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Pax & Baya - They Found Us!

by Catrynia

Pax 2

Pax 2

We were wanting a Maine Coon after we had to put our orange tabby down 2 summers ago. I was causally looking online for one.

Pax kept showing up on every online pet finder search I did. My sister knew I was looking but didn't know where I'd looked or even that I had seen Pax. She emailed me a link & said, "This looks like a cutie!"...It was a different pet finder page but it was Pax! At that minute, I decided that Pax was meant to be ours!

I drove over an hour to the Bowling Green Humane Society to get him. When we got there, we decided to get his sister Baya too. They were about 8 weeks old.

Baya was very stand-offish & scared. Now the kittens are a year and a half old & are the most loving, goofy kittens we've ever seen!!

They both enjoy being loved on, love being the center of attention, & love playing in the water.

They are such soft, gentle kitties & we are so lucky that Pax "found" us!

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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