians. After a divorce, move across …

First Birthday 26th February 2012: Hi, My little girl Tass (or she gets called Tassie Girl) is One today. We purchased her from a pet shop last …

Amos & Zeus 
- The Suspected Maine Coon/Maine Coon Mixes These are my lovely baby (not so small) girl Amos and boy Zeus. She's quite a character. She has taught …

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