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Oh - Salem's tale keeps getting fluffier and fluffier!!

by Rebekkah Zois
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Our Salem has all the physical traits with exception to the mane.

His mane is longer than usual, it looks like a lion mane, but he is only 9 months old and I'm wondering if it will grow as he ages. He is already longer than our other adult cats.

He is so loving and kind. His purr has been phenomenal since we got him at 8 weeks old. He is an orange tabby and when he was younger, he was whiter than he is now.

I started looking at this page when a few women from our local cat rescue all said at once that he was a Maine Coon. They didn't see him, I just described him to them. After looking at pictures on google of Maine Coons, it's as though Salem appeared in many of them.

His tail is hilarious. I have joked, as we love him dearly, that when he passes, I will make his tail into a duster. When he gets scared, his tail puffs out to something you would think is impossible.

The only thing I've noticed, is that he doesn't seem to know how to hiss. He seems perplexed if one of our other cats hisses. He is smart and annoys my husband as he only comes when I call him. He chirps and communicates in a way that I have never seen from a cat and I've owned cats my whole life.

He was given to us by our cousins but, of course, we did not get any papers. He is unique and special. Thank you for listening. I can't send a pic as we don't have any on our pc.

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Jul 02, 2011
CC tail
by: Helen

As a coon cat ages his tail will grow from a feather duster or bottle brush to a look I can only describe as a weeping willow tree.

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The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

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