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Luca and Beppino our Coon-like rescues.

by Sharon Giannatto
(Brooklin, ME)

Luca and Beppino at their first vet check.

Luca and Beppino at their first vet check.

Luca and Beppino at their first vet check. Luca Beppi Marley, Beppi, Luca and Arthur

As you know we lost our Coonie, Elliot, in July. Arthur and Marley are still doing fine!

We weren't sure we were ready just three months after Elliot's passing, but we knew wanted to adopt, not purchase, next time.

We also wanted two males and we hoped they would be Coonie-like, When these guys popped up in front of me on FaceBook we realized that the stars were aligned and we bit.

The Cat Coalition of Western ME, whom I follow and support, posted a pic of these two fluffy Coonie-like babies saying they would soon be available for adoption.

They had been born outside under someone's porch. There were originally five kittens, but three did not make it. CCOWM trapped the Momma and the two remaining kittens and put them in foster care.

They were probably about 3-4 weeks old at that point. Momma was friendly, not feral, but had only one eye. Momma, now named Bella, was adopted out to another family and is doing great.

We had them vet-checked and tested before commiting. They were then treated for worms, fleas, ear mites and coccidia while they were at their foster home.

The great folks at CCOWM met me halfway (we are about 4 hours apart) and the boys came home on Oct 5th. It took a while to find names - they were dubbed 'big boy' and 'little boy' until the names Luca and Beppino finally stuck.

Luca came down with a URI a week after coming home. So our 3-week separation from the older boys became a 6-week separation. But, in the end the integration was pretty seamless and now our four boys are the cutest quadrumvirate around!

Marley, Arthur & Elliot's Page

Comments for Luca and Beppino our Coon-like rescues.

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Jan 29, 2015

These two are just beautiful, those faces are priceless. Enjoy your new babies.

Jan 29, 2015
by: Julian

Two handsome little tykes!

Jan 28, 2015
Beautiful kittens
by: Barbara S.

Luca and Beppino are gorgeous and they look a great deal Maine Coon. I have a Norwegian Forest Cat-like girl-she is 7 now-her name is Shani (pronounced Shah-nee. It is a Hebrew name). I thought for quite awhile that she was a Maine Coon- like cat ,but when i saw pictures of the Norwegian and Siberian Forest Cats i realized she looked most alike to a Norwegian- from her facial structure and round shaped eyes. She was also a rescue cat. She is the most affectionate and loving cat i have "ever met'/had. Affectionate and loving are traits of the Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian Forest Cat-- all three breeds of cats all related.

Best of luck and happiness with your two beauties.

Barbara S.,
Brooklyn, NY

Dec 12, 2014
Big Cats
by: Holly

No- I do not have their pics on here.. I will someday get out the camera and download the photos to my computer. Yes, we have chatted about them before.. Mine are from Thornplum in Maine.

Love your new babies ! Good luck with your Christmas tree and bows, and wrap and greens and flowers etc. etc. etc.

Merry Christmas !

Dec 12, 2014
Reply to Holly
by: Anonymous

Wow, Bruno is a big boy! Our oldest, Arthur (16) is 21 Lbs. He came from a now defunct cattery in Addison, ME. Elliot passed away last summer (12) and was 15 Lbs. Elliot came from Oake Bluff here in ME. And Marley (7) is 14 Lbs and came from Thornplum in ME.

And my in-laws adopted a Bella and Bruno!! This sounds like deja vu, I believe we've talked about this before. Are there pics of your Bella and Bruno on this site?

Dec 12, 2014
by: Holly

They are just beautiful.. love the names as well. I have a Bella and a Bruno and they both grew up into their names. Bruno is 24 lbs and Bella is 13 lbs. I got them both( litter mates) from a breeder in Maine.

Enjoy your new babies..they are just simply magnificent.

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